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  1. Oversight from icc as nobody thought it would happen. Its lazy rule making, as they expected this to be a highly unlikely scenario. Play super overs until someone wins and after 3 super overs, declare joint winners.
  2. I trust you, as I am just going by list A batting stats and what others have said about Kishan's keeping. Never watched him play.
  3. I feel Kishan is a better keeper and better suited for 50 overs, as a batsman, than Pant. Pant is a better test/T20 batsman.
  4. They should select most of this team as the main India team for the tour (just add Rohit,Mayank, and Shami). Rohit Mayank Gill - rest Kohli Iyer Pandey Kishan Sundar - rest Pandya Rahul Chahar - rest Kuldeep Khaleel - rest Bhuvi Saini - rest Bumrah Shami Others: Jadeja, Vihari, Pant, Avesh, Rahul
  5. srh08

    India's New Middle order player and finisher

    All good options. Include Iyer who IMO is the top contender for a middle order slot
  6. srh08

    Your ODI squad for WI tour?

    No. 4/5/6 have been the problem for India for the past 3years, and the reason we lost in the SF. Once Dhoni is gone, the need for solid batsmen who can arrest collapses and build partnerships, increases. Assuming Pant/Kishan will play at 6 and Hardhik at 7, we need a solid bat at 4 and 5. These are the only possibilities I can think of at the moment: Gill, Iyer, Mayank, Pandey, maybe Vihari/Rahul The others need to prove themselves.
  7. srh08

    Your ODI squad for WI tour?

    Seems that way in T20. Probably plays differently in List A? Averages 42 in List A @94 SR
  8. srh08

    Your ODI squad for WI tour?

    No Shaw? When will the squad be announced?
  9. Great post. Should have 4 batsmen with 40+ avg in top 7. At least one of them will have a good day on most days.
  10. srh08

    Will youngsters finally get opportunities now?

    Iyer, shaw, rahul should be in the mix
  11. srh08

    Thats Stumps on Day 1, India ahead

    Everyone is saying, start slow. That might turn out to be bad advice if it rains after India is 20/0 in 10 overs and we only have another 10 overs to score a 100 runs after the rain
  12. Batting (England the clear winner but Australias's 7th batsman evens things out a bit) Finch = Roy ? Warner = Bairstow Smith = Root Handcomb < Morgan Maxwell < Stokes Marsh/Stoinis < Butler Carey > Rashid Bowling (Australia has the edge) Cummins > Woakes Starc = Archer Behrendorf > Wood Lyon > Rashid Marsh/Stoinis+Maxwell = Stokes I would say who ever bats first, wins. But, generally the team with the better bowling always has a better chance.
  13. I am assuming batting X-factor (or did you mean bowling?). We already have two of those (Pant/Hardhik) and I think we need somewhat of a solid bat who can bowl .Unfortunately, Jadhav is the only option. With Jadeja, we will have 3 batsmen who average < 30 + Dhoni from 4-7. Thats a very weak lineup, which might click and get us to 400 on a given day, but with a low probability. More likely we will end up with 250-260. We will have 4 solid bowlers and Pandya anyway who should get the job done.
  14. srh08

    India's XI for the semis

    This should have been the lineup against Sri Lanka. I am afraid the ship has sailed for Agarwal, unless someone is injured.

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