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  1. sandeep

    Ollie Pope

    I'm excited to see this kid play. Always good to see young ones being given opportunities. ECB's selection policies have gotten a lot of things right since the recent shake-up.
  2. OP Updated. SA A won the toss and are batting first. Score Card: http://www.bcci.tv/south-africa-a-tour-of-india-multiday-2018-19/match/02
  3. I honestly dont give af. But agent urmi is definitely up to no good. And just because someone doesn't have ballls, doesn't automatically make them a girl.
  4. Isn't it time for the next Thalaiva Pooja or something?
  5. So first you 'don't follow' BD cricket. Now you know a bit. Which one is it.
  6. See, a genuine casual fan would automatically go with Fizz, because that's the more well-known name - but you tried too hard to seem 'unaware' of BD cricket. As I said, stop trying too hard.
  7. I highly doubt that's a 'her' tbh...
  8. Hint: You are trying too hard right there. Got to be smarter than that.
  9. Just saw the video. Loving the shape he got on the ball, the first wicket and another one as well. 2nd wicket was a bad shot, but that's fine. Such a promising prospect this guy is. Hope he stays injury-free and keeps developing. I feel he's more of a longer format player, would be interesting to see him play a warm-up game against a visiting top test side.
  10. sandeep

    Rohit's latest twitter activity

    Don't forget the biggest fanboi of Rohit's batting tailunt - Kuptaan Wrogn.
  11. sandeep

    Rohit's latest twitter activity

    If you saw Rohit Sharma bat in the CB series in Aus, you'd have thought that this was one heck of a batting prospect.
  12. sandeep

    ATG Test 11 Pace Bowlers

    Fixers excluded.
  13. sandeep

    ATG Test 11 Pace Bowlers

    Barnes is way way back in history. So I'm excluding him from contention. I'd go with Marshall, McGrath and Ambrose. Lillee was good but the other guys were smarter, better bowlers.
  14. sandeep

    Rohit's latest twitter activity

    Banjo this is Ahmed Shahzad territory. I'm ashamed to admit that I was a massive fan of his batting and even supported his selection in test cricket - until 2014.
  15. Who do you is the better bowler? Rubel or da Fizz?
  16. What is your opinion of the Toyger victory over West Indies?
  17. Pandya has already proven himself to be better than Bangar. By any statistical metric. Nobody's claiming that Pandya deserves an extended run if he performs at the current level. The question is whether he has the capability and skills to do better. If he does, it would have a massive impact on the winning percentage of our team.
  18. LMAO - 'heart' bot is programmed to like every post, even the ones that call it out.
  19. And Sanjay Bangar when we won the test series in England in 2007. Just because we have lacked decent options historically to fill this role, doesn't mean that the role is not viable.
  20. The way you try to stir up **** on all sides of every debate and discussion, makes me really cynical about your motives.
  21. Dravid recognizes the fact that given India's talent base, and only 11 spots in the national team, bulk of whom are filled at any given time by "regulars", A team games are crucial in terms of opportunity. Hate as much as you want on our board for their ineptness, corruption, laziness etc etc - but I absolutely love the way our board has funded, scheduled and prioritized 'A' team games - home and away. This will set the foundation for a dominant Indian team all over the world in the years to come.
  22. The point is that Pandya is an insurance policy in the team, for the times when our bowlers can't take 10 wickets in 60-70 overs. And you could argue that is a scenario that's quite likely to occur frequently.
  23. sandeep

    Can Pandya average >37 with bat and <32 with ball?

    One things' obvious - any thread involving Pandya is a good bet to cross 38 replies! He's a polarizing topic for sure...
  24. cherry-picking and fact-dodging on display here. Some folks keep digging instead of climbing out of a hole. Hint: You can't go to China that way!
  25. I'm smiling about how you are politely chiming in on this debate, but real nice and careful, from a distance. Diplomacy is needed in boardrooms, not on discussion forums EB!

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