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  1. Brotherhood of millenia cannot be wiped off just from a few decades of misguided hostility. 80 years is nothing. Give it another 30-40 years, and things can and will get better between India-Pakistan. I'm an eternal optimist.
  2. If you are looking for "good debates" then you need to bring a bit of intellectual honesty to the table. Agree that hatred is useless. But pointing out facts, especially those are relevant, even critical to the question and subject at hand, cannot be dismissed as "fingerpointing". That's just a self-serving attempt at superficially claiming the "high road" while taking the low one in actuality. You presented a perspective that claims that Cricket should be played between India & Pakistan. When presented with opposing opinions, you choose to dismiss them as hatred, instead of arguing against the logic. And threw out strawman arguments claiming that posters are calling Pakistanis as terrorists - when overwhelming majority, if not all the posts on this thead, simply don't do that. That doesn't reflect someone "looking for a good debate", it reflects a close-minded person unable to stomach reality checks from differing perspectives. Colloquially known as Kuwey ka mendhak in the sub-continent. I.e. Frog in the well syndrome.
  3. K Gowtham for senior team

    Probably will get a contract in the upcoming auction. LOI FC numbers certainly show promise on the batting front. I really hope that IPL expands to 10 teams sooner rather than later.
  4. Not sure where I got "personal". And while I agree that ICF certainly has a lot of improvement in terms of discussion quality, on this particular subject, and in this thread, sorry I have to disagree with you. You seem to be dismissive of perspectives that don't mirror your own. Your loss IMO.
  5. Froggy on absolute fire in this thread.
  6. Well, the cricket is not being played, thanks to the actions of the Pakistani society. Take your sad sob story of average Pakistanis missing cricket elsewhere if you don't like the answers being provided to your asinine questions. Btw, I have absolutely no "hatred" or conspiracies against Pakistanis. Its not a popular view, but I feel that Indians and Pakistanis are brothers, and the same damn people. Regardless of the faith they follow.
  7. "All that is ok. Just play cricket with us, so that we can make money from your audience." Banjo, the shamelessness and nerve of these entitled fools.
  8. Hassan Ali reminds me a lot of Agarkar. Skiddy, quicker than you think he is. Bowls attacking lengths and takes a bunch of wickets. Even has funny looking ears, just like Aggy. So far he's proving himself to be a much better bowler than Sir Aggy, who invariably used to provide a buffet boundary ball every over or so.
  9. That's quite an intentional misreading of what I posted. Nobody is accusing the average Pakistani of being terrorists. But the average Pakistani does support a society, and a legal and government system that openly provides comfort and security to terrorists and murderers, many of whom are designated as criminal terrorists by the UN. Why is that Masood Azhar, Hafiz Saeed and their organizations get so much public support - in terms of manpower and money, within Pakistan's borders? Why are they openly allowed to continue their business of "non-state actors", not just by the feckless Pakistani government, or the PakMil with blood on their hands, but also by the general public which provides bulk of their support, not to mention soceital approval of their shenanigans? And look at yourself, out here, shamelessly playing the victim card instead of having the balls to call a spade a spade. I will not shirk in accepting that the recent actions of some Indians in India - with the beef ban etc have been shameful and criminal. Why are Pakistanis so shameless in not just tolerating, but condoning and supporting the violent actions of some of their countrymen?
  10. Well that "average Pakistani" is also partially culpable. You reap what you sow. And if the average Pakistani and their average Pakistani representatives clean up their acts, then they won't be deprived. If they don't....
  11. Its actually understandable. They have to try whatever they can to somehow get their hands on the $$$. Once you add another $130 million to the PCB budget, so many of the PCB babus can "wet their beaks". But instead of throwing tantrums, PCB should go and talk to their own govt and PakMIl. Far more likely to get results that way. All this squealing like a stuck pig is just further evidence of how effective the Indian approach is. Let them squeal until their government sees the error of its ways.
  12. So why are you on this thread trying to make a case to Indian cricket fans about cricket in Pakistan? Its a bit rich from Pakistanis to claim that "sports and politics shouldn't mix" while in the same breath supporting the exact same policies when the shoe is on the other foot.
  13. As good as SL was in the test series, they have been quite poor in the ODI leg. Pak bowling well, but some atrocious shot selection by SL bats. I don't care much for Hassan Ali's shenanigans after he takes a wicket, but I like his bowling and attitude. A younger, more effective Pakistani Agarkar. Hope he manages to stay injury free - given his shortish height and build, I think he's at greater risk than most.
  14. Exactly. Move on. Stop begging for hand-outs from Indian Cricket as if you are somehow "entitled" to them. Cricket's bilateral fixtures have always been arranged on mutual agreement. Begging, pleading, threatening, etc will get you absolutely nowhere.
  15. Typical dissembling from Pakistanis. And then they wonder why their country is "isolated". Btw, Pakistan was one of the most vocal countries in preventing Israel football team from playing in "Asia". They play in Europe instead. Wonder why Pakistan is OK to mix sports and politics when it comes to policies that they care about, but other countries shouldn't do it, when it hurts Pakistan's interests.
  16. K Gowtham for senior team

    So basically a version of Krunal Pandya, but one that's actually done something in FC cricket?
  17. K Gowtham for senior team

    who is this guy and what has he done to be selected for Indian team?
  18. I can't help but feel a bit of sympathy for the average Pakistani fan who wants to see cricket being played in their home country. But the question must be asked - are the average Pakistanis blameless in this mess? Its not just that their government and military is aiding and abetting terrorist murderers - their actions have the de facto, and at times explicit, support of their public. Where are the Pakistani voices vocally announcing that the protection of the handlers and trainers of 26/11 murderers - crazy brainwashed idiots who shot and killed innocent civilians and children - should not be done in their name? In fact, the overwhelming majority of Pakistanis are out and about, justifying their government's policies and actions. Until the Pakistani people stand up and ask their own representatives to clean up their act, their military and govt is not going to do it. You want all the benefits that come with being part of the world community, but none of the responsibility. Can't have it both ways. Stop making tenuous justifications and comparisons with other countries. Take a honest, objective look at yourself, before you start crying isolation, bias, and all that nonsense.
  19. There's a long line of batsmen waiting to get into Indian team. And always will be. Competition is even thicker for top order bats. Sundar will be in the team a couple of years before Shaw.
  20. Mumbai batsmen rarely shine in ICC finals

    Not disputing that at all. But to claim that Bombay bats are the south africans of India, is a bit of a stretch. The likes of Ganguly, Dravid, VVS, and even my favorite Sehwag, have exhibited similar tendencies and performances.
  21. Indian LOI Team Needs To Try out Different Combinations

    Should they? Yes. Need? Questionable. Will they? Not likely at all. Historically the Indian team is very conservative in rotating its "main" players. That is across multiple generations of admins, selectors, and captains. If anything Virat has shown to be even more conservative and 'old-school' than Dhoni, in terms of his selection and "rotation" policy.
  22. Mumbai batsmen rarely shine in ICC finals

    But who cares. Narrative and Myth re-inforcing important. Facts not important.
  23. Mumbai batsmen rarely shine in ICC finals

    Ouch OP. I see some "sneks" have vomited their poison here already. How did Sehwag do btw in the T20 and WC finals? He wasn't from Bombay, was he? Some other non-Bombay worthies weren't even good enough to make it to those finals.
  24. National Ka Pakistan

    I wonder whether the episode on Sindh will feature Punhal Sariyo.
  25. Somebody like Deepak Hooda can do the same role as Kedar

    If Hooda can do it, why not Sarfaraz Khan. Why not Pranav Dhanwade?

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