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  1. KLR has demonstrated the ability and skills to be a test match opener. He clearly is a work in progress and has made errors in pacing his innings, shot selection etc - that's why he has gotten himself out quite often. But given his ability, he gets the rope he does. He will work things out, and can be potentially one of the best test batsmen around if he does, in a season or 2. If not, there's no shortage of capable batsmen waiting for their opportunity.
  2. His FC average might have something to do with the fact that his home ground is Lahli?
  3. Knee jerk thread from a classic knee jerk poster.
  4. Chance pe Dance banta hai bhai
  5. What? Kid's injured again? Bloody made of glass he is.
  6. In a way its an excellent test of our team. Great teams are defined by how they face and come back from adversity. Not just by how many wins they rack by blowing away teams in one-sided wins. I would love to see a stirring fightback from this point, to dismiss Oz under 180, and then a proper go at the chase. If we get these 2 things, I will not be as upset about losing the test.
  7. Vijay got a decent ball, but should've been tighter. Chepu is the only blameless one, but he should have been quicker to drop his gloves on length there. VK's dismissal is the softest of them all, but he's been so disciplined, bound to make a mistake once in a while. Rahane's dismissal was poor as well. I don't blame Rahul too much - he scored 64 with his approach, can't blame him when he gets out the same way. So maximum blame on Skipper and VC. Shyte happens. Same guys win you games, they'll mess up once in a while as well.
  8. Enjoy Asim bhai. Make the most of it. Ain't gonna last long, even in this series. So milk it baby.
  9. Dropped catches sealed the deal I fear. If we had knocked them over for 150 or so, I would still hold out hope. Now its almost impossible. Contrary to popular opinion, I believe KL Rahul is key if we are going to pull off a miracle. If Pujara and KLR bat big, we have a shot, else its done. Too big an ask though. It would be up there along with Kolkata 2001 if we pull this off. And miracles like those don't come too often.
  10. Boy when we have a bad day, we go right at it don't we. More than anything, its the dropped catches that are extremely disappointing - and potentially game losing. Catches win matches - Steve smith's brilliant catch off Rahane set the collapse in motion - while the repeated lives to Smith in the 2nd innings look like they've sealed the deal. Still, few teams, if any, have the batting ability to come back and win this game, however slight the possibility. And Team India is one of those few. Not saying it will happen - 99% this game is done. But that 1% is there, and that's why I'll be staying up tonight. And regardless of the result of this test, I still believe our team can pull out the series win. Definitely a very disappointing day for the team - they've let themselves down with the bat, as well as in the field. Let's hope they learn from it, and fight hard tonight.
  11. Well deserved LOLs being served on here. Atrocious collapse by the #1 team and the "top" batsmen. VK should look at that replay and ask himself what he was doing. And a team that wants to dominate at the test level doesn't cave in the way these gaandus did - sure Pujara got a jaffa, and Captain is allowed an occcasional brainfart, and Rahane was dismissed by a brilliant catch. But the vaunted lower order - Ash,Saha, Yadav, Jadeja - folded worse than the Pakistan army did in 1971. Not acceptable.
  12. hell of a bad day. all out for 100. And then 3, maybe 4 lives to their main bat. If you take one of the early ones, Aus could have been all out by now. Rahane was dismissed off a brilliant take by Steve Smith, while India have ball deflecting gloves on for Vijay and his buddy. Hard to see how India claw back into this game now. All over bar the formalities. Maybe a sliver of hope if we are chasing less than 350.
  13. Oz 287 India 260/4 KL Rahul goes past 50 but not past 100. One of ChePu or VK is gawn cheaply. The other one is still there.
  14. So you went from voting for Rishabh Pant on a thread purely test match wicket-keeping, excluding batting, without ever watching him keep wicket with the red ball - to bandwagoning for Saha on a day where co-incidentally, he takes a brilliant catch. Wow. Such acumen. Plenty of other posters voted for Rishabh on this thread, but at least none had the blind chewt stupidity to pat themselves on their back for self-professed acumen.
  15. Don't forget he got injured in that England series as well. Hard to be flawless if you are playing hurt. Keeping is one of the most physically demanding jobs - bowling expends more energy, but that is in spells - no breaks or rotation for keepers. I wonder why teams don't give their 'keepers some break at times and have a part-timer take over for a few overs. Anything in the rules preventing this?