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  1. Need more from Che, Shami and Vijay

    Shami had everything laid out for him to succeed. There's no way he should keep Bhuvi out for T3.
  2. Feel for Ashwin

    You can kiss my as s. After we win this test
  3. Feel for Ashwin

    We will win the test if he does. Need a triple digit lead for that though.
  4. Goose's Player Predictor - please read

    Rohit / Rahane batsman. Ishant / Shami bowler. Kohli fielder.
  5. SA request fast and bouncy pitch for 2nd test

    I expect the track to be on the flatter side. SA know that they have the bowling to stay effective, and a bowler friendly track only brings our bowlers into the game. In so many ways, the first test was a golden opportunity for our team. But the top order batting shytshow totally blew it.
  6. Weren't you advocating Umesh ahead of Bhuvi earlier
  7. AB with the counter. Test cricket is the best cricket.
  8. Why didn't Rahul replace Rahane?

    Because he can't change a test match in a session.
  9. @Cricketics BBS attack about to be unleashed. So happy to see Bumrah get his debut early in the series.
  10. Changes pujara bumrah Dhawan
  11. I Re-read the rules, which aren't exactly clear, but final selection for T1, if player does not earn points across position. Pujara. Bhuvi / Ishant Dhawan / Rahul If they do, then Pujara Ashwin/Jadeja Dhawan / Rahul
  12. But you still accrue points for player's runs, wickets and catches across selected "position"? I.e. You could select Saha as a batsman a second time and still gain his fielding points? I made my choices under the impression that a particular player pick was a one time deal across positions.
  13. Pujara. Ashwin. Rahul. Dhawan in plane of Rahul, if he plays instead.

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