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  1. Just started watching a couple of overs ago, good strike rotation and they seem to be rebuilding nicely. Bit of drizzle will diminish turn as well. I think anything above 250 will be hard to chase, that's assuming a full 50 overs.
  2. Horrible UI changes. Top half and sides of the screen are wasted, and you barely see any written commentary - one of the main draws of cricinfo scorecard. Plus I'm really pissed that they got rid of the over comparison in the stats tab. Gives you a good view of the momentum of the game, especially comparing the 2 innings side by side.
  3. They are underdogs, but have a great chance. That innings by Kaur is one of the greatest I've seen. And came in a situation where the team needed that kind of performance to have any chance to win.
  4. That's visible in the profile pic you have chosen!
  5. "Official" Language. Happy? Your bias is leaking btw.
  6. This is anecdotal. And wrong btw. I agree with your assertion that a local should not be losing his job because of this. But 2 wrongs don't make a right. Never have.
  7. How does including the national language on a signboard push Kannada to "irrelevance"? Given Banglaore's evolution as a true metropolis, and a resulting population boom in non-kannada speakers, it just makes sense. Why so defensive?
  8. New upgrade is horrible. Its not just you.
  9. Yep. Happily eating my words from earlier - I saw the score around 17 overs - and we were down to Raj and Kaur batting slowish with 25 overs left - thought it was low odds to get to a competitive score from there. Kaur just turned it on and how! I started watching when she was on 90. Amazing batting. Aussie bowlers simply caved in the face of that onslaught.
  10. Horrible UI upgrade. Goes to shyte when you resize the window.
  11. Looks to be in some pain. Some innings this. I hope the bowling and fielding come to the party and defend this score today.
  12. Simple answer. There are Indian IPL players who aren't playing for India who are comfortably better than "international" T20 players from a bunch of countries. This includes young ones are yet to debut, as well as older 'discards' like Uthappa, Raina etc. To give you examples comparing to Pak players, since you would be familiar with those players - Axar Patel and Krunal Pandya >>>>> Imad Wasim. A Robin Uthappa, who has no realistic hope of making it back to the Indian team, would walk into the Pakistan T20 and ODI team as an opener, and be worshipped as their best ODI bat at the moment. There are a bunch of other examples like this. And yes, the IPL has been a critical factor in making these players better. IPL money and visibility has given these players extra motivation and means to really work on their games. Without the IPL, Robin Uthappa would not have been able to work with Pravin Amre and re-engineer his batting technique. Krunal Pandya would probably be re-habbing from his injury in some non-descript Physical Therapy office in Vadodara.
  13. Harmanpreet Kaur is absolutely pillaging the Aussies. The 'old' powerplay with 3 outfielders is helping a bit. But this is some quality pounding she's dishing out. Dream scenario playing out for Team India. Chasing 6 RPO in an elimination game is not easy, even with the Aussie batting firepower. Its a ballgame now!
  14. Again. This kind of statement just broadcasts your ignorance when it comes to the IPL. I'm not overly enamored with the IPL - don't love the tamasha aspect of it, the OTT commentary, etc. But as a cricket tournament, it has its value. And has already showcased a lot of Indian talent that would otherwise find it harder to make it to the next level. You just haven't evaluated the IPL with an open mind and proper thinking, and your posts indicate that you are comfortable in your confirmation bias. Your choice.
  15. I can understand if its country bumpkins who are impressionable and fall for that kind of silly logic. But @coffee_rules has been around for a while on ICF, he's not an idiot. So him spouting this kind of silly regional nonsense didn't make sense to me. Hindi's not my native tongue either, but what's really the big deal in accepting it along with English as the other interstate language?