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  1. Good call on my part. I guess he reads this forum and got angry at the criticism.
  2. GeeGaw

    Pakistan team is in tatters

    It's a pretty well known fact. The guy admitted he got f'ed up the night before in his autobiography.
  3. GeeGaw

    Predict the final points table standings

    Injuries doomed SA. They would have done a lot better if fit.
  4. GeeGaw

    Predict the final points table standings

  5. If you listen to commentators, they would have you believe Archer is the greatest thing since Holding / Marshall / Garner / Roberts / Croft. Overrated traitor is what he really is. F England and F Archer. I hope he pulls a hamstring.
  6. Any where between 270 - 310 and I'm happy. Every now and then I like to get my WWE / Pyjama league game on and see a belter up around 380, but not on an everyday regularity.
  7. Why do Australia keep trotting out useless Khawaja?
  8. GeeGaw

    Pakistan team is in tatters

    Sheesha joint, pffffft. Friend of mine saw Herschelle Gibbs in the hotel bar at 3:00 in the morning just hours before he played the famous chase against Australia 175 (111) with a raging hangover.
  9. Windies bowling is such rubbish. I think I could get 30 off of their bowlers.
  10. Just make sure no one else tweaks a hamstring and call it a day.
  11. Lost 4 wickets in 20 balls. Complete and utter collapse.

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