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  1. Mumbai batsmen rarely shine in ICC finals

    But who cares. Narrative and Myth re-inforcing important. Facts not important.
  2. Mumbai batsmen rarely shine in ICC finals

    Ouch OP. I see some "sneks" have vomited their poison here already. How did Sehwag do btw in the T20 and WC finals? He wasn't from Bombay, was he? Some other non-Bombay worthies weren't even good enough to make it to those finals.
  3. Some interesting names in there. Who is Shivam Choudhary. And an Avesh Khan sighting.
  4. National Ka Pakistan

    I wonder whether the episode on Sindh will feature Punhal Sariyo.
  5. Somebody like Deepak Hooda can do the same role as Kedar

    If Hooda can do it, why not Sarfaraz Khan. Why not Pranav Dhanwade?
  6. Congratulations to Ireland. Still remember celebrating their memorable WC victories.
  7. So if someone doesn't accept the hype and over-rate Sarfraz, he's a hater? Lahori logic in full flow.
  8. Expect a lot of this scene once Pakistan takes the field. Most likely after posting a below par total.
  9. There was a ol' timer ICFer who was good at churning out entertaining images - There's a particular image with cornered donkeys, that really belongs in the ICF hall of Fame, that comes to mind. I can just visualize a certain pack of goats, led by one fat baby goat, thodi kaali, brown mix and a bearded fat one (Inzi). Just for shits and giggles, throw in a fat hairless white confused looking one in there as well.
  10. Who is to be held responsible for Pakistan only playing 1 spinner in not one, but both tests played on dirt tracks in the UAE? Either its Sarfraz's fault, or the great leader is a puppet captain only in name. Which one is it? A 'great leader' whose one saving grace on the batting side, is that he plays spin a bit decently, wouldn't hide down the order at #7 in crucial innings, behind rookies. Especially after publicly acknowledging after the 1st test, that he should have come up the order. Delusions aside, harsh reality is that Sarfraz is an average 'keeper, an average bat, and a below average captain, who is hyped up by desperate Pak fans, as some kind of great leader. There is a world of difference between wanting to have a good captain, and actually having one.
  11. So Dickwella bats better. Maybe keeps wickets better. But Sarfraz is better cuz Lahori logic.
  12. Burning questions. Which keeper bat is better? Dickwella or Sarfraz? How many catches will the winning team drop today?
  13. Well done Sri Lanka

    One off upsets happen in sport. Pak ODI team is not worthy of much respect. And its not like we are a super-team that loses to no-one either. Even the Windies have beaten us in an ODI here and there.
  14. National Ka Pakistan

    A.K.A. Bourdain ki Naqal.
  15. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Let's all laugh at the padosis :)

    Misbah was a limited player. But he was 100% committed and worked hard, did the best he could within those limitations. He saved a very weak Pakistan a lot of blushes. Obviously that is not enough to endear him to Pak fans who want to see dominance. Doesn't sit well with the ego. I respect him for his efforts and as a classy opponent. But one flaw I will point out with Misbah, especially in the last couple of years of his career. He always hid way down the order behind young, inexperienced, and often incapable batsmen. Even when it was clear that the team needed him to step up.
  16. Well done Sri Lanka

    I think that's unfair to the grit that SL have shown here. Never easy to win an away series, and SL's young players have done well. Dickwella and Perera chipped in with crucial runs. Perera was obviously gun with the ball in T2. That new kid flashed a bit of potential as well. Chandimal spearheaded the batting effort, as he should. SL deserve their fare share of credit for this win. And I think they have an excellent chance of winning the ODI series as well.
  17. Yes, Pakistan doesn't just throw regular ol' rocks. They throw things that go ka-boom.
  18. Should we now play Pakistan in a bilateral contest

    Is that all you got. Go play with your plastic replica of Uncle Cheen's khairaati hawaai Jahaaz "Warrior".
  19. Or maybe it could be that he was just under the weather on the day, and was unfamiliar with the test?
  20. Should we now play Pakistan in a bilateral contest

    Its not a matter of pride, or emotion. Its a matter of strategy. It will clearly take a few more generations before the residents of the Indus grow up enough and smarten up, to give up their useless and self-hating hostility towards India. Until then, those who are given the authority to govern India have a responsibility to use whatever means they have at their disposal to minimize the damage inflicted by the ignorant idiots.
  21. @Muloghonto Interesting post. I'm not familiar with I-Tsing and his visit to India. Any English translation of the documentation of his visit?
  22. Should we now play Pakistan in a bilateral contest

    Does India playing hockey with the Pakistan team earn $130 million for Pakistan hockey federation? Didn't think so. Keep crying and begging. If you want Indian money that you can use to improve your Phateechar team and cricket facilities, then get your government to clean up its act. Otherwise, keep begging.

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