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  1. 1 hour ago, Cricketics said:

    Still better than 80% of Indian players for t20. I will pick him in t20 any day, even if that means we have to replace a youngster. He is that good in that format who can bat at any order in t20 amd start scoring runs.

    Totally agree ! Also really love to see a left handed batsman in middle order. I wish there was some young left handed batsman of Yuvraj’s league in Domestic cricket.

  2. So far only Manan Vohra & Rahul Shukla has impressed me from the new bunch of guys. Unmukat Chand & Mandeep SIngh are going to score big runs in the coming games. I don't know what special ppl saw in Vihari. For me, he was the main culprit for scoring so slowly. Which team does Harmeet Singh. (Mumbai Spinner) plays for ? Hope he gets a few games.

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