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  1. sandeep

    ICF mission Dhoni- partly accomplished. Next Mission?

    Next Mission? Rohit the "test" batsman.
  2. We aren't talking about test cricket here. Chahal ahead of Jaddu in LOI bowling. And its not close.
  3. who should come ahead of him? Chahal?
  4. Even the greatest of legends have to bow to the inevitability of time. Dhoni is done. I think he knows it now. This might be the moment that pushes him to acknowledge reality.
  5. sandeep

    WTF is going on with Modi govt and CBI?

    Thanks for the link, but the article there is also a lot of he said she said. Very messy this, not clear what the facts are. But at a minimum, buck stops with Modi and Co for allowing such a mess to fester at the CBI, and potentially being sucked into some illegal moves. This is the stuff that brings ruling parties to their knees.
  6. I see you still have the 'touch'. Is he on your list?
  7. chumpion T20 team batting like they do bhest.
  8. OmGbRaDmAnIsBaCkMaShaLAh
  9. Word is out on Hack-it Zaman. Imran Farhat in the making.
  10. sandeep

    Like the WI approach to chasing totals

    Almost all teams have realized that with 4 outfielders in the middle 30 overs, its the time to attack and bat pro-actively. India prefer to play it safe till the end, counting on batsmen "making it big". New rules actually require batsmen to be a bit more unselfish and take some risks, rewarding teams with depth in batting vs top heavy teams that tend to be vulnerable to collapses.
  11. Hardik's emergence has papered over this glaring deficiency for some time. That and Jadhav's cameos. Ever since Raina and Yuvraj departed, along with the rule change that shifted the 4 outfielders from the last 10 overs to the middle 30, we have sucked at the end.
  12. sandeep

    Khaleel Ahmed progression watch.

    To OP, what about his x-factor rating though? And more importantly, and on a deadly serious note, please for the love of god do not add him to your list.
  13. Translation: I have zero chances of getting selected in the IPL as a foreign player, but a reasonable chance at picking up a cheap contract as a 'local' player. Will take my best shot at that and see what happens.
  14. In what universe does Archer count as a windies player. Sure he should have played for them ideally, but its done and dusted. England have their claws and money in him too deep. And overall, I say its good for cricket. Let me put it this way - Windies have better odds on finding another Archer than England having a homebrew version of him. And a better England team with foreign mercenaries is required if we dont want cricket to become even more irrelevant in England.
  15. Velu raita phelaoing all over the board. Countdown on the sack from mod panel has begun.
  16. sandeep

    IMF Tabdeeli in Pakistan

    Its not like they had a choice in the matter. If they hadn't gone along, they would be where Iraq and Afghanistan are today - split apart by civil war. And neither can they blame it on "someone else". They made the choice to be a rented thulla mujahideen for the US in the 1980s, and then tried to use the same tactics against India in the 90s and 2000s. As you sow, so you reap...
  17. sandeep

    Save Sabrimala

    Court Judgements in India are often written in a flowery literary style. Do you have an actual argument to make on the subject of balancing what's legally required vs the rights of private organizations to make up their own rules?
  18. sandeep

    Save Sabrimala

    Nice dodge to the question. I will repeat it. If a temple and its 'believers' attempt a human sacrifice, what will your stand be on the Supreme court and police intervening? Will you still stick to your logic of 'its for believers to self-regulate'? The point is, bottomline, there are certain minimum standards of the law of the land that have to be followed, regardless of religion. Whether its stupid triple talaq for muslims, or discriminatory practices by temples.
  19. sandeep

    Save Sabrimala

    Where do you draw the line on public places and temples for believers? Tomorrow, if some believers start doing human sacrifice in temples, will you support that? What about Sati?
  20. sandeep

    Amritsar train accident

    Organizers and attendees both. There's no concept of safety fencing in India. Its not realistic to expect it either for all train tracks. But the organizers should have planned things better and warned people.
  21. sandeep

    Save Sabrimala

    Bullshit. Law of the land provides equality for all citizens. And a temple should not bar access based on gender. And apparently this is not a traditional ban on women, it was only put in place a few decades ago. Big drama over nothing.
  22. sandeep

    Amritsar train accident

    Public safety regulations and event management, require awareness and money. Both are lacking in India. And given the population density, space is always at a premium. Terrible tragedy.
  23. sandeep

    Save Sabrimala

    what's the big deal with allowing women access to a temple? Mob protests are not the way.
  24. sandeep

    Mohammad Abbas...

    Haven't seen you around for a while. Welcome back. You increased the 'sane' Pakistani forum member percentage exponentially! On topic, I haven't seen much of Abbas bowl yet, but the plaudits are raining in from everywhere for him. Looking forward to watching him bowl next when I get a chance!
  25. I'm sorry but I strongly disagree. This is your ignorance talking. Right up until the early 2000s, the "terror factions" were openly raising massive funds from the 'general public'. Similar to how girl scouts sell cookies in the US. The "general public" has made organizations like L-e-T and J-e-M flush with cash and donations, to the extent that they have become massive organizations with a lot of built-up infrastructure. This is not a case of some terrorists lurking in the badlands - they are openly and happily intertwined with general Pakistani society. What kind of a society provides accommodation, recognition and respect to self-declared murderers? All across their political spectrum, from Imran Khan's PTI to the Sharif's PML, you will see all party leaders cavorting and kow-towing to fundamentalists who are not only guilty of killing Indians, but even Pakistanis of different faiths. It is an overt mainstreaming of murderous fundamentalism - one that has infested that country for decades and there is simply no sign of reduction. I still remember arguing with my other friends during the 1992 WC, that we should support Pakistan against England in the WC final. But this was before I lived through the 1993 mass bombings in Bombay. We have had thousands of innocent Indians murdered by Pakistani directed terrorists since then. And it would be factually incorrect to say that their "general public" doesn't support such actions.

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