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  1. I've seen a few great movies in this genre like 300, Troy , Gladiator , Saving Private Ryan, Tora Tora Tora , Dunkirk etc and honestly loved every one of them. I've always loved these real films as they carry the psychological edge of real life occurence and make the viewing more gripping. So, apart from those I mentioned above and a few other obvious choices like Schindler's list , Stalingrad etc. are there any other movies that are worth watching? Please suggest.
  2. Public outrage is about the overthrow rule. Not the boundary rule.
  3. Norman

    Why didn’t Tendulkar retire after WC2011?

    LMAO. Ailaa of 2011 with a plastic bat was a better batsman than thaila of 2019 with chain kuli ki main kuli bat.
  4. I still can't fathom this. How did it end up like this ? Who the fuçk made that overthrow rule ? Who the fuçk made the rule that the team with more boundaries wins the super over tie ? Seeing Kane Williamson cry after his team got robbed in daylight has just killed me from inside. We can't even say that New Zealand choked like south Africa in 2015 . They well just robbed. Period. It was not their fault that the throw from the deep hit stokes bat and goes for four. Fuçk you ICC for making these ridiculous rules.
  5. Seriously doubt they would have won it if Archer weren't there. His death bowling was phenomenal in the final which eventually was the difference between the two teams. Don't think a curran or a Willey would have been as effective as him.
  6. He was their highest wicket taker. So yes ....he has made a huge impact. Bowling was a massive weak link for poms before the tournament. But Archer with his pace and steep bounce has given a new dimension to this otherwise one dimensional English bowling attack.
  7. Norman

    Will Rohit turn the page in the WC?

    He may have failed in the Semi (got almost an unplayable ball) ......but boy what a tournament he had. Literally carried our batting on his shoulders throughout the league stages. And if not for him, we might have had a very embarrassing world cup. Most likely wouldn't have made the semi. We would have lost to SAF, Pak and Ban if not for him. Without a doubt , the best batsman of this world cup and surely a top 3 odi bat in the world. Take a bow Hitman !
  8. Norman

    This is more depressing than India's loss

    Let me ask you a question . Would you pay a penalty for a crime that you haven't committed ? So why should New Zealand pay for a mistake that did not make ? I know that England are not at fault here and we should just blame the stupid rules. And by the way no one's salty here . Just rooting for the wronged side. Again I'm not saying wronged by the opponent. Wronged by the joke that is called rules.
  9. Norman

    Life is a great leveller.

    Like most of you , even I've been heart broken by yesterday's events. New Zealand were simply the better team than England but luck deserted them at the worst possible time. But doesn't New Zealand deserve this misfortune ? If you think about it , you'd most probably say yes. It just seemed all along, whether it was during the league stage and even a bit in the Semi final against us , that luck was walking hand in hand with the kiwis. They were extremely lucky in their wins against Bangladesh, West Indies and South Africa. Mushfiqur bottled a simple run out chance off Williamson. De Kock didn't hear a clear edge off him again when the game was on a knives edge. Brathwaite just handed them the win on a plate after doing all the hard work. And even after all this , they reached semis on NRR even though Pakistan played better Cricket than them. And in the Semi final , almost everything went their way. All the close umpire calls went their way (Taylor, Kohli etc ). Rain arrived at the most perfect time for them , enabling their bowlers to take advantage of the early morning conditions on the reserve day. But who knew that luck was going to give them a brutal gut wrenching KLPD if there ever was one. I don't even need to elaborate on that. Roy's lbw call , million near misses, Boult's catch on the boundary , that goddamn throw and on and on and on. The guy on the other extreme is Ben stokes. By losing his team the wt20 three years back , any other player would have been scarred for life. But the way he came back and won his country an even bigger prize is just phenomenal. Point is no matter on which extreme you are on , fate will eventually even it out. Nothing is ever lasting or eternal whether it's fortune or misfortune, happiness or sadness . We just have to keep walking through every spring morning and a stormy night with eyes looking forward and feet firmly on the ground. Thank you New Zealand for teaching me this. Philosophy lesson - 101.
  11. Norman

    This is more depressing than India's loss

    Pehle troll vote hata.
  12. Norman

    Spirit of game.

    That's exactly what I thought. Williamson must have talked to the umpires about that. They just carried on like it's some odi bilateral.
  13. What a cruel world we live in. This is just not right.
  14. Norman

    Could have been India

    Naa bhai. No thanks. Hamari phattu team behosh ho jaati agar New Zealand ki jagah par Hoti.
  15. I'm crying for New Zealand.
  16. England so so don't deserve this evening if they win. Fuçk you poms Come on New Zealand.
  17. Atleast they should have cancelled the overthrow.
  18. My bladder is fuçking full but I don't want to get up. Or should I say I can't get up
  19. What a game ! The best world cup final ever.

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