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  1. sandeep

    Shame on you Pakistan

    He was last seen crying about Pandya playing test cricket, calling him "hammock for bowlers ", right before Pandya took a fifer helping India win a test in England. Hasn't been seen around here since.
  2. sandeep

    Importance of bench strength

    Well Yuvraj feels differently.
  3. sandeep

    zero faith in our medical staff

    Medical staff's competency, and publicly released statements are not the same thing. And if medical staff could accurately predict everybody's injury recovery timeframes, they would be considered Gods. In a nutshell, calm yo tits.
  4. sandeep

    Importance of bench strength

    Don't want to beat a dead horse, have been saying it for years now. Other teams lack talented players, Indian team has the luxury of a deep pool. There was every reason to give KL a few ODIs as opener over the last 20 months, would have been so helpful right now. If it were up to me, Rishabh Pant would have already opened in ODIs at least 4-5 times by now.
  5. sandeep

    Shikhar Dhawan Ruled out of the World Cup

    Both are cannon-fodder - and dependent on conditions. But Jadhav has shown that he's more effective, especially against non-asian teams in flat conditions. With Eng/Aus/NZ as the likely contenders - its obvious who is a better choice for India. Those teams would much rather face Shankar than Jadhav - regardless of conditions.
  6. sandeep

    Shikhar Dhawan Ruled out of the World Cup

    Only if its raining and cloudy does Shankar's bowling approach anywhere near "effective". And as far as batting ability is concerned, Jadhav is a much better fit for this line-up than Shankar. Jadhav's numbers in the last 10 overs of ODIs are all-world. Shankar cannot give you that punch. He's a quality bat, but just not a good fit. We cannot just pray for Pandya fireworks to drag our scores to a proper finish at the end. In every game. Shankar is a much better fielder than Jadhav though.
  7. sandeep

    Shikhar Dhawan Ruled out of the World Cup

    Stop clamoring to drop Jadhav. You need Jadhav's bowling option, and his batting is consistently underrated. The choice is between Pant and Shankar. As we go deeper into the English summer, Vijay's bowling will be even easier to loot for 15 runs per over than Jadhav's.
  8. sandeep

    Shikhar Dhawan Ruled out of the World Cup

    Dhawan may not be the most technically proficient player. But he was a vital batsman for us. A left-handed batsman in the top order. A guy who readily and selflessly carried the burden of setting up the innings momentum. The right move would be throw Pant into the team asap, against Windies/Afghanistan. Shankar hasn't done much wrong, slightly unfair, but I think Pant is the right move.
  9. sandeep

    BD shines (WC19)

    Just read one of ICF's articles a few months back on IPL expansion
  10. sandeep

    BD shines (WC19)

    Haven't seen enough of Kaif to really comment, and yes agree that Nehra is good on and off. Agree on Gaurav. * me. We are agreeing way too often. Someone's *ed with the timeline.
  11. sandeep

    Pakistan team is in tatters

    "chaotic brilliance" works in non-professional sports - ones that don't have too much competition and competence. Like cricket in the 1980s. Pakistan's good performances in 80s and 90s were built on the back of talent that was polished in the finishing school of county cricket. Plus they had the first-mover early adopter advantage with reverse swing - this carried them through the 90s. Now that advantage is equalized since almost all teams know how to use it, counter it etc, they have to keep up with the level of professionalism in the sport. Can't rely on "chaotic brilliance" - that basically means try and do your amateur best, and hope that the professional opponents have a bad day. Pat your own back on the odd day that it happens by re-inforcing myths of "mercurial brilliance". Rinse repeat.
  12. Plus ODI is different than T20 - if teams find themselves with a proper platform, kuldeep and even Chahal will give up a few sixes. So far, India hasn't allowed teams to really play KulCha from a position of strength.
  13. Go back and check how Bangladesh performed on their last tour to SA.
  14. How is it "disrespect". There is always a perception lag in terms of the audience. Now that BD are starting to put up consistent results, the market demand will correct itself eventually, and so will the schedule. If anything, the BCCI has helped BD cricket tremendously over the years - keep in mind that hosting them doesn't earn them money - but playing there does. India have played tons of white ball cricket in Bangladesh. And BCCI also used their influence in ICC to get BD hosting rights for so many big tournaments. Bangladesh board earned hundreds of millions thanks to BCCI. But the vocal and thin-skinned BD fans who are always ready to feel "offended" over things real and imaginary consistently overlook all this history. Kind of like how so many of those toygers decided that they were "offended" by mauka-mauka, when none of the ads mentioned Bangladesh.
  15. He is England's Suresh Raina, but in-prime, and smarter. Respect this guy's ability and character a lot.

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