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  1. Bhuvi as 3rd seamer in SA Tests

    Pretty much, the story of most of our overseas tours with our bowling. Chalk it up to lack of fitness, lack of ability, and when we did have good young pacers in decent form, we had the perennial 3rd pacer problem. Even if you go as far back as that disastrous 99 tour to Australia, where we lost badly under Tendy's captaincy. Even then, IIRC we started the 1st test by taking 4 Aussie wickets for 50-odd. But then, we couldn't "sustain the pressure", and Australia was able to escape to 450. And the rest is history. Dravid had a stinker of a tour. And VVS was playing as an opener, and laid rotten eggs all over the place until the last series where he just let himself go and spanked that 160-odd. But it all started with our bowlers inability to put up a complete performance, for even one innings, let alone a match or series. I'm really hoping that "this time, its going to be different". For that, we need Shami to stay fit and in rhythm. Yadav to not revert to "spraygun" inconsistencies, and Bhuvi to keep up his pace, stamina and bowling quality. All of these are well within the realm of possibility, given the track record of the 3 pacers in the last 12-15 months.
  2. New Zealand A tour of India One-day series

    But if you are going to select him for SA tour, then you want to give him maximum practice at top level cricket, no? Agree that 'future' prospects should be given priority in 'A' team selection, but you have to make sure that you don't end up de-motivating "current" prospects, who you may need to call up for short-term duty. Its not an easy balance to strike, and we shouldn't criticize it as if it was a total black-and-white 'mistake'.
  3. New Zealand A tour of India One-day series

    So much hate on Pappu. He's done nothing but score runs and lead Gujarat to a title. Came in and did an excellent job with the bat against England as well. 'Keeping is still crap though. I don't think there's anything wrong with selecting Parthiv as the 2nd wicketkeeper for the SA tour. He's still got a year or 2 left where he can be a stop-gap contributor to the national team. And its not like the young ones are covering themselves in glory either.
  4. Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    Yes, it has. Silly experiment. I don't much like the idea of letting the visiting team "win" the toss by default either.
  5. Rabada vs Amir

    what about him? IIRC Shami averages 8 runs fewer per test wicket than him in the last 2 years or something like that. That says it all. As the great Bill Parcells said - "You are, what your record says you are". Shami averages 24 per wicket, SR of 51. Amir averages 37, SR of 80. http://stats.espncricinfo.com/ci/engine/player/481896.html?class=1;spanmax1=09+Oct+2017;spanmin1=09+Oct+2015;spanval1=span;template=results;type=bowling;view=series http://stats.espncricinfo.com/ci/engine/player/290948.html?class=1;spanmax1=09+Oct+2017;spanmin1=09+Oct+2015;spanval1=span;template=results;type=bowling;view=series
  6. Bhuvi as 3rd seamer in SA Tests

    Of course. And in spite of the improvements, we could still struggle. But cricket's a funny game, bowlers can put better statistics than their bowling, if the batting has fired and provided scoreboard pressure, and vice versa. Anything can happen. But as I said earlier, given what we know at this point, I have extremely high hopes. I'm willing to say that we start the SA series as slight favorites. I don't care about the historical record. SA's batting is not as battle hardened and classy as ours. Their bowlers are good, but they don't have experience and quality on their bench. Morkel, their lead bowler, is already out with an injury. Philander neveer seems to get through more than a test or 2 without pulling up injured. There's no Kallis in this team to provide that extra balance, although QdK is a definite plus for them. AB will have a lot to prove, but his dodgy back is another season older, and the mileage is beginning to show up. Neither is their batting as deep as ours. All we need is players to be fit, and not in slumps - if that happens, I expect us to win this series.
  7. Syed Mushtaq Ali is a T20 tournament, played by the Ranji teams. Point is, criteria for selection is based on performances by the domestic First class teams. I'm not belittling the importance of IPL performances btw...
  8. Krunal has yet to demonstrate fitness or batting proficiency, outside of the IPL. Hardik got selected based on his domination of the Syed Mushtaq Ali T20 tournament. Like it or hate it, Indian selectors have made it very clear that the pathyway to national team selection is through First Class Cricket. I can't think of anybody who's been selected only on the basis of IPL performances. Even Bumrah had a couple of good domestic seasons under his belt by the time he made it to the Indian team.
  9. Bhuvi as 3rd seamer in SA Tests

    There is a massive difference between Umesh and Shami back then, vs today. Have you been watching them bowl in test cricket over the last 12 months or so? Did you watch them back then? Umesh was still in his spraygun phase back then. Most importantly, we had the perennial 3rd pacer problem. Heck, at Adelaide, Shami wasn't even in the team - it was Ishant, Aron and spraygun Umesh. Ishant gets a lot of hate towards him, but he is never been a guy who can carry a bowling attack. He's good, even very good - when he's the 3rd seamer. And Shami on his first tour to Oz was quite inexperienced, and may have been carrying the beginnings of an injury that ended up requiring surgery.
  10. Bhuvi as 3rd seamer in SA Tests

