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  1. This pic of fiery fast bowler

    What's with the abuse being showered on our team players? Maybe the guy isn't good enough to hack it at the international level, so he should be abused? because he's not fast enough or burly enough to suit your needle-dick fantasies? Sorry, but dont like to see gutter language hurled at players whose only crime would be that they didnt succeed at the highest level. Mock a players' performance and abilities all you want, but is it too much to ask to keep it clean?
  2. Pawan Negi

    Don't know much about him, other than the fact that Negi got smacked for a few 6s by the highly hyped hardik pandya in last year's IPL.
  3. 'My best is yet to come' - Rohit

    and who gets to define what is "bowler-friendly"? banjo, team can only play on the pitches that are given to them. Any cricket team out there would love to have Rohit Sharma batting for them in LOI cricket, he's the best ODI Opener on the planet. Pitches be damned.
  4. T20 squad for WC

    Yes, no backup for middle-order, but the problem is, there isn't anyone out there crying out to be selected. Lower order hitters who can get the job with relative consistency at the top level are few and far between. Manish Pandey is also not a guy who can come in and whack it like Raina from the first few balls. Guys like Saurabh Tiwary, Mayank Agarwal, Deepak Hooda, Suryakumar Yadav have flashed the ability at times, but just haven't been consistent enough. Hardik, whether he's good enough to take the next step or not, has shown a level of consistency and thus got picked. Agree with you that he needs to get a few chances with the bat to build up confidence - You can't overrate the importance of confidence in T20, need to be mentally at your best to get it done. Another issue with the squad is there is no backup 'keeper - not sure who would don the gloves if Dhoni has a back issue, and he's had that a few times in his career and he's getting older. I don't know anything about Negi, but let's see, we may find a useful player - don't forget there was another Delhi spinner who could bat a bit who made the team about 15 years ago, turned out to be a pretty useful player for Team India At the end of the day, can't blame the selectors too much - they've done the best they could have, given the options available. Didn't expect any less from Sandeep Patil. The man is a quality selector.
  5. T20 squad for WC

    Rahane over Pandey is inarguable - experience, proven T20 record make Rahane a better back-up for the top3 batting positions than Pandey. Pandya and Negi are playing as the bowling allrounder - not the worst selections for the squad. Hopefully Negi is good enough for international level. Shami's selection is also the right decision because they can always replace him if he is not fit by the time the tournament starts. I still feel Mishra missing out might hurt India in a key game - but to play him as the 2nd spinner makes Jadeja the 3rd spinner and Yuvi the 4th - that basically benches the Pandya/Negi slot and probably lightens up the batting a bit too much for the think tank's liking. Shows our lack of confidence in the middle order IMO. May end up costing India a crucial game. May not. Let's hope it doesn't. Not a dominant team, but arguably the best we can put up for sub-continent. Dhawan, Rohit, Kohli (Rahane back-up) Yuvi, Raina, Dhoni Pandya/Negi/Jadeja - 2 out of these 3 will play - Most likely Jadeja plays all games unless injured. Ashwin - Lock since no Mishra in the squad. Bumrah/Nehra/Shami - 2 out of these 3 will play. Maybe against Aus/Eng/NZ They might consider playing Pandya as 2nd seamer? But doubt that.
  6. Pakistan Super League - 2016 4th Feb To 23rd Feb

    I meant on this thread... :)
  7. Pakistan Super League - 2016 4th Feb To 23rd Feb

    working hard KW.
  8. Pakistan Super League - 2016 4th Feb To 23rd Feb

    I just tuned in out of curiosity and poor Sean Paul is performing on a flat ground-level "stage" and the tv feed is obstructed by a handful of people crowding the stage taking selfies and ogling the dancers. There doesn't seem to be any crowd at all. I knew they had problems getting people but jeez this is weak. They definitely make the IPL tamasha people look "professional" in comparison.
  9. U-19 World Cup 27th Jan to 14th Feb

    true. More than half the Indian u-19 just dont look that young though...
  10. Pakistan Super League - 2016 4th Feb To 23rd Feb

    Yawn. Chavvanni league, who cares. Unless we get some lol-worthy snafus to laugh about - that's about all I'm interested in.
  11. Maxwell vs Kohli

