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  1. No - just pointing out that historically England have gotten more than their fair share of hosting it. So you want England to host the T20 world cup for the 2nd time in 2016, while India, which had never gotten to host it till then shouldn't have? How is that fair? So BCCI's released numbers are unreliable while Cricinfo's aren't? Says who? To me, its shamelessly clear from the editorial spin and the information slants, which side the cricinfo board is favoring. But let's leave that aside. At least you are accepting the fact that ECB is "logically" purchasing premises. Is the ECB currently homeless? If it needs additional offices for staff, you are telling me that offices can't be rented out? That 2 years of rent would cost more than building brand new offices? Did CA build offices for hosting the 2015 WC? Did the West Indies do it when the hosted the 2007 world cup and 2010 T20 World Cup? Of course you don't see any issue with the ICC funding the ECB's office expansion. Why would you. Just like you don't see any issue with ECB hosting Champions trophy twice in a row - you actually are using that to justify the office expansion. That's nice.
  2. BCCI is sending a message through its silence on the squad announcement. ICC better pay attention. I'm hoping that the current personnel entrusted with the responsibility of dealing with the ICC do their jobs properly. Its by no means a losing hand here. But it does require proper preparation and execution. ECB and its minions can't just plan a radical transformation of the ICC - its revenues, its voting structures, without including BCCI in the process. SL, Bang, Zim are 99% going to support BCCI. Windies potentially as well. Don't forget, BCCI recently forgave a $44 million debt to the WICB over their mismanagement of the players strike during the India tour. Pakistan is currently playing footsie with Giles Clarke -while CA and the Chokers are also on the ECB side of the fence. That's not going to be enough to make this stick. BCCI needs to play the short as well as the long game here. Prevent this nonsense from going through as step 1. But have elephantine memories regarding who were responsible. Let's see if Giles Clarke is able to become the next ICC Chairman or not.
  3. Badly. Their test batting is seriously lacking. I would say if Bravo was in this team, they would have won this match. And that's the reason that I think Windies will not be able to come back in this series, Pak flunkiness and all. Even this game, Windies could have saved it or even won it if they had held on to half of the missed chances - they are just too incompetent to take advantage. And now that Pak is up 1-0 in the series, the pressure will be off of their batsmen.
  4. Going by the Windies performance in the 1st test, it looks unlikely.
  5. I agree with you that VK's captaincy and Jadeja's absence cost us that match. Hopefully a learning experience for the team. They are yet to truly dominate teams so far. The only time they have arguably done it, is T5 @ Chennai against the exhausted Pommies - but even there, we did let them put up a 400+ in the 1st dig. And you are absolutely right on Windies' poor fielding letting Pak into this match. Batting has been even worse IMO. Pak, especially Amir bowled well. But the scores that Windies put up could easily have been bettered with a bit of application.
  6. Each 'world' tournament has its own rotation policy - which is negotiated within the ICC framework. By the way, India has yet to host a world cup entirely on its own. Each world cup hosted in India was shared with Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. So out of 9 test countries, 4 countries definitely have a right to host it 1 out of 3 times. How is that unfair? If anything, looking at the historical hosting record, England have always had an unfairly larger share of hosting. First 3 ODI world cups? in England. In fact, in response to India's bid for the 1st ever ODI world cup in 1987 - jointly hosted with SL and Pakistan btw - the ECB infamously launched "Project Snow" - an attempt at 'restoring' control of the ICC to England and Australia. Google it. Educate yourself. And England is the only country to be hosting the Champions trophy three times. This will be the second successive champions trophy to be held in England. Why? You think others like South Africa, India, SL, Bangladesh, wouldn't want to or couldn't do it? Shamelessly hogging the money-making opportunities and then attempting to claim that you are getting the "worse end". Ignorant Faux-News-type attitude at its best. No wonder "alternative facts" has become such a buzzword. I call it lies. Plain and simple. Secondly, if you want to exclude the revenue from the tournaments from the accounting, then don't shamelessly include the "expenses" acrued either. ECB bought land and are building brand new headquarters for themselves in London, and passing that cost on to the ICC - as cost of hosting the world cup. This has not been done by any other country in ICC history. And this cost and others, have been added to the revenue model. You can't have it both ways. Fact of the matter is that the "reforms" from the big 3 are solely aimed at cutting India's share down and distributing the spoils to others - primarily the big 2, with just enough crumbs thrown towards the others to garner votes. This bold attempt at re-structuring the ICC's finances was unsurprisingly timed to take effect when the BCCI was caught in internal turmoil - hence the unseemly rush to ram through the changes before the BCCI could organize any sort of response. Unfortunately, its not a done deal yet, and still a work in progress. Let's see how it plays out.
  7. Did you even watch that game? It was a very different pitch. Totally dead. Windies prepared complete dead tracks for our team, because they didn't think they had a chance to win, and played for draws. Against Pakistan, they think they have a shout, so the track was nowhere near as dead. Too bad that their batting completely caved in - twice. Credit to Pakistan for getting the job done - they don't always do that when expected.
  8. What's silly is your refusal to accept facts when they are clear as day. Weren't you arguing with me a few weeks ago about how the BCCI's share isn't cut by that much? Would be nice if you actually owned up and agreed that a cut from $570 mm to $290 mm is massive. And England got to host the 2nd ever T20 world cup. Why would they get it again, before the other countries had a chance? Way to move the goalposts to try and somehow pretend that England "got the worse end" - utter nonsense. You might want to google how much CA pocketed from hosting the 2015 ODI World Cup. Why shouldn't that be included when considering what all the countries are getting from the ICC?
  9. Don't ban the pottymouth child. He's entertaining us with his stupidity. Is anyone really offended by his silly name-calling? Just shows the lack of logic and his frustration. Every group has a few "slow" kids in the mix. He may eventually benefit from the interaction with his betters and grow up a bit.
  10. Easy win in the end for Pak. Windies batting just folded like a damp pack of cards. Tough for them to come back in the series I think. Maybe a historic first ever series win for the Pack.
  11. England are 2nd favorites according to me after the chokers. South Africa, England, Australia, India, and the rest. That's how I see them ranked going into the Champions trophy. England's fate will depend on how they bowl the middle overs - if Rashid does well, they will be hard to beat. South Africa have AB, Amla, DeKock, Duplessis and Miller to counter the pommie batting, and then have Tahir to take wickets in the middle.
  12. Propaganda. Why does CA's share stay the same, and ECB's share go up in the new scheme? On paper the ECB supposedly loses a few million dollars - but that's because they exclude the revenuve ECB gets from hosting champions trophy and the ODI world cup in 2019. So actually ECB and CA are getting same or more money as under the big 3. They don't want to give that up, but want India to give up 50%. And attempting to spin India's refusal as taking money from Ireland and Afghanistan. Shame on the media for not reporting the facts correctly.
  13. Then by now we should have given India cap to the likes of Paul Valthaty, Kamran Khan and other one season wonders from the IPL. I like Rana, but let the boy show some consistency for more than a couple of games.
  14. What's the forecast. I don't think Windies can draw this game even if half the day is rained out.
  15. This is ridiculous. Banjo the chinese will make mullahs dance, ban ramzaan fasting, ban beards, and now ban islamic names for babies - No peep from the middle-east or ISIS or our naPaak greenbros. This is a huge deal for the residents of East Turkestan (Xinjiang) - without a birth certificate and approved legal documents, you can't go to school or get social services like health care, vaccinations etc. But cue the fake outrage against extra screening at airports, or the restoration of an historical temple that displaces some random mosque that nobody cared about, and there's riots in the streets.