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  1. sandeep

    Pakistani LeT terrorist arrested in Kashmir

    kya chutyaapa sci-fi padh kar jhaadh raha hai. Dr Manhattan cartoon dekh aur shaant ho ja.
  2. sandeep

    World Cup Preliminary squads

    calm yo tits Zenny. Everything can be 'tricky'. Its like you are in a vicious cycle of negativity, and every day it keeps feeding on itself.
  3. sandeep

    World Cup Preliminary squads

    I actually think WI is a perfect bowling attack for Brohit to feast on. No leggie, bit of pace, but not much skill in terms of moving the ball. If he doesn't crap his pants, its a daddy hundred against WI for the taking for him.
  4. sandeep

    USA clinch ODI status

    India will always be a "3rd world" nation.
  5. sandeep

    World Cup Preliminary squads

    Zen bhai, looks like the pessimist in you is ruling the roost. No *ing way are WI ahead of India in ODI cricket. This is not the T20 WC. For all their "firepower" WI are almost Pakistani in their (in)ability to consistently bat 50 overs productively. Sure, on "their" day, they might hit 380. But they are way more likely to end up with a sub-par 280 than they are to threaten 340. And their bowling lacks teeth. No wrist-spinner, not enough penetration with pace. Just pedestrian. 8 months ago, I would have put India comfortably ahead of Aus and NZ - now I think the gap has narrowed a bit. The KulCha novelty factor keeps atrophying bit by bit, and the middle-order troubles have become consistently chronic. While the top order's inconsistency and inability to fire early (i.e. Brohit) stands exposed. Meanwhile, Australia have steadily improved their batting - they always had Maxwell's thump down the order - With the return of Smith and Warner, their top order will only get better. Their pace bowling options are arguably the best in the world, and Zampa is a reasonably handy leggie for LOIs. NZ is doing its NZ thing - they have built their own poor man's version of the England squad - lacks batting depth in the squad, but if all the key players are fit and firing - Guptill, Munro, Kane, Taylor - that's a top order that can credibly threaten 350 batting first or 2nd. Ish Sodhi is an extremely underrated leggie, I have to admit that I underrated him for the longest, but he's legit. Santner is what Indian team wishes Jadeja was - both with bat and ball in ODIs. In a nutshell, as usual the Kiwis have fashioned an XI that is worthy of being contenders. I'd still put India in the top 4 contenders - but last year, they were easily #1 or 2, with England. I think as of now, we're still marginally ahead of Aus/NZ, but not by much.
  6. sandeep

    WI Wc Squad announced

    No wrist spinner? That's one glaring weak link in that squad. But 'on their day' they are going to rip one or more of the "favorites" apart. Can't wait for that to happen.
  7. sandeep

    Shadab Khan out of England series due to virus

    I think it's quite pathetic to indulge in baseless gossip about somebody who is sick.
  8. sandeep

    WC19: Challenges in the 1st 3 games

    Based on the level of competition, anything less than a finals appearance would be a bad performance by this Indian team. 8 months ago, I was certain that they would, in the worst case, at least make the semi-finals. I still believe they can fall ass backwards into the SF, but its not as fool-proof as I thought earlier.
  9. sandeep

    WC19: Challenges in the 1st 3 games

    Haven't thought of 2007 in quite some time.
  10. sandeep

    Who should bat at #4 in the WC?

    What England have done, is use their batting depth to change the role definition for ODI openers. Indian team gives their openers the luxury of "getting set", seeing off the new ball, etc in the name of giving the team a "good start", "platform" etc. England demands that their opener target 80 runs on the team scoreboard in the 1st 10. They don't give their batsman the excuse of "you go and bat big, and the team score will eventually benefit". The openers job is to assess conditions, and get the team run-rate and score on optimal trajectory. And if you get your individual milestone in that process, great. Not ass-backwards like the Indian "think tank". What England does, is accept a much higher risk of wicket loss, even multiple wicket loss in the 1st 15, betting that the middle order will be able to rebuild if necessary. Or that in all likelihood, the gambit will succeed. Indian team, by contrast, puts an unnecessary maximum ceiling on their optimal team score, in order to minimize the chances of an early collapse. And guess what, even with the so-called "safe" approach, we still have our share of collapses anyway. While India do not possess the same batting depth as England, they don't have to aim for 80. But even aiming for 65 or 70, would have a massive impact on our batting output. This is a very simple and obvious point, once you grasp it.
  11. sandeep

    Who should bat at #4 in the WC?

    This false dichotomy of either settle for 300, or be 150 all out, is phattu bullshit. Tweaking the lineup by inserting a batsman at #1 or #3, instead of at #4 is neither a major change, nor a major risk. Only thing at risk is the reduced chances for Brohit (Bunty's jamaai) and Virat (Bunty's primary client) to rack up centuries. Top order batting slots are not maibaap ki jaagir that these guys are squatting on it like Kaalia Naag.
  12. sandeep

    Who should bat at #4 in the WC?

    Give KL Rahul or Rishabh Pant the same opportunities that Rohit got, before writing them off.
  13. sandeep

    Who should bat at #4 in the WC?

    ODI innings is 300 deliveries. You don't have survive 3 sessions. just 300 deliveries. Yes, Indian team does not have optimal batting depth, but we have enough to make it work. India need to re-jig their batting order and tactics, so that Rohit and Virat look to anchor the innings - while the other 3 batsmen look to attack. If one or both of the primary anchors goes cheap, we can move Dhoni up from #7 to #5. Dhawan & KL Rahul to open - with clear instructions to aim for 70+ in the 1st 10. Doesn't mean they slog from ball 1. But none of this 25 ball 12 business that Rohit indulges in. Rohit/Virat - If wicket falls early, i.e. before 11th over, Rohit, else Virat. If we have a wobble and lose 3 wickets before the 18th over, send Dhoni in to do his patented front-foot block. Else in 9 games out of 10, he bats only after Jadhav and Pandya. Never before. He's basically playing in the ODI team like we used to play Saha in the test team - quality gloveman, batting is a bonus. You can't play a game with a defeatist negative mindset, claiming we can only win if 2 "hero" players play well. Their "heroic" numbers are being scored from plum positions in the batting order, in heavy scoring games on flattish tracks against weak opposition. There is no reason to believe that KL Rahul can't replicate Rohit Sharma's success at the top of the order. As it is, 4 games out of 5, Rohit Sharma gets dismissed for a paltry score with a sub-75 strike rate, i.e. a deadweight performance that drags the team's winning percentage way down.
  14. sandeep

    Who should bat at #4 in the WC?

    Because you'd have KL Rahul either opening or at #3. So you lose one of the openers for "this team", and Rahul. What I said is still doable for this team, not that they will do it.

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