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  1. Brother, if you want to keep posting here without being insulted, I would suggest that you drop the pretense. Just a friendly tip, next time you want to pose as an Indian, you're better off not using the picture of a 50 year old movie 'star' in a cricket forum. Its a dead giveaway.
  2. Best Fast Bowler in the world

    Rabada is pretty awesome too. But for me, Cummins has that x-factor. Its like VVS and his elegance, he may not have the stats, but some of us simply loved his batting.
  3. Best Fast Bowler in the world

    He bowled jaffas at Ranchi too.
  4. Bangladesh have better chances of being invited than Jihadistan. Do you like your country's name being insulted? Stop insulting Bangladesh on here.
  5. Best Fast Bowler in the world

    Cummins is like Veeru of fast bowling. He may not have the best numbers. But he makes things happen. And not dependent on conditions either. My favorite non-Indian bowler since Australia toured India and I saw him bowl in that series. Hard working lion-heart bowler. And can and does bowl absolute jaffas out of nowhere, frequently.
  6. Not all Bangladeshis are like that. Just a few random sadela rasgullas here and there. And yes, would love to see more Bangladeshis join the discussion here. But admittedly, some of the posts on ICF to tend to get pretty hostile and that doesn't exactly create a welcoming atmosphere.
  7. That was one of the best catches in recent memory. If VK would be half as good as KW in the slips...
  8. WC Qualifiers

    Scotland robbed. All because ICC is too greedy to spend the required money to get DRS setup for the qualifiers.
  9. He was runout and it wasn't his fault. He's human, and allowed to be upset. But this shows how much the Lankan fans were provoked against the toygers though. And Chittagong NightReader keeps showing up in Toyger threads. Has he come clean yet?
  10. Didn't we already have a token Bangladeshi on this forum pretending to be Indian? Was he banned? Must be why this night "reader" is here to raise his ghaghra.
  11. PSL matches being fixed to make them exciting?

    I think OP is being unfair, no need to automatically assume fixing when sheer incompetence is on display. That's lahori logic.
  12. Bhajji's 6 is a classic. Best one ever is "Sreesanth takes it" though.
  13. Where did you get this nonsense from? I think you have completely failed to understand my point about SL fans. Maybe read again, a bit slowly, and try to understand. There's a difference between celebrating, and celebrating in a nasty way that is de-meaning to the opposition. Its called class. Nobody would have any problems if BD players celebrated without acting like entitled twats. Their snek antics after the SL game, with Mahsud etc - utterly lacked class. BD players behavior while celebrating was like this guy's. And just like him, the end result was a lesson on Karma.
  14. Seriously? How are you able to take a clear case of BD players acting like classless jerks, and turn it into a question of "pride"? If an Indian team behaved the way BD did, I would be ashamed of them and roundly criticize them. I wouldn't be going around justifying shitty behavior. And no, sorry, your claim that other teams did this - does not ring true. When India were relatively weak and started winning in the 1970s and 80s, or even Sri Lanka in the 1990s - they did not behave like this. Even Pakistan did not sink to this level of stupidity and baseless jerkiness. You have to be seriously blind not to recognize why Lankan fans - historically motivated to root against India - they share the same big brother complex and hostility towards India that BD fans have - resorted to rooting for India over rooting for an underdog. The provocation was there. And for a reasonably articulate and mature fan like you, to completely have a blind spot for that, is quite unfortunate. I guess 'national pride' can blind you to the mistakes of "your boys".
  15. No player deserves to be discarded off of one bad game. IPL will give all of these guys plenty of chances to show what they can do on a consistent basis. Its good to be an Indian cricket fan!
  16. Sending Shankar over DK

    Btw loving how entire stadium filled with Lankans turned rabid India supporters. Classy of Rohit and Indian team to thank the crowd as well.
  17. Vijay Shankar performance watch

    If he's a batsman, then its really not forgiveable for him to have a 5-ball spell in the 18th over, where he can't touch the ball. That's worse than tailenderesque. A national team level "batsman" should have the brains and ability to at least tap the ball and get off strike. And he did it again in the 20th over as well. Better batsmen than him have been dropped forever from the team for less.
  18. Great Game Bangladesh

    Credit should be given for them not throwing in the towel -they had plenty of chances to just keel over - lost early wickets, lost momentum in the middle, still dragged themselves to an OK-ish total. The way the Indian batsmen started off, they could have stained their pants and given it away, but they plugged away creditably to the point where it was their game to lose. Sure Pandey and Shankar helped them, but they deserve credit for creating the pressure as well. I do feel a bit of sympathy for the fans and team to suffer such a loss. These things tend to stick with you.
  19. Vijay Shankar performance watch

    Pandey shouldn't be playing T20s in the 1st place. He's not a guy who can deliver boundaries. And his biggest problem is mental - he sees himself as a future batting star in the mirror, and wants badly to show it. While putting himself under pressure, he's Hemang Badani-ing his way out of the Indian team.
  20. Vijay Shankar performance watch

    Sure, Pandey is about 10x more guilty than Shankar in this game. I would credit Pandey with getting Brohit out as well. But bottomline is Shankar hasn't really impressed with either bat or ball in hand. I've enjoyed his spirit and effort - that has stood out big time. But the most you can say about his bowling or batting is that he's allright. And thats being generous. In a country like India, with the bench strength we have, its going to be hard for him to stay relevant, with the likes of Nagarkoti etc waiting to come up through the ranks. And there will be others as well.
  21. Vijay Shankar performance watch

    LOL. Bias leaking all over the place. Shankar proved that he doesn't have it (yet) on either side of the ball.
  22. Vijay Shankar performance watch

    Bowls like a batsman. Bats like a bowler. Enjoy IPL and see you in a few years if Pandya gets hurt.
  23. KKD hatsoff

    Dhoni should retire now.

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