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    kooljatt got a reaction from ravishingravi in Is Rohit’s test career over ?   
    Maybe waiting too long for test debut and playing so much LOI cricket screwed his career. 
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    kooljatt reacted to velu in Twitter messages   
    i didnt mean he made this joke because he became a srdar
    i meant he is a sardar now and not a chusky  
    check anotehr sardar here
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    kooljatt got a reaction from Cricketics in The Vijay Hazare Trophy 2018(50 overs domestic season)   
    Good to see Paras Chopra among runs again after his 300 against Punjab.
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    kooljatt got a reaction from Straight Drive in Share Own Videos ( Cricket Practice)   
    Arey nahi yaar, bus just playing for fun. Played under 19 in Punjab back in the days against guys like Chandar Mohan( he played for MI as wicket keeper). Right now I’m 35, working as BM in a bank in Oregon. We have Oregon Cricket League here so play 30, 20 over leagues. Also play in NWCL league. Some good Cricketers here though. Guy In 52 no T-shirt in in USA probables.Bus thought about sharing it with you guys, still want to improve game ;)
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    kooljatt got a reaction from Straight Drive in Share Own Videos ( Cricket Practice)   
    Hi guys ! I’m uploading video from my recent net practice. Plz share you own videos too. Any advice to improve game would be appreciated 
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    kooljatt got a reaction from BeardedAladdin in Day 3 - Prediictions   
    SA all out for 175
    Ind 118/1
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    kooljatt reacted to Sean Bradley in Rohit Sharma is the Best Captain India will never have.   
    First Impression of Rohit's captaincy :
    Proactive, Engaging, Attacking, Conduct, Aggressive Field Setting, Great Bowling Changes, Spot on Team Selection. Managing the troops out in field, Post Match Presentation speech, the insights of the game. Its a shame that Rohits Captaincy career will never take off as it clashes with Virat's Legacy.
    But on sheer captaincy and skill level, Rohit seems to be way ahead of everyone, even MSD. 
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    kooljatt reacted to Holysmoke in Final pics   
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    kooljatt got a reaction from Zakhmi in Bhajji wants Symonds in his team....!!!!!   
    "It's great to play for Mumbai along with Sachin, but it would have been a lot nicer if we had Symonds, who is such a wonderful player." Harbhajan Singh's regret after the IPL auction :cantstop::cantstop::hysterical:

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