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  1. I see it the other way around. Green tracks will bring our pacers in the game even stronger. Just bounce means the likes of Bhuvi, Shami will have to work harder to adapt their lengths and bowl longer spells. Our batters are better overall, but SA are better equipped to score on bouncier tracks.
  2. Axcellent Fightback by Pakistan

    You are clearly not in the US. "make ____ great again" was a sarcastic reference.
  3. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Let's all laugh at the padosis :)

    Mashaallah CPEC gonna make Pakistan great again.
  4. Axcellent Fightback by Pakistan

    Womp wooooommmmmmmmmmp.
  5. Axcellent Fightback by Pakistan

    Tough luck bro. A team that we pummeled in their own house without breaking a sweat, just smashed you on your own turf. Maybe its time to put out SOS for those fixers Salman Butt and Asif, maybe they can make Pakistan cricket great again.
  6. Don't read too much into a t20 game played on a track with a bit of moisture. But yes, the soooper-stars should have done better than what they have.
  7. Bhuvi trying to ramp like Pandya. Straight down thirdman's throat.
  8. Chalo bhai. Game pretty much over at this point. This is the one bad thing about t20s, a significant chunk of the games, about 15-20% turn into one-sided foregone conclusions with 70% of the game left to be played.
  9. No you didn't. I've been saying India are favorites for the SA series for quite a while now.
  10. He's too much in love with the dab and off-glance to thirdman. He does get a lot of runs with it, but its a high risk shot, and he's gotten out multiple times playing that recently.
  11. Missed the wickets, but reading the description seems like the aussies tried the same method that Amir used against India in the CT final? Trapping the Indian bats with the quick in-ducker? Starting to seem like a pattern.
  12. BD win toss and elect to field. Defensive move, but sensible, given the shakiness in their batting away from home. Toyger fans are howling about Mushy's mistake, but I think that's because they over-estimate their own team. Captain knows better. I like the look of this pace bowler Roy - he went for a few runs already, but he looks the part. Don't know if he can put up consistent spells, but hits the deck. Hard to win tests if you are just going to depend on opponents making mistakes though. BD need to control the run flow, and then try and build a bit of pressure.
  13. Axcellent Fightback by Pakistan

    If it does happen, it will be quite funny - Poyzz went from "****, we can't get SL out" to "and we can't bat" to "bowling paavrhouz!" to "oh ****, our batting sux" to "that's right, Pakistan gonna win, we are the Brazil of cricket" back full circle to "wop wommmmmmmmp".
  14. This is the key issue. Why would any one invest their energy and time developing a game for test cricket. Forget about whether a Pujara or Ashwin deserves to be paid more. We need to think about the next generation. Why should a kid with talent bother trying to become the next Mitch Johnson, when he can just be Tymal Mills?
  15. Don't take it personally. Its just a metaphor. If you don't think test cricket has value, or its not important to have a strong Indian team for tests, then we are on different sides of this issue.
  16. No. You don't have to "suppress" the monster. You can milk it. This is the haraami BCCI babus being stingy, wanting to pay for the extra salaries by taking it from other players. BCCI has deep coffers. Its sitting on billions. You barely need a chunk of its interest income from money that is just sitting in banks, to pay for this. Why take it from players? If you want to institute salary caps, thats fine. But you know that teams are going to find creative ways to attract the top talent in the presence of salary caps. They are hard to enforce.
  17. If you are only judging value by the number of people watching, then porn should rule the academy awards and film festivals.
  18. Axcellent Fightback by Pakistan

    Still lot of runs left to score. But a good fightback by this pair. Top order must be kicking themselves, if they had batted with even a little bit of guts, they could have easily added another 30 odd runs if not more. And this game would be in the bag for the greenbros. I still think its 60-40 SL at this point. But admirable effort to get to that stage. 52/5 was 95-5 SL.
  19. Yes he did. Got a double century at Sydney IIRC. The wrong kind btw. We would have won that series if Parthiv hadn't muffed a vanilla stumping of Waugh in his "farewell" test.
  20. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Let's all laugh at the padosis :)

    Come on. Can't blame us. You are getting blanked by the team we blasted 9-0 without breaking a sweat. in your own "home". Its aukaat recognition time. Thoda banter to bantaa hai bhaijaan.
  21. Yes, the idea is good. but paying for it by capping the earnings of young players is outrageous.
  22. Your best pace bowler averages 37 runs per test wicket in the last 2 years. Your second best is Wahab "one good spell every 3 years" Riaz. Your 3rd best is Sohail "huff & puff to fall down after 2 spells" Khan. If that's the best that factory can do, then its not much of a factory. This is what I mean by bravado. Look I don't want to give you crap when your team is losing 2-0 to SL at home. But let's be real. All countries have a handful of pace bowling prospects that look promising. For every Shaheen Shah Afridi, there are Kamlesh Nagarkoti, Ishan Porel, etc. And even if you somehow keep scraping by on the bowling end, your batting is in total deep $hyte. Forget reserves, even the current players are average at best.
  23. I think creating a mechanism to provide higher compensation to test players is good. Especially for test bowlers. Else why should bowlers work on their test bowling skills, where they have to bowl 5 times more overs, for 1/10th the pay they could get by playing in T20s? But the way this is proposed - robbing the young ones and phoren players, is wrong. Is the BCCI so short on cash that they can't take a few crores from its billions in earnings for this fund?
  24. You should have put up Jadeja or Wriddhiman Saha's stats in the last 2 years or so.

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