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  1. We should put these sanctions on China as well till the time they leave their hypocrisy and announce JEM as global terrorist.
  2. Reliance can buy whole Pakistan let alone PCB.
  3. They are already running this hoax on their forum that ipl is planning to ban foreign players who is playing psl.
  4. Don't worry just one more month festive season is coming for dhoni brigade.
  5. I remember in one of the test against us he did big partnership with Matthews while chasing target of around 374 , he has this knack of playing clutch innings.
  6. Famed chased master is happy to chase in biletrals. Bloddy he has 3-4 chances against eng and SA where he could have chased but he failed under pressure. Here also if you see rest all slnkan batsmen failed but Kushal ensured to exploit his form and that's what matter when you are in form you should try to chase it alone by protecting tailenders. Our famed batting lineup failed on each occasion while chasing anything around 200.
  7. Yes they were so defensive against Kushal untill target reached within 20 runs. They were happily giving singles to Parera.
  8. What an inning our superstar kohli should learn smth from Parera.
  9. SA started choking in test as well.
  10. Biggest chutiyapa is selectors tried Karthik for entire year in odis and just before start of the WC they dropped him. If they don't have trust in his ability why dint they tried youngster from an year back.
  11. bahubali

    Squads announced for Aus series

    It should have been pant Vs Rayadu.
  12. If that's the case then ok. As long as we are able to isolate them from ICC than I m ok with that.
  13. And do you expect anyone else to isolate them. No one isolate anyone on other behalf do you think anyone else came along with Israel in terms of fighting 6 day war with 3 Muslims country or destroying nuclear reactor in Syria or rescuing all the hostages from Entabey. India has to fight it's own war diplomatically as well as through aggression like sergical strike. Isolation should be in such a way where it hurts more. Isolating them in WC would benefit them and we don't want to gain them anything from us.
  14. bahubali

    Team for Australia series

    When ll they announce it?

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