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  1. Kannadiga

    Line up for NZ series

    We don't have a good replacement for Jadhav, who will be used as a 6th bowler. Jadhav's form will decide the fate of Indian team in the WC. This will be my line-up for the first ODI, Dhawan Rohit Kohli Gill Jadhav Karthik Shankar Kumar Chahal Siraj Khaleel After the end of the series, filter out one of Siraj / Khaleel or possibly both for the next series. They are not good anyways.
  2. There will be 4 pacers selected for WC squad. Bumrah, Kumar and Shami are locked in. So only Saini has any realistic chance to make that squad if he does well. Other bowlers in A squad are totally garbage.
  3. This will be my team/squad for the World cup. It covers all the issues highlighted by the OP. Dhawan / KL Rahul Rohit Kohli Gill / Dhoni Jadhav Pandya Pant / Karthik Gowtham Kuldeep / Chahal Shami / Kumar Bumrah * Can bat till 8. * 3 lower order hitters in Pant / Karthik, Pandya and Gowtham. * 6 bowling options * 3 spinners and 3 seamers. * Ideal for all conditions.
  4. Yeah, we don't need him in Test Cricket. India is better off playing with specialists than bits n pieces Cricketers. But in LOIs, he's a must as bowling is not all that important and we need him in the lower-middle order as a power hitter.
  5. What the heck kind of batting is both of them playing. It's clear these two are too old and not fit to play at this level.
  6. This is going to be interesting. The RR is already over 6 and they are chasing 230.
  7. Kannadiga

    Ranji trophy 2018-19

    Karnataka is through to Semifinals. Jai Karnataka
  8. A mere 125K bowler. Unless his batting is very good, not sure how his selection is going to help the team.
  9. This is spinners' pitch. Should've also played Kuldeep here instead of Jadeja.
  10. lol.. Jadhav.. What does he even offer to the team? This is some insipid bowling from team India.
  11. Not to mention the hiding he got from Pakistan, out of all teams, in the CT finals. Australian Test series win should be appreciated, but there are still some fundamental problems under his leadership, which the other teams are sure going to take advantage of.
  12. Not sure if he is fit to lead in any format, going by his team selections. He talks big that he wants India to dominate in World Cricket and yet go on to choose mediocre players to play for his team. How do you achieve such goal when your basic is so wrong? Does he think he has got a life time and his form will be permanent?
  13. Kannadiga

    Dhoni uses the Word CH***ye......Rare moments

    And also with the emergence of much more talented wicket-keepers, maybe he has started to realize that he is not really that special.
  14. Kannadiga

    Dhoni uses the Word CH***ye......Rare moments

    Maybe can't come to the terms how he has become a loser in last 4-5 years for Indian cricket.
  15. Kannadiga

    Dhoni uses the Word CH***ye......Rare moments

    His ass is on a fire and he knew if he phucked this up yesterday, Pant would be ready to pull down his pants and kick him out from the World cup squad.

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