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  1. Do you mean for Dhoni? He was born July 7 1981 - will be only 29 and at the peak of his powers in 2023.
  2. Yennaarais and Wo-see-ai peepal in Amaerika giving laats of daalars to party and yekaanami.
  3. Exactly - PRC informed their friend NK, but not their enemy SK, about the outbreak. NK clamped down, no Covid. SK did not. Not only that, who the eff knows whether NK and Putinistan are reporting correct numbers. It's all murky and no one really knows.
  4. An alternative explanation is that USA and EU are open societies and did not take draconian measures to stop people from moving around. It took them a while to restrict movement of people and valuable time was lost. Even now, these governments are begging, not ordering, their people, to stay isolated. China, Russia and NK all have authoritarian governments that don't hesitate to shoot their people who don't follow orders - it is a terrible way to govern. It is likely that their chewtiyagiri was not that they made the virus, but that they covered up its emergence from the world (but told their Commie buddies) and killed the doctor who warned the world about its spread. I just think it is too risky for them to bio-terrorize US and EU and could back-fire. But who the f knows the real truth. There's enough ammo for either POV.
  5. Maybe they are using her as a test subject to validate different brands of testing kit ...?? In our labs, we would call her the "positive control."
  6. As a scientist and teacher of science, I have trained myself to be skeptical, searching for repeatable, well-controlled experimental evidence of any concept or claim. For this reason, metaphysical concepts - things that are not tangible or measurable in some way, that cannot be tested repeatedly in a controlled environment, and that cannot be used to make scientifically grounded hypotheses - are near-impossible for me to understand. One such concept is that of a "soul." Growing up in a religious household, I simply accepted it without questioning. We always talked about Aatma as if we all know what exactly it is - that it can be experienced and somehow transmitted from a deceased person to an unborn (or un-conceived?) person or animal. But, the more I questioned it, the less tangible it is for me. What exactly is it? How does one measure it? The reason for bringing it up today: I was reading something from the American Association of Naturopathic Medical Colleges - their mission is to treat Mind, Body and Soul. I can see how one can treat mind and body - they are physical constructs with measurable parameters - you know when they are not working correctly and can design interventions to get them back to normal. In fact, when you really think about it, your mind is part of your body too; it is nothing but a result of the structure and physico-chemistry of your brain. But what is soul? What do the naturopaths mean when they say they are treating your soul? What controls it? How do you know it needs treatment? How do you treat it? And what happens if you don't? Serious responses only please. If you are tempted to make frivolous or snide comments, please start another thread. Thanks!
  7. Unintended consequences of gowrnament benevolence. Same thing will happen when the country slowly (or phaashtly) moves to sarkaari control of healthcare. More loopholes, more babugiri, more corruption, less efficiency. Feel the Bern, boyz!
  8. OK, now I feel super dumb. What is 27? 40: Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham? I know it ain't right, but there's a case to be made for it.
  9. Be careful, friend. Take isolation seriously. Those in essential services are real-life heroes.
  10. And followed it up with even more BS about hydroxyquinoline being a cure or preventative, when the actual results are very preliminary and the evidence is flimsy. And people are hoarding this stuff making it unavailable for others who need it for legitimate prescriptions. Clusterfcuk all the way around
  11. What they don't get is that this is not about them willing to die. It is about them helping stop the spread of the virus to those vulnerable ones who would get super-sick, overwhelm the hospitals, increase Covid and non-Covid death-rates, set off even more panic, and send this thing spiraling faster into a full-blown depression. Locking down is definitely a very difficult decision but may be the least-$hitty option. The only way to avoid a total lockdown is to test everyone. Get the positives to stay home and the negatives to go about their lives. An alleged powerhouse like USA should be able to pull this off ($100 per test x 350 million = $35 billion, which is peanuts), but there is no willingness to do anything remotely rational.
  12. Slight clarification: There are two identified forms (L and S), not different enough to be called strains. The L type is a bit more aggressively infectious, but is not deadlier. They are not different enough to hinder comprehensive cure or vaccine development.
  13. Entering the thread late. I had no clue, anyway. Thanks for the enlightening post (and thread!)
  14. Hmm ... what are 70% of PIO US citizens going to do? They have been loyal Dems mainly because they're suspicious of the GOP/Christian right/White nexus and how that may threaten their rights as Hindus and immigrants. They thought the Dems cared more about their issues. Now, colors are changing. Orange Dada of Red party is showing all this love for saffron India, and the Blue Sanders-Green AOC nexus is confusing Blue desis. Eevaag yenree maadodhu?
