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  1. Atleast they got rid of hahane .....now he shoul be dropped from playing xi as well.
  2. bahubali

    Should RCB consider 'chess wizard" Chahal as captain? :)

    But 20 kg short in weight or I think he is 20 kg overall. Do you think anyone listen to his MC BC like kohli does .
  3. Yes, he had such a nice good length ball. He bisected Russell on few of the occasion, I think he should strengthen that skill other than fast short pitched balls which he balled yday to Russell. Now he only needs to work on Yorker ball.
  4. What doubt? For that matter I have not seen rabada bowling above 150 during SA tour and here he is bowling more than 150 every match , but i can clearly tell you some of Indian bowlers are as sharp as him.
  5. Dubey has played just 3 matches and batted twice how do you reckon that?
  6. bahubali

    Worst IPL Celebrations!

    Chutiya Ali Celebration all the way from Pak and that Imad Wasim CR copy celebration so fake.
  7. kohli prefer Nath and Negi over Dubey. He is worst in identifying talent and backing them always put money on wrong horse.
  8. It shows our captain aggressive aukat..He knew they are gonna smash Chahr so put moin Bhai in front of wheels.
  9. Chahal waisey Bhi cable wala hi Lagta hai.....Sahi kaam Diya hai isko.
  10. I think he has more 50 than Warner and scored more than any other batsmen in ipl perfect contender for orange cap.
  11. Rayadu is Jhantu both in cricket and in looks.

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