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  1. And well done India. Took forever to get this going though. http://www.atimes.com/article/afghan-port-shift-adds-pakistans-economic-woes//
  2. sandeep

    How do you picture your fellow ICFers?

    Its a dated stereotype common in the US...Think back to Austin Powers and the fake teeth that Mike Myers wore.
  3. Its not that he's terrible in LOI, its just that the ICC rule changes screwed over finger spinners by forcing only 4 outfielders in the middle overs. This ensures that there is always one outfield zone which can be targeted by the batsman in pre-determined fashion. If you put long-on, long-off, deep cover and mid-wicket, then square-leg and behind the wicket can be targeted with a relatively risk-free chip shot over the in-field. Plug squareleg and you open up long-off, and so on. The reason why wrist-spin is more effective than finger spin with the same constraints, is that the wrong-one and the bigger turn is more effective at increasing risk of false or mistimed shots, especially against the turn. ICC ODI rule changes are largely responsible for turning finger spinners into 'dart and pray' bowlers.
  4. +1 billion. Top order batsmen are being selfish. And that includes the "match-winning" captain.
  5. Just because its SanjuManju, doesn't mean he's automatically wrong about everything he says. As they say, even a broken clock is right twice a day.
  6. sandeep

    Myths laid to rest this yr before the WC

    Bunty Sajdeh has not approved that message. And Kuptaan Wrogn has obediently "done the needful". "Coach" Shaz in turn has been obedient to Kuptaan Wrogn. In the immortal words of one of my favorite authors. And so it goes.
  7. sandeep

    How BJP/Modi/GoI is handling China !!!

    Tariffs are a blunt instrument, and an out-dated tactic. Still viable for certain things, but SEZs are the way to go. But why would politicians care, when there's easy money to be made playing games and arbitrage instead. Business interests will 'settle' for 70% easy profit with imports, instead of putting in hard work to get marginal increase. That's where leadership and vision is required. But democracy's fundamental flaw is that as democratic systems evolve and mature, oligarchic entities get more practiced and effectiveness at co-opting the mechanisms of power.
  8. sandeep

    How BJP/Modi/GoI is handling China !!!

    Very true. Biggest disappointment for me, is the abject failure to get anything done with SEZs and manufacturing. National economies are like massive boulders, hard to get rolling, but unstoppable once a certain momentum is reached. We had a really golden chance to shift India's growth up - instead the self-infliced de-monetization 'own goal' took us down a measurable notch. They had a perfect storm of economic conditions and global politics to set the platform to jumpstart Indian economy on the road to massive growth. And to be charitable, they fluffed it massively in spite of having good intentions. To be cynical, they didn't care about the opportunity costs and focused only on their benefits - at a party or personal level - at the cost to the country. India, being a massive importer of petroleum products, to get a multiple year timeframe of slumping oil prices, coupled with geopolitical relations ramping up with the big economies, so much more could have been done, and easily at that. They chose to play political games instead. At a time when laser-like focus on macro-economics was the need of the hour. If India doesn't capitalize on its demographic dividend, and get some proper job-growth going in the next 3 to 5 years, it might end up being a "should've, could've, would've" economic underachieving basket-case as in past decades, that the Bhakts love to blame Congress for.
  9. sandeep

    Naeem Rashid

    I haven't seen the footage, and don't want to. Feels wrong to give the murderer what he wanted. And even if he acted out of sheer self-preservation instinct, its still worthy of praise - it was the right move, no matter how high-risk, it had the best odds of survival. Still takes courage to front up un-armed against a madman with a gun intent on murder.
  10. sandeep

    Naeem Rashid

    Bit late to this, since I tend to avoid reading too much on tragedies. But this guy is a legit hero who deserves to be appreciated by all mankind. Think about the scenario - you are unarmed, defenceless in your place of worship - a safe place where you gather with your family and community. Suddenly you are being shot down by a crazy dude with automatic gunfire. To react the way he did, is awe inspiring. One would hope that you would react similarly, and attempt to save your loved ones by putting your own life on the line. Its a calculation and an act that has to happen instinctively in a split second. Whatever else he may have done or not done in his life, is separate. The way he reacted in that moment, the moment that led to the end of his life, was glorious. to him.
  11. sandeep

