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  1. vice

    Pakistan Experts Post match reaction

    Siku bhai was on fire yesterday. Razzaq had a few moments as well. They sure know how to roast the Pakistani team and management On the other hand, Wasim Akram sounded clueless despite being being a member of cricket committee. Kept on saying where's the talent in pakistan. I don't think these past great cricketers watch domestic cricket or keep a keep eye on current cricket except when commentating once in a while. An average fan will know more than these past greats like Wasim Akram,etc
  2. Congrats to Bangladesh. They keep their stronghold over the Windies in the recent past but this one is a special one. Curfew outside...beware of roaming tigers.
  3. vice

    Shame on you Pakistan

    What's there to shame? This is the weakest Pakistani team to face India in the the World Cups. India was expected to win here...anything less would have been shameful. Rohit played a masterstroke eclipsing Kohli. Openers have that advantage of playing out the most deliveries if they play out the tricky first few overs but Rohit was on fire yesterday.
  4. Rohit Sharma probably played the greatest knock in an India Pakistan game. Even brought the sixer off point ala Tendulkar from 2003. A lot of heroes in the game, Rahul did well to see off the new ball and Kohli did what Kohli does and in the field the Kuldeep was the real star supported by Pandya/VJ. Demolishing win for India in the end but they took it too easy after the rain break and gave away some free runs.
  5. Saw an old Englishman dozing off with the radio commentary plugged into the ears amidst all the buzz. Figured it might be the resident ICF user YCCC
  6. Lack of attacking spinner and variety exposing weakness in the Windies bowling though this is a high scoring ground. WI should've gotten a bigger total but still doesn't excuse the weakness in their bowling
  7. It's the final lap for Bangladesh, anything less than a win would be choking. Would be a brilliant feat. Getting luck as well
  8. Bangladesh on cruise control here and it is their game to lose. Shakib has been brilliant. Windies bowling is too weak and with half fit Russel, bowling is coming up short.
  9. Bangladesh off to a great start. Wayward bowling by the Windies.
  10. vice

    Pakistan Experts Post match reaction

    No one can match Pakistani cricket shows. They are pure gold especially after Pakistan loses
  11. vice

    40/0 after ten should be the target in all games.

    It's simple. Don't lose wickets upfront and have one of the top order bat through.
  12. There was some stat floating around in one of the previous games where SL is the worst team in playing out the 50 overs in recent times. Looks like they're only good for 30 overs or so
  13. Australia were at a similar score but with 2 less wickets lost. Aussies favourites here.

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