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  1. sandeep

    Will Indian sledges involve sandpapergate this time?

    Come on now. In what universe is it possible that the bowlers didn't know.
  2. sandeep

    Will Indian sledges involve sandpapergate this time?

    Really? So you buy the cover-up that none of the bowlers were aware that Warner and co were scraping the ball up to help them? A silly thread this though.
  3. sandeep

    Congratulations Indians

    Its about getting most value and contributions from the players you have. Let's face it, Zaman is a walking wicket against the new ball. Does India make Rohit open in test cricket? He's one of the most effective ODI openers around. Zaman is what he is, you can't morph him into a better test batsman who can survive the new ball. But a pakistan team that doesn't have that many batting resources, can still use him in the middle order. By making him open you are just wasting him as a sacrificial lamb, hoping that once in a blue moon he manages to survive and score a few runs. That's not how you build a proper test team.
  4. Ponting, like many of the Aus old guard has the old problem of his perception of the Indian team being heavily colored by his personal experiences as a player. Problem for him is that this Aussie team is nothing like his was, and the Indian team is quite different as well.
  5. sandeep

    Congratulations Indians

    He shouldn't open though. Stupid Arthur wants to make a Warner out of him, but he'd better used for Pakistan at #5 or lower. Proper batsmen should make up the top 4. And Babar should bat at #4.
  6. sandeep

    Performance in SEA in 2018

    Numbers tell the story. I genuinely believed that Rahane and Rahul would deliver enough decent knocks to put us over the line in 2 out of the 3 series. Big part of the story is Rahane being dropped in SA, where the pitches suited his style of batting, and Pujara being dropped in a key test in England. But its water under the bridge.
  7. Problem is that the pitch and outfield are not at all conducive to shot-making, increasing the risk associated. Let's see how Aus goes about their batting. Its a shocker of a crap pitch.
  8. sandeep

    Congratulations Indians

    Plenty around here clearly do. Regardless of the outcome of the match, Pakistan's batting has shown a bit of grit and spine - suprising and impressive.
  9. sandeep

    Strategy for next 2 sessions

    Bowl at least 8 to 10 today. So that leaves about 50 overs from now. Aim to get around 200 in those.
  10. That's a bit harsh and uncalled for - After the way our batting has gone in the ANUS tours, it was important to see the team get to 300 safely, with wickets in hand. Besides, at this point in the game, its Pujara's job to step up and attack.
  11. You don't want the bowlers to have to bowl for taking 20 wickets in a row. In this heat. No need to go for the "bat once" bullshit. The idea is to find the easiest way to take 20 wickets quickly and outscore them at minimum risk. Australia should have to bat about 8 to 10 overs tonight, that's the deadline. So India have about 50 overs at most to bat at this point. reset, take a couple of overs here, and then time to slap around the Aussies.
  12. sandeep

    Boult just picked 6 wickets in 15 balls

    fuk i missed it.
  13. She/he/it didn't like me asking about the toyger fake black prince...
  14. whatever happend to that fake Indian Black prince whatever. banned?
  15. sandeep

    How much will Gurunath score

    Ben Duckett is reportedly looking for someone who derailed his career even before it began.
  16. new excuse for prejudice and casual racism - you don't understand the 'humour'. BS.
  17. what about Azhar Mehmood? And let's not over-hype it, he was lucky that his edge fell just short of the slip-catcher when he was on 30.
  18. Feeling an eerie sense of deja vu here. Only a few days ago, T2 was similarly poised for India - they had a chance with Kohli and Rahane to carry on to D3 morning, and take India to a winning position. Rahane got suckered by a natural variation in the pitch, one that didn't turn, and got out early in the morning and with that, went our chances of setting up a 1st innings score to win. I hope we don't lose any wickets in the 1st hour this time, and seal the deal.
  19. Bhai everybody is a different body type. Maybe you are right, and he initially got the hip/groin problem becasue he was carrying extra weight. Or maybe that's not the case, and he was simply unlucky. We don't know. I lean on the side of giving him the benefit of doubt. I just feel that bowlers get a hard deal in general in cricket. They do the most physical work, and are always the ones to be blamed first.
  20. sandeep

    How much will Gurunath score

    FAT BOI. EDIT: FAT BOI ke bapuji.
  21. Split personality syndrome?
  22. sandeep

    Pandya Brothers Support Thread

    This save ended up being the difference in the game IIRC. When some rookie aus bowler fed Yuvraj some hit-me balls to finish the game...
  23. Congratulations to Greenbros for finding a test batsman who can come close to matching Hardik Pandya's achievements.
  24. sandeep

    How much will Gurunath score

    Waitaminit. Has the global rebranding exercise been abandoned? Just like Ben Duckett's test career?

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