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  1. This **** needs to be investigated by CBI. These UP Bihar gangsters need to be flushed out of "politics" asap.
  2. Tough day for MI fans tomorrow...

    who will be toss ka boss.
  3. Spinner Killer Ambati Rayudu Hit list watch

    Spoken like a true Central Jersey boi.
  4. Your pick for WC2019 semi finalists

    ODI game has 100 overs, harder to cause upsets in the longer format. Greenbros fell ass-backwards into CT semi-final thanks to an epic choke by Sri Lanka, and one decent win against South Africa. Even if rain helps a lot, the format of the 2019 world cup is such that each team will play 9 games. Less chances of shyte teams getting lucky with rain - need to put up consistent performances to make the top 4. People forget that Pak was in danger of not even qualifying for CT - they avoided playing Windies to preserve their brilliant #8 ranking. Consistency is not something Pak is capable of. Winning the odd game or 2 aint gonna cut it in 2019.
  5. Axar Patel to play County; Will join Durham for 6 fixtures

    Not sure why you have such a hard time accepting that the ECB is acting sleazy in double-dipping from its players' incomes. IPL participation has direct tangible benefits for the player in terms of personal development, and the player brings back newly acquired skills and knowledge back home to the FC circuit as well. Its really indefensible move of the ECB, but its quite amusing to see you twist and turn to try and put lipstick on this pig. Btw, does ECB give a percentage of a foreign player's county contract back to the home board of that player? I think not.
  6. You tell yourself that "panther". whatever helps you sleep at night.
  7. Major policy change by the BCCI. After the match-fixing scandal, BCCI unilaterally decided to stop playing games at non-cricket countries' venues such as Toronto, UAE etc. At least for the national team. I'm seeing signs of an early alignment by the BCCI with the UAE board. This also lays the legal groundwork for the possibility of an eventual 'bilateral' series between India-Pakistan in the UAE as well.
  8. I have personally seen Pakistanis trying to pass themselves off as Indians in the U.S. It's not just a time of year thing, it's an all round the year thing.
  9. Axar Patel to play County; Will join Durham for 6 fixtures

    Its called double-dipping. They are already sucking down 20% of the players' IPL auction contract value. It would be fair if they offset that against the salary cut, but doing both is really sleazy. This kind of employer behavior wouldn't hold up if a player dared to challenge it legally. As it stands, most players eligible for IPL bids, aren't going to risk pissing off the cricket board in order to get their fair compensation. So the ECB can carry on its wage-stealing without any hindrance. But its sure going to get called out by informed observers... Not sure why a cricket fan would be such a vociferous defender of an obviously corrupt board though.
  10. Axar Patel to play County; Will join Durham for 6 fixtures

    Bollocks. ECB can't really put up barriers if Indian players are interested in playing county. The rules allow for counties to sign foreign players, and Indian players do generate interest for these teams. Did you know ECB not only collects a chunk of a player's IPL contract directly from the BCCI - but also imposes a salary cut on their player if he plays in the IPL?
  11. Samson laughing as a leading edge flies to the cover boundary faster than most drives. Stanlake reminds me so much of Bruce Reid.
  12. Samson hitting Bhuvi for boundaries. I'm happy for Sanju, not so happy its the Bhuvi. This is why I can't get too worked up over IPL "rivalries".
  13. boundary ball to short early. No good Bhuvi!!
  14. The New Hanuman Poster and militant hindutva

    AFAIK this image of an "angry Hanuman" was painted by an artist with liberal tendencies to portray the 'ugly' side of the hindutva fanatics. The way OP is posting it makes it seem as if its created by "militant hindutva". Misleading.
  15. Axar Patel to play County; Will join Durham for 6 fixtures

    It will be good for his development. Why so harsh on him? Its not his fault Kuldeep isn't playing county.
  16. Your pick for WC2019 semi finalists

    Cricket is not really that competitive a sport. Its a very safe bet to assume that the 4 semi-finalists are most likely to be Aus, Ind, Eng, SA. NZ has an outside chance of replacing one of these. Pak has about a 10% chance or even lower to be honest. Given the format of the ODI world cup, where each team is going to play all other 9 opponents, there are lesser chances of an inconsistent team sneaking into the final 4, unless rain wreaks havoc with a whole bunch of games.
  17. I love this guy. He's a gift that keeps on embarassing the Pakistanis over and over.
  18. Smith will not appeal against the ban

    They wanted to fire Lehmann too. But he clearly told them to * off and threatened to go public, which is why they "allowed him to go on his own terms" after issuing a pubic declaration of his innocence.
  19. Smith will not appeal against the ban

    Ghanta. Apparently you are swallowing the BS that Australian cricket board's splurting out - 3 batsmen decided to tamper the ball, and the bowlers were neither told, nor did they notice. They are all innocent lambs who just close their eyes and run in hard to "express" their natural skills.
  20. Don't worry Lulli. Pakistan and India both play test series in England soon. Better get ready. We will soon see who is the better bowler - Amir and his 35 test average, or Bhuvi and Bumrah. Let's leave the batting out on the side, because I don't want to rub your nose in it!
  21. Shastri can buy a few Afridis to keep them as chowkidars. And oh btw, he was MVP in a tournament which was pretty much equivalent to a world cup - and one where India schooled Pakistan, as they tend to do, in games that matter. Afridi by contrast, only made the news during the world cup, by having football fights with the rest of his team.
  22. Smith will not appeal against the ban

    So either Smith was lying when he said the leadership group knew all about it - or he's lying now, that only Warner and himself knew about it. Pick which lie you like.
  23. Ghost towns of china !!!

    Property is seen as a safe investment and one that appreciates quickly. Lot of people ended up buying 2nd and 3rd flats, thinking the prices will keep going up. Ultimately leading to overcapacity in a few places - 2nd and 3rd tier city outskirts where the demand wasn't really there. A lot of these places are also shoddily built. In China its expected and normal to spend a big chunk of money "fixing" a NEW flat that you buy. You think Indians have a bad attitude toward quality and building regulations? Google "Chaboduo" and you will find that China has its own version of "chalta hai".
  24. Smith will not appeal against the ban

    BS. There is absolutely no way that Cape Town was the first and only time that the Aussies tampered the ball. And Smith didn't show balls by accepting anything with grace and dignity. He threw Bancroft under the bus in the Press conference, blamed the "leadership group", lied about Bancroft "overhearing" instead of being told to tamper the ball. Then lied about the sandpaper, claiming it was dirt and a piece of tape. I feel sympathy for Smith too, because his punishment is overly harsh - done by a bureaucratic corrupt organization out to cover up the full story, and cover its own ass from the bad publicity. But spare me the cowdung about Mr Brainfade conducting himself with grace.

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