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  1. Indians top now but still crying about what happened when the world was much younger. It's only natural because they still feel inferior to us. Physically Pakistanis are superior. I mean we naturally produce more fast bowlers and the average Pakistani male is 6 cm taller than the average Indian male. Imran of course was a great bowler. Just take the example of when he went to West Indies in 1988 when he was about 37 and look at his output. He was an amazing cricketer. You can do all these in depth rubbish.
  2. Who said India is weak? You are just paranoid and have hate for Pakistan.
  3. Musa is constantly around 141-143. Hit 147 in Australia recently.
  4. Good decision. Pakistan has always lost In Australia. I think it could be a good tour as players will gain confidence if they play good cricket although I don't believe Pakistan can win. As for age I think max you can add 1 year to them and that's it. Naseem is 17 and Musa is 19.
  5. Just shows how strong Indian team is at this moment. Even Kohli is copping criticism when in other countries any half decent player is protected from any criticism.
  6. It was a good series. I know India and Pakistan relationship are not the best atm but these comments in this thread are in poor taste. The SL cricket board demanded a certain level of security and it was provided. As for fans yes the stadiums were not completely full in Karachi because of the uncertainty of the tour actually happening but in Lahore we saw jam packed stadium for all matches.
  7. Nagarkoti, Mavi, Avesh Khan, Navdeep are also very fast. Indian future in fast bowling is bright. A better prospect as compared to Hasnain is Naseem Shah who has ability to move the ball inwards as it's natural because of his action.
  8. The fact of the matter is he's no where near any of our greats. Let him play 30 Tests first then compare. Gets two five fers against a weak team and all the noise. Guess its understandable as you guys have never produced a bowler before.
  9. Not just comparing but to out right say Bumrah is better. I think this is un called for. You can compare obviously. How many Tests has Bumrah played in India? Remember many Tests Pakistan played on were dead wickets like Faisalabad. Bumrah is a great bowler but won't be able to match Wasim, Waqar, Imran. These guys had charisma, sexy looks, reverse swinging yorkers and mad aggression. Nothing against Bumrah. He will be the greatest Indian bowler but not a patch on Wasim, Waqar or Imran for that matter.
  10. Oh the desperation. Comparing to Wasim and Waqar
  11. Mirpur express


    Lol. So if Bumrah gets a fiver against windies you are going to have a go at Pakistan supporters? Good for you. I've never said anything bad about Bumrah. I watched the spell. It was fantastic. Before we saw Bumrah only seaming the ball but now he swings it as well. Very good bowler.
  12. Mirpur express


    True. Just look at the match at Nottingham last year. Hardik took six wickets in no time.
  13. In Pakistan the QeA trophy is under renovation. In the new format we will have 6 teams. In India you have Ranji Trophy where 37 teams participate. I know India has more talent but is 37 teams too much? Ideally how much teams should there be? In Pakistan with old system we had a problem where most bowlers average <25 but most are useless trundlers who can only do well in England. In India lots of batsman average >40 So are the batsman genuinely good or is the competition not as high??
  14. India have got so much talented young batsman but in the end you will see Karthik batting.
  15. I'm sorry beetle paaji. Yes we will start talking about cricket more.
  16. Why do all Indian social media users not use their own face as a profile pic? Why always Kohli or some Bolywood actor? Surely cannot be a coincidence? Of what little I have seen of genuine Indians on social media they are the classic 'ugly Indian'. On forum it's fine but on social media normally it's about you. I could be wrong but Indians may suffer inferiority complex or feel insecure when they show their own face hence they feel more free behind someone else's picture. Not having a go but then don't you dare have the guts to say anyone is ugly. Look at yourself first and then others.
  17. If Shadab is ugly what is Jadhav, Chahal, Kuldeep, Pant, Saini, Bumrah, Pujara, Vijay?? Are they Tom cruise? Many people who are good looking are called ugly or average because people are jeloused of them. Even Imran Khan was called ugly. Sarfraz you are 100% right yes hes ugly and maybe Imam. Defo girls would like army lad Fakhar, Babar other then his eyebrow is decent. Are you tom cruise yourself? Why all Indians on Twitter either have Bolywood actor avatars, Virat Kohli, MS or some other cricketer is food for thought.
  18. He was a conditions based bowler. His pace was around 128-133 in Tests. He could have been useful in away conditions by tits his decision. In UAE very rarely will you see a bowler take bags of wickets anyways.
  19. Lol. Dravid was one of the finest players of all time. Alan Knott??? Lol
  20. iA they will win the World cup.
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