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  1. Let's agree to disagree and leave it at that. I'd rather see the likes of Vinay Kumar, Vijay Shankar etc restricted to India A, and not rewarded with India Caps. But before players like those are ruled out from national selection, there's merit in an argument to give them a proper run at the 'A' level. Its all about balance, you don't want domestic performers to dominate the 'A' selection, just as you don't want solely fast-tracked newbies in there. Looking at the 'A' squad and team here, I feel the balance overall is quite good. There's always going to be 1 or 2 names that you or I will find replaceable with someone else.
  2. Wonder why Karn Sharma or others didn't make the cut.
  3. I suggest you re-read what I posted, to understand my point about talent development. India "A" selections are about more than just playing the best XI - its about opportunities and exposure. About creating a talent pipeline to the national team, as well as creating incentives that strengthen the domestic cricket competition. Which is also a crucial component of "development of talent".
  4. This was their first game on tour. The earlier ones were warm-ups against Z-level teams. Another arm-chair kuptaan jumping to baseless conclusions. The entire team had a bad day today. 233 is a shyte score -they ought to do better than that, even on a bad day. I expect them to win the rest of their games - they play WI 'A' twice and England once again, and then the Finals. Scapegoating your personal favorite targets after a bad game is just silly.
  5. You have to maintain a balance between rewarding consistent performers at the domestic level, vs fast-tracking deserving younger players. A year from now, if the next u19 pace bowler also impresses, will you turn around and say that he should be given opportunity ahead of Mavi? Selectors' job is to make sure that the FC system stays strong and the players are motivated to put up strong performances at that level. Else there is a danger that the promising players will treat them as glorified nets and won't bother about Ranji stats. Chahar and Thakur have done well in IPL, and also put up years of hard work in domestic cricket. That has to be rewarded. I'm excited about the likes of Mavi and Nagarkoti too, but fair's fair.
  6. It's been Australia's tried and tested method to sideways use bilateral ODI cricket to rest bench strength and tactics. They will be more competitive than this come the WC.
  7. And both times, only when the ball was so wet due to rain that the spinners couldn't grip it well. Good for Klassen though, he got some IPL cash and exposure out of those games.
  8. sandeep

    The all-time men's T20I XI

    This team is clearly based on all-time records, rather than current form. Gul faded away after injury and was basically cannon fodder for a while. But there was a stretch where he was quite dependably good in T20s, and he has the stats to reflect that. You can argue that even Dwayne Bravo as of today, is not quite the player he used to be. Fair team from a historical perspective.
  9. Cricket is evolving. And teams need to play at least 2 if not 3 multi-tool players in the XI - you can't afford to have a wicket-keeper who doesn't contribute with the bat at a useful SR. Same way, you can't afford to have a team consisting purely of specialist batsmen and bowlers. And quality allrounders aren't going to magically drop out of the sky. If the selectors consistently reserve slots in A teams, domestic teams for players of that skill-set, more and more players will work on sharpening their secondary skill to try and get that slot. Eventually, after a period of time, you're going to start seeing some quality emerge. Its the same reason why England and Australia struggle to produce native spinners - their FC system has zero incentives for domestic teams to select and groom spinners - so they have to settle for the likes of Zampa, Moeen Ali etc. Unless the system creates a pipeline with incentives and consistent selection of a type of player, you cannot expect to magically find "talent". Modern day professional sports don't work that way. "Talent" has to be polished and produced. So its good to see the mediocre likes of Rishi Dhawan, Stuart Binny, Vijay Shankar etc given opportunities. Eventually sifting through the hordes of Binnys and Laxmi Ratan Shuklas, will yield the odd Hardik Pandya, or maybe, even the next Kapil Dev.
  10. 232 in an ODI is almost undefendable. Especially in England in 2018. Its like scoring 110 in a T20 - a collapse and some luck can help you defend once in a blue moon, but 9 times out of 10, you're going to lose.
  11. Player's capability levels are not static, he could improve you know. Not saying that he will, but my point is that Indian team needs to consistently have a slot or 2 booked in A teams for pace-bowling allrounders. I'd rather see young Shankar in the 'A' team ahead of a Binny. If there are other contenders - Nagarkoti etc I'm all for trying them out as well.
  12. That legbefore to Gowtham looked like it was going down leg. I felt Shankar's decision was borderline as well.
  13. Serious answer - Don't jump to conclusions and be so quick to write off players. Especially those with potential skill-sets that we don't have too many options of. These games are for player development. Its unrealistic to expect constant success. FWIW I'm not a big believer in Shankar either, especially his trundlery "bowling". But its fair and deserved to give him an extended run at 'A' level. Goddam Rishabh throwing it away now. More disappointed with Krunal's innings too. Poor performance as a unit by India A so far. Each of these guys are hyped prospects who have their own share of backers for national team selection. Won't be harsh to judge them of exhibiting a bit of poor temperament here. "Rahul Sir" is going to ram that particular lesson home today.

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