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  1. I thought this lot liked to claim that we don't play them because we are "scared of losing" to them. Extradite Lakhvi, Saeed, Masood Azhar. Exile Dawood. Stop stirring up **** across the LOC. No bilateral cricket until then.
  2. wtf do you want players to say and do? Stop believing in themselves? Self-flagellate themselves in press conferences?
  3. sandeep

    How tough was keeping yesterday!

    We need to hammer this phrase all over, over and over, as we go on win this test and this series. twas so infuriating to listen to that shiyte constantly during England's tour to India.
  4. sandeep

    New findings on goat behaviour and what tittilates them

    I still remember laughing my ass off reading "Charlie Wilson's war" 10-12 years ago, and the author talked about how they put together a complex deal to pump in arms and equipment into Af-Pak involving the Egyptians, Israelis etc - and they started having major logistical issues because the mules that were being sent to Pakistan were dying in huge numbers. Care to guess why they were dying?
  5. That's about the best billo rani can muster... If both Ishant and Amir play a dozen more tests or so, and Ishant Sharma's going to have a better career test average than Qaidi # Paanch. That's if the coward doesn't get his way and retire from tests to 'save' himself for T20 leagues. I'm not going to bother, but Ishant's test numbers over the last 2-3 years, especially away, are going to be yards better than Mohammed '130k' Amir.
  6. Waah. What high standards you have for a 5th bowler. You must be used to following a team with bowlers and allrounders who average sub-20 all the time, amirite?
  7. The guy is averaging close to 10 runs higher with the bat and 8 runs lower with the ball than Ben Stokes. But apparently his performance is unacceptable and terrible. Kuch bhi
  8. It's not about the player or his merits anymore. It's about ego and proving yourself right, even when you aren't.
  9. Aur ek aa gaya - Scorecard analyst. His first spell wasn't that bad - did you watch the game or are you just passing judgement on his "bowling figures". Of course his runs conceded are dismal and unacceptable. But that happens once in a while, and its affordable for him to 'press' and have such a bad spell when we were on top.
  10. His first spell was OK - picked up 1 for 16 in 6 odd overs. Went for a few in a couple of overs later on- I felt he was pressing a bit, trying to make something happen in that middle session where nothing was happening for us. His bowling is clearly a work in progress. Still you'd take that from your 5th bowler - he did chip in with a top order wicket after all.
  11. sandeep

    Sam Curran.. what a find for Team England...

    Its ok bro. Its almost legal pretty much all over the civilized world...
  12. So true. Where were all the vultures on this thread when he took out Cook 2 times in a row with *en Jaffas? Take the conditions into account a bit. Ball wasn't turning at all today, England wouldn't dare risk a track that will turn from Day 1. Not against us. They'd rather keep it green and moist - too bad for them that it's backfiring anyway. There's still plenty of time left in this test for him to come back and win it for us in the 2nd dig - provided the batsmen deliver for once and put up a nice 420-450 on the board.
  13. That hip strain is a chronic issue for him. Quite unfair for a lot of folks to call him fat etc. Obviously the team thinks that Ashwin at 80% is still a good bet. Players are human beings and bound to have a bad spell here and there, a few cheap dismissals, poor shots etc. Are we fans of Team India or only of winning?
  14. I'm hoping for a 150+ lead, but need to get England wrapped up below 180 for that. You can bat on this track once you get in. Openers will be key. If they do well, I can easily see us putting up a 400 here.
  15. @The Outsider @R!TTER @Rightarmfast "Hammock for bowlers" strikes again! Removes Alistair "thorn in our side" Cook. Do me a favor, pull up his series stats for me when you get a moment, will you? Thanks!
  16. @KeyboardWarrior Why did you tag me?
  17. sandeep

    Navdeep Saini bowling with genuine pace now

    Maco is my absolute favorite bowler. Just something about him.
  18. sandeep

    Asian Games 2018

    From what little I have seen so far, China looks like a defensive team with limited individual skills. A good team should be bossing them here, but India look sloppy. Very inconsistent play.
  19. sandeep

    Asian Games 2018

    Indian team not able to put together a proper break against an opponent that looks quite shaky. Not impressed.
  20. sandeep

    Asian Games 2018

    India-China semifinal hockey game on youtube - shouldn't India be blowing China away? So far its not looking one-sided to me...
  21. sandeep

    Asian Games 2018

    Hockey should be a safe bet for at least 1 gold if not 2. But then again, that's what we thought about Kabaddi.
  22. sandeep

    Navdeep Saini bowling with genuine pace now

    How tall is he?
  23. sandeep

    Last 2 tests will be in true English conditions

    England choosing to go with 2 spinners and 6 bowling options tells you that its going to be a track on the flatter side of things. They've gotten a LOT of heat about their batting failures as well.

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