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  1. then why not the outrage against them? why this double standards? actually sorry for insulting the animals.
  2. Women oppressed for so long is not that relevant in india because india had centuries of invasions and both men and women suffered in that.
  3. those bollywood bitches also come on national tvs constantly and them making those disgusting remarks about masturbation and other things is OK? so many small girls also watch their movies unfortunately and can easily get influenced by them.
  4. you need to read some of the interviews of bollywood women. There is also a indian women running a youtube channel in which she made a video "picking up men in the gym"
  5. I would not be surprised if they did. After all women here copy the west.
  6. BTW who is this edulji? from which hole did this creature came out? never heard about this name before.
  7. porn women acting in bollywood ( though these actresses are also glorified sophisticated porn stars), homosexuality decriminalized, rising feminazism, rising communists etc. this country is going down fast since last 10 years. It's just no longer fun to live in this country. either be fully westernized and leave all your values or have pride in your culture and practice it.
  8. But what they show in those movies has way more impact than what a person just says. Also i don't think he used any gaalis or obscene words in the show or made some obscene gestures.
  9. imagine if a bollywood so called actress would have boasted about such things. Everyone would have supported her in the name of modernity and equality and called her "liberated women". There would have been no outrage and bollywood women and so called modern women also say such things many times and even worse. They also objectify men. So many insulting words are said against men in tv serials and movies.
  10. haa bhidu mauka dekho aur maro chauka. ye duniya ka niyam hai.
  11. and people also have every right to point out the hypocrisy of feminazis and people who are against them.
  12. all the rules and laws apply to the men from majority in this country and TBH men from the majority are also foolish that they don't stand for themselves nor show any unity.
  13. arey bhai freedom of speech sabke liye hai sirf bollywood aur minorities ke liye hi nahi. Have you seen the movies bollywood is making nowadays and so many short sex films on youtube made by indians. If you critisize these film walas, they say " if you don't like then don't watch" then why not the same principle here. " if you don't like to hear it, close your ears"
  14. that's a fake account. lol there r millions of such fake accounts on social media.
  15. TBH there are very few decent girls around.

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