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  1. Mirpur express

    Will NZ ever win a WC?

    iA they will win the World cup.
  2. Mirpur express

    he's back

    Haha. Amir Khan will show you when he destroy that guy who is coward and who is not. Watch that fight and you will be shown your aukaat which is below my feet. You can't even reach my face. Lol. You are as tall as a 10 year old girl.
  3. Mirpur express

    he's back

    Why talking about my family for?? 5ft tall and talking about people's family behind a keyboard. Why don't you say same thing in front if me?? Come in front of me and I'll spark you out. If you can't say it to me at my face then don't say it.
  4. Mirpur express

    he's back

    You aren't in semi final. Phir Kya Hua??? Ahhh Baby koh acha nah laga????
  5. Mirpur express

    he's back

    Because our players feel pressure otherwise they are better then Indians in everything.
  6. Mirpur express

    A country satisfied with mediocrity

    Lol. I'm sure Indian have many experience of wet dream because that is only time they spend with hot woman.
  7. Mirpur express

    he's back

    Do you have twitter?? We can discuss there. I'm sure Tasali hogaye. As far as Pakistan is concerned we beat both England and New Zealand something you were incapable of so shut it.
  8. Mirpur express

    A country satisfied with mediocrity

    I'm enjoying this If Australia had Warner and Smith you wouldn't have won test series in Australia. Chalo wapas karo beta.
  9. Mirpur express

    he's back

    Lol. Tasali hogaye??
  10. Mirpur express

    A country satisfied with mediocrity

    Pakistan would have also smashed India had we batted first. Lol. Indian team is nothing.
  11. Today when own qualification was in danger look how they tried. Ahh poor luck. Lol
  12. Mirpur express


  13. Mirpur express


    Kaisa laga belt muhn par?? Haaaaahaa
  14. Mirpur express

    Done with this team

    Kohli is a weak captain. He needs Dhoni to hold his hand all the time. Make Rohit captain.

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