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  1. That 24 in the game context is worth at least 50.
  2. sandeep

    Match is over

    Banjo tu unrealistic bole, to koi nahi, mai phattu bolu to personal attack. Man up g@@ndu! :)
  3. His shots ooze class. Kid has so much potential. I know Shaw bats like Veeru at the top, but this kid is eons more technically correct, just quality.
  4. sandeep

    Match is over

    I will drink up if he gets a solid 150, double is asking for too much. He has to restart tomorrow and get past the new ball. Indian test cricket has been must see tv on this round of ANUS tours. The team has consistently fronted up to challenges, and if not for some injuries and self inflicted selection stupidity, the results would have been a lot better. Can't wait for tonight.
  5. sandeep

    Match is over

    I don't like to give the unlucky excuse for the legside strangle. If you are not in control of that shot, leave the ball then. Having said that, Pujara's 24 added more value than just those runs, especially after both openers shat themselves. So can't be hard on him. Only way we can win this test is if we take a meaningful lead. That toss was definitely worth 50 runs here. I think its going to be really impressive if we can somehow get through that new ball without any damage - if we do, I think we can roll onwards to a winning score. As much as I'm not sold on Vihari, I will say that it feels a bit comforting to have a proper batsman coming in next in case we lose one early tomorrow. And can't be too harsh on him if he fails either. Fingers crossed, we'll have a great 1st session tonight, and then onwards to an awesome day that ends with a nice Kangaroo collapse!
  6. sandeep

    Match is over

    goosy time to redeem yourself with a balls-out prediction!
  7. Some of those sixes reminded me of Hardik Pandya's hitting in that Syed Mushtaq Ali T20 tournament when he first burst onto the scene. Gill is going to be some player if he keeps going on his development arc. http://www.bcci.tv/videos/id/7168/ranji-trophy-2018-19-punjab-v-tn-day-2-highlights
  8. sandeep

    Hardik Pandya bowls decent in Ranji Comeback

    Pandya 5-fer. Last 2 were tailenders so no biggie, but his bowling looks good here. http://www.bcci.tv/videos/id/7169/ranji-trophy-2018-19mumbai-vs-baroda-hardik-pandyas-581
  9. sandeep

    Match is over

    @maniac By the way, Lyon has bowled 22 overs so far and given up 34 runs. In comparison, India bowled 15 overs of spin and gave away 63 runs. Add 30 runs to our score right now and see what a difference that makes - not to mention the momentum impact, and aus pacers having to bowl fewer overs. You don't need a spinner to "run through a side" to contribute. Its all about having a balanced bowling unit.
  10. wait, wot? 2nd new ball is going to be key, obviously.
  11. sandeep

    Match is over

    172/3 doesn't look so bad eh? If we can get through the 2nd new ball without losing more than 1 wicket, there's a good chance we can get a handy lead here. Writing a team off before even half an innings of a test is complete, is not "realism". Its phattu-ism. Not every test is won by front-running all the way.
  12. <325 is possible now. 340 odd is what I thought they'd get. Would love to be wrong.
  13. sandeep

    Match is over

    We are not out of this game yet. Call me delusional, but if Finch can score 50 here, we can bat and get to 300 as well. Not saying it will happen, but there's a chance.
  14. You've chosen quite an appropriate handle.
  15. I have a lot of love for Patty, but seems like the Aussie top order could use him more, since you have a Yusuf Pathan opening the batting, and Khwaja can't seem to buy a run.

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