    Myths laid to rest this yr before the WC

    Rohit Sharma's cost-benefit argument has always been that he brings big innings to the table, demanding that the team suffer his sub-par SR for an ODI opener. The fact that he's "gone big" in less than 8% of the games, would raise a lot of scrutiny for his place in the squad, let alone the starting XI. Contrast that with Dhawan, who gets put on deathrow everytime he has a handful of bad games. Dhawan's avg+SR is actually slightly higher than Rohit's. He's clearly the 'better' opener for the Indian ODI team, although not by much. But even on the days he fails, his failed innings would cost India less than Rohit's who tends to eat dot balls even when he fails. Rohit's average in this admittedly small sample set is a steepling 20 runs below his norm. That's too big a drop over 13 games to be 'just a slump'. If he doesn't get his act together, and starts the WC poorly - which is quite possible, given that we play a couple of 'big' teams early, things can get interesting. What all of this translates to, is that KLPD is essentially a lock for the WC team. Unless he has a stinker of an IPL, which is unlikely. Indian squad cannot afford to not have a legit back-up opener in the squad. Rahul as the 3rd opener/extra bat, Jadeja as the 3rd spinner/ fake allrounder', Shami/Bhuvi as 3rd pacer. Assuming Gujju Lukdya is back, that leaves Rayudu/Shankar/back-up keeper for the 15th slot. With greybeard's age and fitness, can't not have a back-up keeper. So one of Karthik or Pant is a sure shot for the squad. Ro Dho Kho New Savior greybeard Jadhav Gujju Lukdya Bhuvi Kuldeep Chahal Bumrah Shami Jadeja KLPD Karthik/Pant With Shankar's emergence as a viable and reliable middle order batting option, and his bowling utility, howsoever limited, all signs point to the end of Ambaatli's ODI career. In hind-sight, Indian team should have invested 5-10 games in developing a back-up opener, whether that was KLPD, or a punt on Rishabh Pant.
  12. sandeep

    How BJP/Modi/GoI is handling China !!!

    so basically you are a fan due to 'not-congress' factor.
  13. Its a sad fact, but not all cricketers are mentally astute enough to recognize and keep pace with the game's evolution. This is what leads to the existence of "In my days, we did this - it should still work today" brigade. I have a lot of love for gangu for his contributions to the Indian team as a player, and as captain. He should get proper credit for instilling a protocol in the team management to give new players a decent proper run before being dropped - without him, our selectors could well have gone down the road that greenbro selectors still can't avoid. Chopping and changing constantly and screwing the team over. Our current team mgmt still makes mistakes, but for better or worse, the selectors tend to stick with new players for an extended period. Sure, it leads to the occasional Shardhul Thakur, but that's cost of doing business. And Saurav's captaincy was instrumental in getting such a policy in place. But tactically, Ganguly was never a great captain. And his public advocacy of Pujara for ODI cricket in 2019 is more evidence of that.
  14. Other teams trot out the likes of Jos Buttler, Maxwell out there in the middle order. And we want to put Pujara out there. Gangu was a lot of things, but cutting edge in tactics he never was.
  15. sandeep

    Terror attack in New Zealand

    I'm not buying this unless meaningful proof is published - I'm inclined to believe that this guy would not have cared much if it was a mandir instead of a masjid.
  16. sandeep

    Terror attack in New Zealand

    Don't know who that is, don't want to know. Terrible, terrible tragedy. There should be global restrictions and extreme vetting on automatic and semi-automatic weapons. This is unacceptable.
  17. Contractors who built the bridge should be fined, sued by victims.
  18. Harsh reality is that India had luck on their side to win the 1st 2 games as well. Scoreline could have easily been a lot worse.
  19. sandeep

    KKR sign Warrier for injured Nagarkoti

    Just like Jermaine Blackwood,Ben Duckett, Matt Renshaw became future ATGs right? Some folks should know when to quit reading the "future".
  20. sandeep

    3 for 48 and 46 of 54

    top order batting se advertising paisa banta hai. Don't expect Viral Kilo and his buds to release their deathgrip from those coveted slots anytime soon. Edit: Not saying Bhuvi should bat in the top order - no higher than 8 in LOIs.
  21. sandeep

    3 for 48 and 46 of 54

    But he's not phaast. So give it a few more days, and there will a bunch of ICF-ers clamoring to bring back Umesh Yadav in his place.
  22. To this day, the government of Pakistan has refused to prosecute the murderers responsible for this horrific terrorist attack. Mr. Naya Pakistan Imran Khan says its "old news" when asked about it. I want the Indian government to apply punitive taxation on companies doing business with the terror state.
  23. "EVERYTHING IS FINE". After losing to a re-building team at home playing without their best 2 batsmen AND their best 2 bowlers.
  24. He should have been unleashed in situations where he could bat carefree. He should have been tried at the top of the order. He should have been given a proper back to back run for at least a dozen games before the WC. None of this was done. The elitism, and the "senior" "junior" divide and caste system in Indian cricket is there for all to see - at least those who care to see it. Make it into the "senior" caste, and your LOI spot in the team is a lock, measured in seasons and years. If you are in the "junior" caste, you will forever play on a short rope, jerked around all over the batting order at the whim of the captain, who will do anything and everything to "back" his favorites. Whether that's dropping a Pujara for a Rohit in test cricket, or playing Rahane in T20s when everybody and their grandpa knows that Jinxy doesn't belong in a topshelf T20 team. Ironically, I'm not even a huge Pant fan in LOIs - not yet anyway. But there is a right way to set up a young up and coming player's pathway into LOI cricket, and there's a wrong way. Post-Nidahas, DK should have been given a proper run in the team - it was clear that he can provide the boundary hitting that our ODI team needs in the lower order, and he's a decent back-up to Dhoni with the gloves. But no. He was given a smattering of games, a stutter at a time. Talk about putting players in positions to succeed. This is the textbook opposite of that. Whether its a Dinesh or a Rishabh.
  25. You left out Bhuvi - that's the one guy I'm the most biased about, and will admit it. And the fact that I was arguing for dropping Jadeja from LOI cricket before the last CT tournament. But I guess that doesn't fit your agenda.

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