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  1. Twitter messages

    Interesting comment ... since sardars are the basis of all of Your daily jokes. Anyway, since he is playing for for kings xi he does quality : )
  2. Good to see Paras Chopra among runs again after his 300 against Punjab.
  3. Settling in a new team , getting to know team players can take some time. He has not played consistently enough with these players. All these failures can only help him in long run. The reason everyone is rooting for him is that he has such a great attitude, humble guy and of course has very good technique to go along with all this. You will see him playing for India and succeeding.
  4. What a player! More to come, keep the faith
  5. Opening is not his position, Punjab team needs to use him at 3 where he normally bats. “ it may stay dark for a day or two but the sun will eventually rise” and what is wrong with Unmukt ? Last time I checked he scored a 100 and a 50 & still only 23-24. Have patience!
  6. Share Own Videos ( Cricket Practice)

    Yep ! No coach ever ;)
  7. Share Own Videos ( Cricket Practice)

    Arey nahi yaar, bus just playing for fun. Played under 19 in Punjab back in the days against guys like Chandar Mohan( he played for MI as wicket keeper). Right now I’m 35, working as BM in a bank in Oregon. We have Oregon Cricket League here so play 30, 20 over leagues. Also play in NWCL league. Some good Cricketers here though. Guy In 52 no T-shirt in in USA probables.Bus thought about sharing it with you guys, still want to improve game ;)
  8. Hi guys ! I’m uploading video from my recent net practice. Plz share you own videos too. Any advice to improve game would be appreciated
  9. Bhuvneshwar Kumar should be dropped from the ODI team

    I demand that whole India senior, India under 19 team, A team, B team, C team should be dropped and replaced by Pappu , lalu, chintu, munna, office wale mishra ji xi
  10. State Farm should drop Sehwag...
  11. 27.4: Kohli talking to Vijay...did anyone else hear this?

    If a McGrath, Donald, Clarke, Warner etc uses F word then it’s all good because it their “aggressive “ cricket nothing else ( still can’t forget McGrath vs Sarwan). An Indian does it, becomes big deal. Get over you sorry arses ! I’m thankful that king Kohli is captain of Indian cricket.
  12. Day 3 - Prediictions

    SA all out for 175 Ind 118/1
  13. The Ranji Trophy Final - Delhi vs Vidarbha

    Haiti,Rishabh Pant , Himmat Singh to score hundreds :) Delhi winning by innings
  14. Raina clears the YoYo test.

    Totally agree ! Also really love to see a left handed batsman in middle order. I wish there was some young left handed batsman of Yuvraj’s league in Domestic cricket.
  15. Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    Himmat Singh looks so compact though.

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