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    F1 2017

    Hello all motorsport fans. I went to Singapore last September for a holiday. I went to many tourist attractions however my favourite moment was buying my first ever F1 ticket for a Formula 1 event. I brought my F1 ticket in Singapore and I have been a Formula 1 fan for a long long time. I had an amazing time attending this event in central Singapore. The event had shows, music concerts and other races. Later I put together a short video about it, giving a little insight to what it was like being there at the event. The short video was filmed near Raffles Boulevard, Singapore Flyer and at Bay Grandstand. It isn't a perfect film but I did my best with this video and I wanted to share this video on here, enjoy :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfnCv1RbWWA If there is anyone else who wants to share their F1 Events experience on here then feel free to post on here your F1 experience.

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