    This is pretty much the only pitch-fixing that opponents can really do against India at this point, and even that is no slam dunk anymore. On the previous round of away tours, our bowling ranks were nowhere near as good, and more importantly deep. Right now, SA knows that if they resort to a green-top, India has the skill and depth in its bowling unit, to come close to their own bowlers' efforts. And that would reduce the game to an outright shootout between the batting units. I like our chances in that scenario. The bouncy road approach is the only one where they could hope to arbitrage an advantage in terms of bowling effectiveness. And if we have a healthy pool of Shami, Umesh, Bhuvi, Ishant; and Pandya, Ash/Jaddu/Kuldeep to complement them - its not much of an advantage. I'm very curious to see what SA do in terms of pitches. Historically, they have given us slow, low, almost subcontinental tracks for the warm-up game, and followed it up with an out and out seamer's paradise first up. But that 2 card trick has started backfiring against India with the likes of Sreesanth bowling for us. And will be of even more dubious utility this time around.
  11. Kuldeep Yadav vs Ashwin Ravichandran in ODIs

    I looked through this entire thread that talks about Ashwin's ODI performances circa 2010, 2012, and more recently. And not a single poster pointed out the fact that ODI rules have changed in the 2 time-frames. Right now, with only 4 outfielders in overs 10-40, you can attack finger spinners with less risk, than you could, back then. This is the biggest reason why all finger spinners, not just Ash and Jaddu, have become less effective in the last few years. All I see is arm-chair analysts pontificating and spreading all kinds of raita about Ash's loop, variations, technical glitches, accuracy, you name it. Take away the field restrictions, and the likes of Adil Rashid will no longer be more wicket-taking than Ashwin, who is 10 times the bowler Rashid is, even in his fantasies.
  12. Rabada vs Amir

    Rabada just took a 10-fer and averages in the teens at home. Has Shami taken a 10-fer anywhere yet? Don't get me wrong, I believe a fully fit Shami is world class and bound to address this sooner rather than later. But he hasn't really taken wickets in bunches yet.
  13. Bhuvi as 3rd seamer in SA Tests

    S.A. took Herath out of the game in the recent home series against SL, by ensuring the ball doesn't grip at all. If Herath can be nullified, Jadeja is no different.
  14. Bhuvi as 3rd seamer in SA Tests

    People are just blindly slotting in Pandya as 3rd seamer when the guy has hardly bowled his full quota in ODIs. This is not virtual or fantasy cricket. There's the unanswered question of physical workload. He's at best a 4th seamer for tests right now. There's no way Bhuvi misses out because of him. Only way to accommodate him in SA is in place of one of the spin twins.
  15. Bhuvi as 3rd seamer in SA Tests

    But if both aren't getting much "purchase", then Ashwin's batting makes him the better choice.
  16. Kagiso Rabada [100 test wickets]

    Lack of 3rd seamer, and an inability to quickly adjust and maintain the correct lengths that are required is the reason.
  17. Bhuvi as 3rd seamer in SA Tests

    Kuldeep offers a tantalizing possibility, but he needs to force his way into the starting XI with an effective performance in the warm-up game. People are assuming that he will be able to get purchase on the wickets that the South Africans will prepare.
  18. Rabada vs Amir

    Shami needs a dominating series, or even a test performance, away from home, to enter the conversation.
  19. Bhuvi as 3rd seamer in SA Tests

    I wouldn't go the Kuldeep route to start with, I like having Ash in there for his batting. Historically we've been vulnerable with the bat in SA, especially in the 1st match of series. I hope M00Li is fit and in form by January.
  20. Pivotal session coming up. If SL win this session, they will go on and win the test, sweeping the greenbros in their "home".
  21. Bhuvi as 3rd seamer in SA Tests

    Your claim that we start the series with 2 spinners in the XI as default is questionable. Especially since SA are guaranteed to roll out a track that nullifies spin for a minimum of 4 out of 5 days. Like they did against Lanka, and even lowly Bangladesh.
  22. Bhuvi as 3rd seamer in SA Tests

    Yeah. It makes too much sense not to start the series with Ash and Pandya as the 4th and 5th bowling options. A batting lineup that has Ash, Pandya, Saha, Bhuvi at 6,7,8 and 9 will give us tremendous depth without weakening the bowling too much. A bit of Ajit Doval-esque offensive defense.
  23. Bhuvi as 3rd seamer in SA Tests

    That is the key question for India in terms of XI selection for the SA series. Assuming Shami stays fully fit. IMHO, Bhuvi is undroppable for this series - and I know I'm not totally unbiased. But playing Pandya as a 3rd seamer in test cricket is a bit of a stretch at this point. He has not demonstrated the physical capacity to bowl 20 overs in a day of cricket, and do it more than once within 5 days. Pandya has a bit of work to do, and some time to go before he can be anything more than a part-time or 5th bowling option, especially in test cricket, at this point of time. So according to me, Bhuvi, Yadav, Shami are locks at 9, 10 and 11. The question boils down to whether we play the best 2 spinners in the world or we pick one of them and punt on Pandya. And if we do the latter, which one do we go with - Ash provides the better batting ahead of Jaddu, while Jaddu brings his electric fielding and better ability to provide 'control' and quick overs regardless of surface. I would be inclined to look at 4 - 1 as the default, unless its an aussie style road. And Ash is the front-runner for the lone spinner spot, given his quality batting, and unambiguously yards better against pace bowling.
  24. Test 2 : South Africa vs Toygers

    He should "rested" some other time. Team really needed him and he decided to take a strategic rest that also manages to protect his personal statistics.
  25. I doubt Kuptaan passes up the chance to rack up a few more ODI centuries and add to the saga of his "greatness".

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