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  1. A great artist. Contributed immensely to Theater, TV and Films with his timing. RIP.
  2. krupaksk

    Will virat kohli inning prove costly for india?

    He played well. Showed the side where he can hold one end up, serves well in the long run in the World Cup. I think he is still conscious of our soft middle order to have some trust. The more runs KL, MS and others score with consistency, he will play with lot more freedom. It looked so good that the team is playing with a strong tactic of the top 3 scoring big runs. Not always will work, but the strategy is very clear. I trust him to have a good World Cup.
  3. Wow!! Time is cruel and dont stop for anyone. What a great ambassador and Champion!!! Thank You for the contribution to Indian cricket. Great memories of Indian cricket in last 18 years has so many Yuvraj sagas to list here. As a fan, yuvi in full flight, in batting or fielding or while chasing or 6 hitting abilities, gives a high as any great athlete will give you. His game was that pure when it was at its peak. As a fellow human, showed what perseverance and self belief can do after a terrible disease. Good luck on second innings Yuvi!!
  4. krupaksk

    Post election meltdown thread

    I had avoided replying to many threads/posts about the complaints about Tamils. I am an Indian first and Tamil next. I love both part of it equally. That’s my disclosure. Based on on my understanding of tamil psyche it’s all about emotional connection. Wether it’s language, person or issue. Once we make the connection we tend to look other way on the negatives and support even if we are wrong. The Gandhi’s will always have a soft corner due to Rajiv’s association with MGR and his assassination in our soil. MGR for outsiders and newbie still has that connection going in people heart even today in rural tamilnadu. But congress as a whole can never win elections on their own. They can only piggyback on others. So I’m not worried / interested about their revival. Modi do not have that connection with local population or leaders. It’s not about he is from North, speaks Hindi or any other excuses. Even when Amma/JJ was alive she kept him at a distance when it came to campaigning or alliances. Maybe if she was alive this time during 2019 elections she may have done the joint campaigns. After she died people reallly hated that he is controlling the admk party through EPS/OPS who do not have the stature. And less talk about the BJP local leadership the better. If you put together the worst comedians and form a party that will be the BJP in tamilnadu with one or 2 exceptions. We are atruck with DMK and ADMK and until someone strong local leader evolves (Stalin for all his strength willl never by karuna, let alone people favorites like MGR, JJ, Kamaraj or Anna). For the sake of development and unity i wish we get a strong local leader who aligns his / her policies with national interests. I understand that people may not accept or agree with each other diverge viewpoints, but we all can be civil to each other instead of the name callings and scoring cheap shots. I enjoy humor people but calling someone anti national because they voted for other party is intolerance. Jai Hind, Vande mathram and Vazgha Tamil(long live tamils).
  5. krupaksk

    Who should replace Rahul Gandhi in Congress?

    As this was said above, no one from outside can come and have a free hand to be successful. For a party with a rich tradition, it’s despicable that they never allowed strong leaders to develop and not having a strong organizational level at state level based on agenda serving the country. It’s all about the family worship even at that level. First the family and their cronies need to resign from top posts and hold a true organization election from all levels. Just to make sure the same cronies don’t come back they should not contest for top posts. But this is all not going to happen. They will start talking about 2024 and hold on to the posts. Their media and voices will be finding positives in the coming days. Shameless people... Deserves even more humiliation.
  6. krupaksk

    Neha Kakkar

    I had gone to her show. She is a top performer, plays songs on multiple languages and entertains the crowd well. On the cons side, Can feel a bit too long as she brought only one another singer and it was just them 2 covering 95% of the show.
  7. krupaksk

    Tamil Music

    Great thread!! Im not in touch with latest songs. So many great music directors, MSV, Illayaraja, ARR, Yuvan, Harris Vidyasagar, Bharadwaj and songs from Deva ( lot of time I get to hear his original copied songs, but still some great memories and great BGMs from him) lots of songs to list here. i do hear from this group some songs. GVP, Santosh, Anirudh, D. Imman, Ghibran, Govind vasantha and Sean Roldon. They are all so talented... Please post more songs!! For some reason today this song is just struck in my head - great lyrics. [youtube]
  8. krupaksk

    Ashwin you are a ficking disgrace

    It’s a sport. Sportsmanship is something I can understand. WTH is spirit of cricket. Cheating according to select few standards. As if cricket is held to a higher standard then other sports. Rules are rules in any game. Batters taking undue advantage is cheating, Running out of crease before the ball is delivered is cheating. No one does anything about that and people starts moaning as if the bowlers have killed someone. Poor bowlers.... they just don’t have anything going for them. For people calling out Ashwin, I believe he is one of the great thinking cricketer and he has started a fire to change the definition. Mankading should be called action against cheating, Not against spirit of cricket.
  9. krupaksk

    Manohar Parrikar Succumbs to cancer.

    RIP :(
  10. krupaksk

    Template to beat India in the World Cup.

    This template as someone pointed out, applies to most teams. When it comes to multi nation tournaments, we always show up. Englad pitches tend to wear out as the matches progress and the hosts, one of the main contenders, shown they don’t adjust unlike us. Our spin twins are a danger if teams attack to get 300+ score. Heck even Kedar will get few wickets. Most of the the teams are scared to bat first against us because of our chasing record. If we post 270+ totals batting first we will be in the game against most teams. I fancy our openers, sure they are out of form now, but they have been tested on variety of situations and they will be ready. Kohli has acknowledged that we need to push on for bigger score, that will be based on the conditions on offer. So we will assess based on the form and conditions in the tournament. Again, im not saying we are invincible like Aussies in 2003/2007 (no team is for WC19) but we are really underestimating our team. We will certainly reach playoffs and then on that day the best team wins.
  11. Jai Hind . Dedicated to the thousands of Soldiers and Civilians whom we have lost due to defensive mentality. We should do another surprise strike in the next few days just to tell the world, we can hit whenever and wherever we want, so stay the f out of our lives.
  12. krupaksk

    India. Pakistan. Chennai. 1999

    Great article by one of my fav cricket writer. Captured the whole match for the drama, Inspired writing! 20 years.. hmmn... still the hurt feels real. Sachin has been part of my life for a long time and he has lifted me from tough days and this day was amazing roller coaster with bitter end. Tough luck as the Pakistan had ATG attack and we didnt have reliable batsmen with winning mentality (moral compass of the few in the team were also questionable). In 90s it was dreadful watching India vs Pakistan, you always had a feeling our collapse was round the corner. All the hope was on Sachin. Since then we have won our fair share of matches against Pakistan to compensate for the heartbreaks, now it doesnt hurt that much when we lose to them. I am older to put my life in standstill for cricket like I used to and our team is more professional.
  13. Khaleel needs to work on his mental side. Its his first game this tour and looks rusty. His body language needs to be better... Bhuvi is doing great! Today's game is like a practice match. Make the most of it.
  14. I have not seen much of Khaleel, does he swing the ball? Looking to see if Bhuvi has got the rhythm and pivot to see if he is swinging the ball. Play like its T20 and get all your main bowler in the 20 overs and see where the match go...

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