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  1. And you think a captain will agree to lead a team for a match with a team he's not OK with? Point is, you are passing off speculation and assumption as fact - there is no way you can factually claim that Rahane had nothing to do with Kuldeep's selection. I don't want to ruin the happy vibe of a great day's test cricket getting into a silly argument with you. So let's move on.
  2. Wrist slitters will have to lick up their own puke as long as we don't throw wickets away tomorrow.
  3. And you know this because you were in the room? Banjo, people like to trumpet their personal biases as facts. Once VK is out, Rahane is cappo, and cappo gets final say on his XI.
  4. Wonder if it was Jinxy who made the big call to play Kuldeep in place of VK. Paid off in spades.
  5. It's 1 am and I'm laughing my ass off due to this. Not easy to do quietly since I don't want wake my wife and kid.
  6. Goenka's Super Egos going for broke this season, is it the last one for "RPSG"?
  7. Unless rain intervenes, this will be a result game. And for me, a draw is as good as a loss here.
  8. Those who are trying to protect and save the Kurds and Yazidis.
  9. Of course the ECB and their allies want to keep this guy as the Chairman. They need a puppet with an Indian face while the "reform" is bullied through.
  10. Shami has hardly played 5 tests in a row at 100% fitness. I don't think we should expect too much from him.
  11. Iyer again oozes confidence (almost arrogance)
  12. Iyer had a decent Ranji season as well. Its not like he stank it up. And he is in the "next" batch of batsmen. He's done it for more than just a season.
  13. Only 15. How about 50. Or maybe 100. Very green-broesque in your exaggeration. Before you lose your $ht, I'm not calling you a greenbro.
  14. Maybe because he isn't test match fit? Calm down boy! No need for desperate SOS for Shami. This Indian team is capable of beating the kangaroos in the mountains. They just need to dig deep in their reserves for one last 5 day push. It will be glorious if they do.
  15. banjo the negative nellies are working overtime on ICF. India batting first? 324/3 Aus batting first: 290/6