    Maxwell's got that punchable aussie face that pisses you off. Don't know if he's a "nice" guy.
  12. The Making of Ravindra Jadeja

    Nice article. Love such long-form journalism. Harsh coach that - beating the crap out of Jaddu at the drop of a hat.
  13. Sure, everyone is ga-ga over Kohli and Rohit's heavy scoring and Bumrah's impressive debut. This thread is to appreciate the dozens of less splashy yet meaningful contributions that the entire squad made. Shikhar Dhawan - There were multiple calls for his head at the start of the series, and yet an objective eye at the end of the tour, will find an impressive contribution as a top-order bat. Continues to bat unselfishly at the top of the order, plays a key role as the shot-making spear-head. Sure, he looks like a hack when not in flow, and definitely has a few technical limitations, but is still a worthy value-adding member of the team. Jadeja's fielding. Absolute tiger in the field wherever he was posted - saved a bunch of runs in the in-field. Took a brilliant catch in the outfield to dismiss Watson in the 3rd T20. His tight bowling although may not pick up the big wickets, but is the steady rock that takes pressure off of the team and the captain - There's a reason why his captain backs him so much, and contrary to pimply teenage homophobic posts on this forum, Jaddu earns enough of that trust right on the field. In the 3rd T20, rookie Hardik Pandya converted a 6 into a double with an acrobatic jump and push-back from the boundary rope - quality fielding that ended up making a HUGE difference in a tight chase. Will his batting live up to the hype at the international level? who knows. Can he do a job with the ball as a support seamer - jury's still out. But in the opportunity he had, he made a meaningful contribution, and that's a job well done. Umesh Yadav - continues to frustrate fans and his captain alike with his consistent inconsistency. But loved his effort in the field as a substitute fielder - no concern for his body, laid out attempting a catch in the 2nd T20 like his life depended on it. That sort of commitment from a fast bowler for whom injuries could mean the end of a career, deserves a shout-out. Suresh Raina - The man keeps doing the dirty job in this star studded batting line-up, and pays the price for playing the high-risk, low-reward role. Quintessential team man, won the 3rd T20 for India, thanks to a flubbed stumping nonetheless, but showcased his hitting abilities and his experience - clinical. Deserves to be back in the ODI squad as well. There will be plenty of days and hundreds of posts on this forum to bash these guys when they have a bad day in the field - but credit where its due. Take a look across the top 8 cricket teams -fans of other teams have to settle for a lot less from the players that represent their countries - and I'm not just referring to our evil twins.
  14. Ind-Oz Series - away from the spotlight

    Thought about it, but there was already a separate thread on Yuvi...
  15. IPL Player Auction 2016 - 6 FEB . 351 Players under the hammer.

    Say what you want, the loose change that trickles out of IPL's ass-cushions is enough to buy entire SL cricket board and players, more than once.
  16. Pant vs Kishan

  17. IPL Player Auction 2016 - 6 FEB . 351 Players under the hammer.

    Is that the best trolling you can do? Did you pass 6th grade yet?
  18. Virat Kohli rested for Sri Lanka T20s

    Guddu Mann got to 2 play 2 ODIs, not sure if you seen him toss up lollipops worse than Boycott's Mother-in-law. I don't understand why Amit Mishra is being ignored, and why another left-arm spinner who can bat a bit? Why not a leggie? Mishra/Chahal deserved a look-in.
  19. Hardik or pure bowler in subcontinent?

    Its not Hardik OR pure bowler - we can have both especially if Yuvi is in the team. Yuvi offers a decent left arm spin option, so you could go with Hardik + Yuvi + pure bowler instead of Hardik + Yuvi + Jadeja. But this is all on paper stuff, the amount of trust Dhoni has in Jadeja as a bowler is hard to bench.
  20. Yuvraj should not be in T20

    Yuvi should bat #4, Raina can still come in next and blast away from ball 1. Cricket is merciless. Its almost as if Yuvi in T20 is like Rahane in ODIs. I still believe he can win games for India if he can hit his stride.
  21. Yuvraj should not be in T20

    True. But he wasn't exactly put in a position to succeed. He should bat #4 and come in by the 12th over or so. Hopefully, he takes confidence from this, because an in-form Yuvi is not just a match-winner - he's a tournament winner.
  22. WTF, how did dhoni missthat.
  23. getting smacked around....

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