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  1. 5 is too small a number. Make that 8. Mumbai - Chennai - Kolkata - Hyderabad Bangalore - Rajkot - Kanpur - Mohali And please standardise the home season like England and Australia. Divide it into two phases - Oct-Nov and Feb-March.
  2. Got to say, Misbah played this brilliantly. Poyz fans always cry about youngsters not being given a chance whenever they lose a series as if they have Bradmans and McGraths waiting in the wings. Now , they can't even say that. And Misbah can easily escape criticism saying it was an inexperienced team after the inevitable thrashing. Well played Misbah.
  3. What are those 11 demands ? What do they want ? Permission for group nagin dance between the overs ?
  4. Is that a human being ? Not talking about Shane Warne.
  5. For Mambas, Rohit (I'd prefer Shaw, but unlikely) Mayank Pujara Kohli Rahane Vihari Pant Bhuvi Shami Bumrah Umesh
  6. For pattas Mayank Rohit Pujara Kohli Rahane Pant Jadeja Bhuvi Shami Bumrah Ishant
  7. Depends on the conditions. There are generally two types of wickets in New Zealand for test matches. 1. Absolute pattas where even Bangladesh manages to score 500+. 2. Green mambas where even De Grandhomme picks fifers.
  8. And FAF has just played his last innings in India .
  9. Here comes the annoying tail end partnership of the day.
  10. Why were they not playing this Hamza guy in the earlier tests ? Instaed they played useless De Bruyn.
  11. I just gave you your 2000th reputation. Say sorry to me for no reason.
  12. Commander of an Azadi gang sent to 72 hoors by IA.
  13. Here comes Ghafoora with his usual attempts to cool down his awaam after his mard-e-chowmin got effed on the LOC. Look how he subtly adds the picture of a killed soldier after doing all the ranting. Credit where due, this guy has mastered the art of "awaam Ko chewtiya kaisa banaye?" https://twitter.com/OfficialDGISPR/status/1185836163690647552?s=20
  14. They'll claim that they killed 9000 and have occupied Sri Nagar. Maan le kya?
  15. From being 39-3 to this. I really hope we can emulate these comebacks in New Zealand.
  16. And you sound as helpless as Twitter khan , your actual abbu.
  17. Jadeja hasn't looked at his best in this series with the ball. So, we needed an extra spinner. Kuldeep is injured. Nothing wrong in giving Nadeem a chance that too on his home ground. We shouldn't really worry about our batting depth at home as Jadeja and Ashwin are as good as specialists here.
  18. Well this is new. 300 should be enough in the first innings.
  19. Lol. This is not progressive thinking. This is just out of compulsion after getting clean swept by a third grade Sri Lanka team at home in the only format they're somewhat good at.
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