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  1. He forgot to mention that there's a proven established off-spinner in the team who is a better bowler than him. And that he was picked in the World T20 squad as well.
  2. That Raza guy who plays for Zimbabwe would instantly become a key middle order batsman for Pakistan. Oh sorry, thread says make into top sides, not other minnows. Never mind.
  3. BD needs to bite the bullet and have Mash retire. If he's so valuable to the team "psyche", have him travel with the squad. He's a liability as a player - harsh but true. They need one more wicket taking or at least quality bowler to back up Fizzy, Shakib and Taskin - Taskin needs to continue his improvement, he's plateaued a bit in white ball cricket and needs to find ways to be more effective. Their batting, although stronger than Pakistan's, still can't be relied on to win games with huge totals. They are not the team that can put up 325+ totals consistently. Anything over 280 against top teams is a great day for them with the bat. Plenty of batting talent and ability in that lineup though - just needs to find their confidence and click more often. Soumya is a bit impulsive, but can really smack around bowlers on a flat track. I like that kid's attitude.
  4. Yeah. Apparently there's a guy selling a box at $35 for a dozen, straight from his family's orchard I'm taking a risk buying any mangoes and smuggling them back into the US - there's a $300 fine for not declaring agricultural products. I would normally never do such a thing, but for hafoos... :)
  5. wow. how much is this toll? more than 10 bucks or so?
  6. Thanks for the info. I guess I will decide based on traffic and how much time I have and where I end up being once I cross the Canadian border.
  7. Thanks. Looks like Longos and Freshco have locations in the Hamilton area - that will be a shorter drive for me, I guess I will try there first.
  8. Typical frogumen. Thinks he knows what he's talking about. Parsippany is not in central jersey. And there's no way I'm letting you know where I live.
  9. Same lot who claimed Toffee Kumar was more talented than Veeru. Same set that thinks Wahab is better than Umesh. Same bunch that thinks Pakistan is a better or even comparable test team to the Indian test team. Same paindus that think the likes of Younis Khan, Misbah etc are anywhere near the class of Tendy, Dravid, etc as batsmen, or that current Pakistani pace bowlers are better than their Indian counterparts (Bumrah, Bhuvi, Shami, etc).
  10. This moron keeps embarassing himself. And you had so many greenbros claiming he was the most talented batsman - even better than Kohli, Yuvi etc, for years.
  11. Yeah I know. That's why I asked about desi stores in Hamilton - seems to be closer and a big enough town to have decent desi stores. I'm willing to drive an hour each way if I can find good alphonso mangoes. Yeah, its a bit crazy. I'm picky when it comes to mangoes.
  12. Thanks. Will call them and find out if they have inventory of Alphonso (Hafoos) mangoes. No need for restaurants as I'm going to just drop the guys off at Niagara falls, and make a quick mango shopping run before heading back home. Central Jersey - Desi land.
  13. That's extremely nice of you :) but I can just as easily pick them up from the OM store, no need to inconvenience you. This is just the type of info I was looking for - identify a store where to buy from. I don't have to hunt for stores that may not have them available, and since a fellow desi is buying Hafoos mangoes, some level of reliability in terms of quality. Last time I had a good Alphonso mango was in 2003 - my sister's mother-in-law smuggled a few mangoes in her purse when flying in from Bombay. The mangoes we get in NJ are mostly crap.