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  1. sandeep

    Pant dropped for England lions unofficial test

    Sue me for believing the thread title then... Anybody confirm it on the stream? Sometimes cricinfo scorecards are wrong with player names, especially for tour or A games, and they fix them later...
  2. sandeep

    Pant dropped for England lions unofficial test

    LIkes of woakes and curran are playing for Eng A - both those guys are likely to play the test series - if you really want Pant to be part of your test squad, this would be can't miss opportunity to have him face a quality opponent in like-for-like conditions. Fact that they went with Bharath - who is considered - like Saha, more of a quality keeper, but not much of a bat - is clear that after Karthik and parthiv, its going to be this guy who will be considered seriously. I trust Dravid more than most in terms of selection biases or lack of - so the implication is that Pant the wicket-keeper is seen as not quite ready for prime-time when it comes to the longest form of the game. A valuable prospect, but not there yet. Of course ICF fanbois have been pant-gasming (copyright pending since 2017) for Rishabh for a while now. But that doesn't count for much.
  3. England have no option but to either go for seamer friendly tracks - dead batting ones will eventually bring spin into the game.
  4. sandeep

    Pant dropped for England lions unofficial test

    If he was being considered for the 2nd keeper slot, there's no way he wouldn't be playing this match.
  5. I really like Hassan Ali the cricketer - my kinda player - guy who is not the most physically gifted but a lot of skill, and 110% heart and hustle. But I really cannot stand his OTT "celebrations". Find them totally classless and dumb.
  6. The vibe of the game is completely in England's favor. But I have a feeling that the Master and his apprentice might get us home. A real passing of the baton. All Dhoni needs to do is guide Pandya and give him support.
  7. Jadeja has a match-winning half-century at Lords. Ashwin for all his batting class, has been out-done with the bat by Jaddu in the last 5-10 tests. I'd go with Jaddu, because you can depend on him to tie one end up, and give you a solid chunk of overs in quick time - regardless of conditions. Ashwin could well leak a ton of runs at 4+ RPO by going into his PhD-Dr.Cricket experimentation mode.
  8. Raina playing for his career today. If he doesn't come through, I think he's done.
  9. looks like its a total road, and the ball is losing a bit of pace after the bounce. Pandya needed to adjust to that fact a lot earlier than his 7th over though.
  10. What exactly is Pandya's bowling plan here? just keep bowling short? I'm happy to see him get thwacked a bit. He really needs to learn and mix it up a bit. This quick short stuff works against the likes of SL, Pak etc - not so much against the Eng/Aus/SA bats.
  11. sandeep

    Why is London everyone's favourite city?

    San Diego is nice. But its basically a small-town.
  12. sandeep

    Shreyas Iyer...why is he over looked????

    Did you go watch the game? How was it?
  13. sandeep

    Shreyas Iyer...why is he over looked????

    Because KL Rahul is better.
  14. sandeep

    Why is London everyone's favourite city?

    You get the NYC big-city vibe but with half the flight time from India.
  15. sandeep

    How did tradition of part time bowling die in India?

    I have a lot of love for Raina, given the team player he has been over the years. But that made me chuckle.
  16. sandeep

    Project Raina never dies

    Because Iyer doesn't bowl Iyer isn't left-handed. I also agree that Raina is a step backward, and he's quite exposed against the short stuff. But with Kedar injured, Krunal Pandya not 'made' it yet, its slim pickings for a left-hand batsman who can bowl a few overs.
  17. When was I ever not positive on Kuldeep? Btw, there's a reason he was 'rested' for the decider T20 instead of Chahal
  18. Come on Pandya, get that over-rated ginger puncher out.
  19. Yep, he's even got the fizzy topspinner that goes straight on. Its not just googlies all day.
  20. I'm aware that India needs Burmese co-operation to police the borders against the fading insurgencies and criminals in the north-east, but the situation is looking increasingly like an officially sanctioned pogrom. Its criminal. Tough for GoI to publicly take a strong stand, since China already has too much influence in Myanmar. But something needs to be done. At a minimum, help Bangladesh Govt financially to provide refugee assistance. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/01/10/world/asia/rohingya-violence-myanmar.html?ribbon-ad-idx=5&rref=world/asia https://www.nytimes.com/2017/01/03/world/asia/myanmar-video-police-brutality.html?action=click&contentCollection=Asia Pacific&module=RelatedCoverage&region=EndOfArticle&pgtype=article
  21. What's with the negativity, we had better odds at winning the test series than the T20s, which we won rather easily, even without our best bowlers.
  22. sandeep

    Why does Rohit always waste the powerplay?

    Because he's drank his own koolaid about how he "makes it up" later.
  23. You missed some Nadal-esque tennis shots - :) He's faded and not what he used to be, but still not a total liability. I still think Pandya should have batted ahead of him today though.

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