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  1. Feel for Ashwin

    We will win the test if he does. Need a triple digit lead for that though.
  2. Goose's Player Predictor - please read

    Rohit / Rahane batsman. Ishant / Shami bowler. Kohli fielder.
  3. SA request fast and bouncy pitch for 2nd test

    I expect the track to be on the flatter side. SA know that they have the bowling to stay effective, and a bowler friendly track only brings our bowlers into the game. In so many ways, the first test was a golden opportunity for our team. But the top order batting shytshow totally blew it.
  4. Weren't you advocating Umesh ahead of Bhuvi earlier
  5. AB with the counter. Test cricket is the best cricket.
  6. Why didn't Rahul replace Rahane?

    Because he can't change a test match in a session.
  7. @Cricketics BBS attack about to be unleashed. So happy to see Bumrah get his debut early in the series.
  8. Changes pujara bumrah Dhawan
  9. I Re-read the rules, which aren't exactly clear, but final selection for T1, if player does not earn points across position. Pujara. Bhuvi / Ishant Dhawan / Rahul If they do, then Pujara Ashwin/Jadeja Dhawan / Rahul
  10. But you still accrue points for player's runs, wickets and catches across selected "position"? I.e. You could select Saha as a batsman a second time and still gain his fielding points? I made my choices under the impression that a particular player pick was a one time deal across positions.
  11. Pujara. Ashwin. Rahul. Dhawan in plane of Rahul, if he plays instead.
  12. The high and excitement of a tough overseas tour

    Don't be so negative banjo. Even before a ball is bowled. Plenty of reasons to be optimistic. @maniac
  13. The high and excitement of a tough overseas tour

    Don't believe the hype.
  14. Headlines

    What's your point?
  15. I have been thinking this since the India-England series recently. Cook has started to show signs of age. Sure he got that 100 on the dead track at Rajkot. Yes, he got a nice fat double hundred against the West Indies, but watching him bat during the India series, I was left wondering how much this guy has left in the tank. Here are his stats since December 2015. Sure, at first glance, an average of 41 doesn't seem bad at all. But if you take a closer look, you will see that almost 60% of the time, Cook falls after scoring less than his average. A staggering 56% of the time, Cook has failed to cross 30 runs - 27 out of 48 innings. If you look at the recent series against the West Indies, take away his one big innings, and he managed only 61 runs in 4 innings. Against the West Indies. That's an average of 15. Not exactly numbers that inspire a lot of confidence. These numbers remind me of Younis Khan over the last couple of years, a steady stream of failures followed by one big innings that pushes his overall average back to respectability. An average of 36 against India, and 33 against South Africa got a healthy boost thanks to a mammoth 240+ score piled up against the hapless West Indies. But forget the numbers. I looked his numbers up to check whether there was any statistical support to what I felt when I watch him bat. The guy's reflexes have slowed down, and he is troubled by pace now, especially early in his innings. Shami made him distinctly uncomfortable in the India series. He has started dropping gettable catches in the slip regularly as well. The upcoming Ashes will be make-or-break for Alistair Cook. Either he somehow manages to find a second wind on the concrete roads of Australia, and that will mean that he will be able to play for at least a couple of years. OR, it could turn ugly. And fast. Pat Cummins is one guy I think who can really be difficult to handle for Cook, provided he's fit. But in general, the Aussie attack is quick enough across the board, to ask some challenging questions to Cook. For England fans, Cook's potential decline should be a serious cause for concern, given the general disarray in their top 5. The likes of Stoneman, Westley, Malan wouldn't make me feel too comfortable about my team's chances. Especially if the anchor that the entire unit bats around starts to slump. For this reason alone, I felt that the England selectors should have tried and gotten Hameed into the mix of things for the West Indies series. Instead of giving in to "conventional wisdom" about not risking his future, they should have given him the opportunity to get some international runs under his belt before the Ashes. This way they would have a bit of insurance in place, if Cook keeps getting out cheaply at the top, more often than not. The likes of Root, Stokes, Bairstow and Ali, are good bats, but not the type to excel in the anchor role. Having Hameed in the mix would only help. @Stumped @YCCC
  16. Apparently Anderson is innocent because you are "allowed to clean the ball". IIRC, Tendulkar was penalized because he "failed to notify the umpires when he was cleaning the ball".
  17. KL Rahul at no.3-option worth exploring?

    In ODIs yes. Not in tests.
  18. Alaistair Cook Watch - Has the End begun?

    I see your point, but it's not like the guys he kept out of the side - Vinay Kumar etc - were any better. And Bottom line is that, you have to pick a guy on what he can do for you today, not what he did last year. And I strongly disagree with you regarding the importance of the 3rd pacer. It's a massive difference if your 3rd steamer can sustain pressure instead of releasing it. Test bowlers hunt in packs, and it's been a perennial problem for us to maintain pressure and incisiveness, after the first spells of the main quick (or 2) are done.
  19. Ind vs SL T20 series statistics !!!

    So do you rate Jaydev Unadkat as a much better bowler than Bumrah?
  20. Interesting read 6 months after this was posted. If anything, I feel even more strongly about having Rohit, Dhawan and Rahul as the top 3.
  21. where should MS Dhoni bat in odi?

    In an alternate universe, this is the batting line-up I would want to see in an ODI Rohit Sharma Shikhar Dhawan KL Rahul Virat Kohli Shreyas Iyer Hardik Pandya MS Dhoni ... So #7, unless we lose Virat early in the middle overs. Virat is the undisputed best in the world at milking and maximizing the middle stage of ODIs. And India are close to the worst in the world at scoring optimally in the 1st 10. I would ask the top 3 to be aggressive up front, even if we lose one wicket early. Shuffle the top 3 if you want Rahul as the 'junior' guy to be more selfless up-front. If things go well, then ideally you don't even want Dhoni to bat, let him be the insurance policy down the order, only to be called on early if we lose Virat before 30 overs are up.
  22. Mashrafe Bin Mortaza - ***The Leader of Tigers***

    He should have retired a year ago already. He's a liability to their team both at present, and for the future, since playing him in all these games is depriving another young player an opportunity to pick up in-game experience. Which is the only way raw prospects can take that next step to becoming international class.

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