  15. This is a great opportunity for Rahane to revive his ODI career. He has served Indian cricket so well for many years and deserves this chance. He may be the #5 we have been looking for. To make this happen, we must drop Iyer and play KLR at #4 so he can keep and bring balance. Iyer has age on his side and can hone his game in List A for 4 more years. Dhawan is one of the best ever ODI openers. Rohit will have recovered enough from injury and we need his experience. Gill and Shaw are too young, and no one knows how to change Jaiswal's diaper. And without Kohli's captaincy, we're like a wheel-less ship. And now that Vijay Shankar is back from injury and has increased his pace by 0.5 kmph, he adds balance along with Jadhav who can both bowl when needed. Finally, cricket is a game for specialists, so we must pick Ashwin. Thakur and Chahar give depth to the batting; it is important to have non-specialists who can do multiple things. Pravin Tambe is a wrist-spinner and we must play him before his skills run out. For the 12th man's role, we must pick Shivam Dube. He has shown flashes of brilliance and being under Shastri's tutelage for more time will make him a world beater! So the team: Rohit Dhawan Kohli (c) KLR (wk) Rahane Shankar Jadhav Ashwin Thakur D. Chahar Tambe 12th man: Shivam Dube
  16. Yep. That's the downside of losing and being out of batting form. Fans pile on! There's really no problem with his response to the reporter. But one must question his judgement in letting spectators get under his skin. As a world-class athlete, can't you stay above the fray and not engage in tit-for-tats with regular people? And the timing made the posturing seem very hollow. If they were 45 for 7 instead of 100+ for 2, there was reason to pump yourself up like that. But when the inevitable was right there, hold your head high, but be gracious and take your lumps. Oh well ... the nightmare has ended for now :-).
  17. Looks like OP is saying overemphasis on strength training at the expense of flexibility, agility and skills development does not belong in cricket. It ain't about the gym, it's about what one does in the gym.
  18. I am the old fart with beautiful memories of things such as this:
  19. With the pace battery we have, I feel it is better to have a role-payer - someone to keep things so tight for the batsmen that the wicket-taking fasties will benefit from it. He must also bring other things to the table - bat decently and field well. The current version of Jadeja is 2.5/3, only needing a bit more consistency in SENA batting. Of course, if we get a superstar wrist (leg or china) spinner who can run through sides, it changes the equation. Really thought Kuldeep was that guy, but ...
  20. Sandpaperwaala ban gaya gentleman. Major image-restoration being cranked out by the Ozzie PR machine. Whatever.
  21. Why was this message not made clear *during* the match before the guys went out to bat? Isn't this something that the team discusses prior? Or do they just wake up in the morning and say - Chal, sab apna apna natural game khelo? Baffling. Added in edit: But *if* this was the team strategy and was made clear to CAP and GHV, and they still did their own thing, sit their a $ $ es and play someone who will comply with team strategy.
  22. I have been consistently and unwaveringly positive about Indian cricket for decades now. I cannot dream of doing 0.01% of what these sportsmen do and I have immense respect for their hard work. But there is something about this test defeat that is disconcerting. Cricket is the undisputed emperor of sports in India. Not only with regard to fan support, but also with regard to how much money is invested in players and facilities. Back when I was growing up, we at least had the excuse that our facilities and infrastructure were not as good as the other teams. That our fitness levels were poor because we didn't have a fitness culture. None of that is true anymore. India has the best of best facilities and fitness and nutrition know-how. Our upcoming players are - generally speaking - as athletic and fit as anyone. Unlike in previous decades, they are not meek and can mentally and physically stand up to any of their opponents. Most importantly, there is so much young, cricketing talent coming out of the country, especially at the Under-19 and A-levels. Our fast-bowling attack has been the best for a couple of years now. So, how can a team with all these advantages capitulate meekly to a team from a nation that has fewer total human beings than Bengaluru has software engineers, and where cricket is not even the number 1 sport? It is unfathomable and dare I say inexcusable. I just don't get it.
  23. "But, but but but he is a millionaire out of touch with the common man because he made money in the stock market and did not have kind eyes and reassuring smile"- all things I heard from desis on this board and other places in 2012. In reality, the guy was nothing but a high character, pragmatic moderate republican who had demonstrated successful governance and had a strong understanding of issues. But we just couldn't pass up on 4 more years of feel-good left turns. And that gave us the orange fool.
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