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  1. Lokesh Rahul did his best to help Kohli in first 3 over of power play not to worry because 3 more games at Mohali coming up will be Beneficial for Ash-- if he win toss
  2. 8150 T20 RUNS By Chiku beat Raina 8145 Congratulation !!
  3. shame shame curran baby gone by English man 114/4
  4. GAYLE LEGEND OF T20's : 100th score of 50: 21 century & 79th 50 -just now
  5. KKR vs CSK coming up on sunday right here
  6. # 3 bowlers will go with indian team of 15 in eng to give practice to our batsman # indian team WILL NOT get selected with the performance of IPL 2019
  7. ha ha Kkr 45/1 in 6 Young gun :45/1 off 4
  8. Starpower

    So who is gonna play CSK in the IPL final?

    CSK has to play more at Chennai (2019) otherwise soon they will down soon
  9. Starpower

    So who is gonna play CSK in the IPL final?

    After their humiliating loss to Russelll inspired KKR last night, Virat Kohli was overheard claiming: "Cheer-up guys, we can still do this! We can still come back and win the IPL Trophy! In fact, I am confident that by the end of the tournament, they'll be calling us the Royal Come Backers!!!!

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