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  1. ProudLiberal

    Yogendra Yadav was called Salim as a child

    Here comes another populist sheep, most of the people believed in geocentric theory before copernicus proposed the helio centric theory, i guess we should have gone with the majority view, most people believed earth was flat, we should have kept the majority view, most people in germany wanted to eliminate the jewsI guess majority view was right then too. People who believe in populism and majority view are some of the dumbest people in this world., most people are sheeps
  2. ProudLiberal

    Yogendra Yadav was called Salim as a child

    Not many people would act like his father,that's the point, in fact only a handful people may act like his father, because it's not easy to follow gandhian philosophy. Most people are ordinary men who act mindless in their emotions, you may view this act as "embarrassing", "cowardly", "shameful" because you are only seeing it from your own point of view, the thing is that what you see and feel is not the only truth, that's just your point of view, don't expect everyone to act like you. You are appealing to populism as if that has any value, most people are sheep who have no opinion of their own so how does it matter how many million people will follow his act, it takes more character to act by rising above your emotions and thoughts
  3. ProudLiberal

    Yogendra Yadav was called Salim as a child

    Listen idiot, you lack the intellectual and moral capacity to understand different perspectives, that's why you are stuck with your own version of what is right and what is wrong, because you are only able to see the world from your narrow lens. What you think he should've have or should not have said doesn't matter, it is his prerogative to tell the story the way he wants, what may be "embarrassing" to you is your subjective feeling, it doesn't make it a universal fact, stop crying now just because your propaganda about him seeking votes has been exposed
  4. ProudLiberal

    Yogendra Yadav was called Salim as a child

    Hey idiot, do you not understand what shifting goalposts is? First you claimed he was using the story to gain votes, i told you that was not the case now you blabbering about why? I will tell you why he was telling that story. He was telling the story at the condolence meeting of a lynching victim to basically give the message of non violence and secularism, he also said that dont be a muslim or hindu, be a human. Now do you understand or do you have some more goalposts to shift
  5. ProudLiberal

    Yogendra Yadav was called Salim as a child

    Hey idiot....stop shifting your goalposts, go ask yogendra yadav what his point was, I am just exposing fake news spread by dumb bhakts
  6. ProudLiberal

    Yogendra Yadav was called Salim as a child

    Lol first fact check before posting the video, that video wasnt from an election rally but from a condolence meeting, secondly it was heavily edited to leave out the context of the speech, bhakts spreading lies as usual
  7. ProudLiberal

    2019 Lok Sabha elections thread

    Heart wrenching indeed
  8. At least they were able to implement the economic policy successfully unlike the notebandi of gawaar modi, funny how modi doesnt even mention demonetization in his election speeches, never let a gawaar chaiwala make economic decisions of this country without consulting rbi
  9. ProudLiberal

    2019 Lok Sabha elections thread

    Wtf bhakts are now terrorist sympathizers, heart wrenching my foot
  10. Am I a congress spokesperson? Where did congress come from? Just because congress was incompetant in the past, you guys will not question the current govt? How long will modi hide behind congress? Congress did a lot of good things too like setting up top class institues like iits, iims, aims etc, top scientific institues, space programme, libralization of economy etc, you guys act like congress did absolutely nothing and suddenly messiah of the bhakts modi rose up and made india great in just five years lol
  11. Lol someone should make a new thread about this on the green forum
  12. That donkey in the OP is already a better candidate than modi
  13. ProudLiberal

    Yogendra Yadav was called Salim as a child

    Kisne exploit kiya hai tujhe? Kaun hai yeh log, kaha se aate hai yeh log? You seem to be suffering from a huge chip on your shoulder due to massive inferiority complex

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