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  1. First class

    Shame on you Pakistan

    You're losing it now, take it easy.
  2. First class

    Pak team were eating burgers night before the match

    he is not Pakistani, a Bangladeshi or someone from Far East.
  3. First class

    Shame on you Pakistan

    You're right, its embarrassing and shameful for Pakistan cricket.
  4. First class

    Ind vs Pak Pre-Match Discussion (WC19)

    Sarfraz all set to become the first Pakistani captain not to lose a match to India in WC-------------in case of a washout game.
  5. First class

    Who was the best ever winning captain in world cup history?

    Only in India, for rest of the cricket world, Imran Khan was the best ever captain and one of the top five cricketers ever to play the game.
  6. First class

    Who was the most elegant left-handed batsmen of all time?

    Honestly, no one comes even close to Gower.
  7. First class

    Who was the best ever winning captain in world cup history?

    You mean best captain, after Imran Khan, probably Kapil Dev. 1983 WC victory was an amazing feat in cricket history. Winning against all odds, led by a 24 year old.
  8. First class

    Ind vs Pak Pre-Match Discussion (WC19)

    Amir is the only factor India needs to take care of, other bowlers including Wahab leak lots of runs. Batting first or chasing, If India does not give more than 1 wicket in Amir's first spell, game is over for Pakistan. This should be India's strategy. 1-Don;t lose more than one wicket in Amir's first spell, runs don;t matter. Indian batting line is strong enough to catch up RR later. 2-same as # 1.
  9. First class

    Hasan Ali is worst pick for Pakistan

    Agree:, Amir, Wahab, Afridi, Shadab and Imad should be the 5 bowlers. 4th fast bowler , if needed should be Hasnain, who will also give away plenty of runs but less than Hasan and might take 2-3 wickets.
  10. First class

    So how to stop Amir on sunday?

    It worked against Wasim Akram in 1996 WC India-Pak match.
  11. First class

    So how to stop Amir on sunday?

    You're a genius.
  12. First class

    Is Shakib a more valuable ODI player than Sanath Jayasuriya?

    Jayasuria was a great ODI batsman and a more than useful but partime bowler. Shakib is a true allrounder, a bowling allrounder. I would pick Jayasuria and Afridi ahead of Shakib in my ODI team as they were bigger match winners . BD is yet to produce great cricketers and Shakib is easily their best production so far hence so famous. Shakib is a good allround but I won;t call him great by any standard.
  13. Played a good test match inning while chasing in an ODI match. His team lost, thanks to him, but he had some decent score under his record.
  14. First class

    Evident weaknesses of every teams post few games

    After today's game against Australia, Indian team seems to have fewer weaknesses than any other team. There were some serious doubts about both Sharma and Dhawan's form, both have hit tons . Kuldeep lacked confidence, had a good game today. Other than one 19 runs over, Pandya bowled well and bowled 10 overs. Every one in the team looks in good nick.
  15. First class

    Say sorry to Bhuvi!

    Bhuvi was very impressive today. Both of India's new ball bowler not only are very skillful, they are very smart.

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