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  1. No unfair bans on our site - even morons get to participate unless they violate basic rules repeatedly. Besides, the monkeys are making an entertaining display of their Lahori logic in their attempts to 'troll'.
  2. sandeep

    Why teams play Multi-Talented Cricketers?

    Banjo itna kuch likh diya lekin jiskaa tu aashiq hai uskaa naam tak nahi likha.
  3. sandeep

    Pakistani Terror Conundrum. What is answer

    Fight wars and battles that you know you can win. Right now the Dhandhewaali Fauj would be expecting some cross-LOC action. Indian army needs to wait, plan, and come up with not just a battle plan, but a post action escalation management strategy. Part of me just wants a missile strike at Muridke and Bahawalpur, but not sure if the cost-benefit equation is in our favor. I don't want to see some token handful of terrorists killed at PakMil posts on the LOC. Something more substantial is needed, even if it takes months. Think back to Bangladesh's independence. Indira Gandhi's government made the decision, but it was the monsoon, and Maneckshaw demanded that India wait until the rains were over. Rest is history. To my non-expert, non-informed eye, Indian army's best chance of success - weather conditions and 'surprise' etc, will be early summer. Maybe late spring. Let the weather calm down a bit, let the PakMil sweat and get bored with staying on high alert. And Just like we grabbed Siachen in 1984, we should make a move. Its not like Indian army doesn't have plans available. Google Operation Kabaddi for example.
  4. sandeep

    PM Imran Khan Address | Pulwama Attack

    Context matters. I have been supportive of applying leverage short of war for the last few years - including banning actors etc. Its not just today. I was in favor of artists etc, because the logic of treating PakMil as enemy, but courting and creating constituencies for peace within Pakistan was important. And more civilian interactions with pak society would help dispel some of the silly and false notions that Pak society has about India and its people. And in general, for the long-term I still believe that approach to be more effective. Indian government's public statements should be as harsh as they need to be, but they need to go out of their way, to direct it at PakMil, and Pak government, while separating the Pakistani people and their country. If you issue blanket criticism of a country, their people will naturally get defensive and be forced ally themselves to their representatives, even if they know that wrong things are being done.
  5. sandeep

    PM Imran Khan Address | Pulwama Attack

    I was against the banning of actors and artists earlier. But not anymore. Pakistanis need to clean up their BS before they get the privilege of profiting from India. Get civilized, stop playing terrorism games. Then we can have normal relations.
  6. sandeep

    PM Imran Khan Address | Pulwama Attack

    Ah, the propaganda line about how many seats they "won". As many as they were allowed to. Military mafia decides everything for your ghulaam awaam. Ek kaam kar, tu bas apne aap ko cheuuwtiya banaa, bindaas. Don't bother with trying to spew false information here. There is no ISPR censor here to prevent the facts from coming through. Fake-ass 'griffins' get their non-existent wings clipped here. Bring facts to the table and then talk.
  7. Are you declaring victory again? Just like your military mafia who tell their ghulaam awaam that they 'won' against India, in spite of their war record being same as your cricket team's World Cup record against India? Give yourself jhooti tassalli - its obvious that eventually some other broadcast company would pick up the job - at a nice profit too. But by all means, feel free to prance around declaring victory.
  8. Lmao. At what? Phateechar 'league' with Phateechar players.
  9. sandeep

    PM Imran Khan Address | Pulwama Attack

    Ban was overturned once the "boys" made the decision to mainstream them and let the Judges know what the hukoom is. PakMil knew that inspite of the massive propaganda war against PML and vote-rigging, it still needed to split the conservative vote away from PML. Plus, the PakMil goal is to institutionalize Hafiz Saeed and his motley crew a la Lebanon. These jihadi organizations are never going to speak against their military supervisors. Having them in the political space, makes it easy for the PakMil to keep the civilian leaders in line. Damage to society etc be damned, anything that makes it easy for the "boys" to maintain control over 'nation' is justified.
  10. Almost 40% of your 'country's annual revenue is allocated for debt. Still your military mafia keeps looting your country and buying shiny toys for you to fap to. This is not a "speech", its just facts. The ego of Pak "leaders" is such that they simply cannot help but get caught up in an arms race. Indian govt can spend 3 to 5% of its GDP on defense, and Pakistan will keep having to spend 25% just to match about 30% capacity of India. Until the ghulaam Quom gets azaadi from the military mafia, they are going to have to keep licking MBS, Chinese bosses, etc and still go around with a katora from the rest of the world. But it doesn't matter. PakMil owns you. They will not end dushmani with India because its lucrative for them. Its public knowledge that all top Pak corp commanders are dollar millionaires, while the entire country eats dirt. But few tweets about corrupt politicians and the army knows they can keep on looting. Ghulaam Quom is too stupid to figure it out.
  11. sandeep

    PM Imran Khan Address | Pulwama Attack

    Your Dhandhewaali military is good for killing unarmed professors and 'disappearing' activists. But when it comes to catching a terrorist like Masood Azhar, suddenly it becomes incompetent. It needs outside military to "trace him down" just like Osama was "traced down" by an invading force.
  12. sandeep

    PM Imran Khan Address | Pulwama Attack

    He is the creator of a party that was banned by election commission in Pak. Every single election poster of the Milli Muslim league had his photo on it. Again, such bullshit lies are not going to work on anybody in this day and age. Information is free, PakMil propaganda and censorship only works on the ghulaam bhed-bakris in the impure land.
  13. sandeep

    PM Imran Khan Address | Pulwama Attack

    Such fake bans are not fooling anybody except ghulaamistanis.

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