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  1. Norman

    India vs Boult

    I don't recall us playing an odi on a green surface.
  2. South Africa, west Indies, England and New Zealand respectively.
  3. Butler has just started doing what he does in the other warm-up.
  4. I think this is going to be the first world cup where no Asian team will make the SF. And the irony is that no-one cares about the world cup and this sport other than the Asians.
  5. We don't even deserve to be in the semis. England, Australia, New Zealand and south Africa all have better teams than us. Just beat greenbros and maintain the streak, beat toygers and save us from the rabid dogs. That's it ! I'll be happy.
  6. Williamson and Taylor , what a combo ! Always get things done for the kiwis.
  7. We have just 2 players who we can rely on , Kohli and Bumrah. Rest are just average players with a lot of weaknesses. We don't deserve to win this world cup , I'm sorry.
  8. That would have brought some confidence to Kuldeep. Dk bsdk.
  9. 5 overs of wrist spin completed. 25 runs and 0 wickets. Going to be a long world cup for us felons.
  10. Watch it on dug out version man. Will save your ears.

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