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  1. Nothing is working, time to toss the ball to our savior, Pandya.
  2. 2 edged boundaries off of Pandya, and scorecard fans will cluelessly post a few hours later about Pandya 'leaking' runs.
  3. Awww mommy, he used sarcasm against me. It hurts!
  4. sandeep

    India currently has best bowling line up in world

    Let's not get ahead of the actual results. Quite cringy otherwise.
  5. Root plays Ashwin relatively well. Debutant batsman at the crease who hasn't faced him, or a decent chinaman bowler in his life. Kuldeep was in the team as a gamble to attack the England batters. He's there. Use him. A lot of VK's captaincy moves are questionable, and at times, obviously wrong. This one wasn't.
  6. Keep calm and watch Pandya bowl - well.
  7. Even Ashwin has been dropped randomly. Nobody's place is settled in the the team. And it shows. This is not the way top class teams are built and managed.
  8. Keep the faith paandus. This test is not yet over. We still have a chance to win the damn series.
  9. According to this self-styled phaast bouwling expert, Bangar was better.
  10. Almost got Bairstow for a duck too. I know in your universe Sanjay Bangar was better though, so keep up the silliness. It only emphasizes your butthurt ego.
  11. Zennie, let some of those guys be. Its not even a case of Pandya's merits or lack of anymore. Its about their ego. Every chance they get, they will cream their pants with their "I told you so"s.
  12. Pandyaaaaaaaaaaaa, PANDYA!
  13. What's interesting? Their hypocrisy is really surprising to you? Its old news.
  14. Keep in mind that the Proteas could afford to blood Rabada early because they had Steyn and Morkel as their 1st 2 pacers.
  15. And he told you this while smoking a cigar during the afterglow?
  16. Yep. Let's be patient and root for the team, through a tough period of time. I'm really not liking the tendency to chest-beat and go on full whinge mode every time things turn pear shaped.
  17. I think that's a bit harsh - watch the replay - they both start running, Pujara hesitates a bit, in response to Pujara's initial stutter, Kohli also hesitates and stops, at that point Pujara has resumed running past his initial stutter, and is fully committed and VK bails out on the run. So its a proper misunderstanding and not really accurate to say he "sold pujara out". Obviously its in the ECB and the England team's interest to resume at every chance - is it possible they wouldn't be so eager to resume if they were batting? Hard to say?
  18. Got to feel for Che. Dropped at the drop of a hat. Gets an opportunity in super-tough conditions, gritting it out, and gets sold down the river by Kuptaan Wrogn.
  19. Don't be so negative pandu. Darkest before dawn, and all that jazz. Got to hang in there with the team.
  20. Well Rabada had Steyn to teach him the ropes. India doesn't have the proper in-house knowledge and culture to really bring along a young pacer properly and nip off the mistakes in the bud. Not to excuse poor performances, but its a bit of an issue. Too bad Zaheer or Nehra couldn't pull a Dravid and coach the young ones, or at least work with the Sr Team. Zaheer wanted a ton of money I know, but something could have been worked out. The likes of Bharat Arun simply aren't good enough tbh.
  21. That's what a 5th ranked team will do when hosting the #1 test team in the world. Make sure the pitch is as green as possible, even when the conditions are "unseasonably" hot and dry.
  22. @Khota a.k.a the Ganguly lover. Ab kya karoge (kahoge)?
  23. And round and round we go.
  24. sandeep

    Play Shaw, Pant, and Siraj; soft debuts do little good

    A lot of blame/responsibility for the selection conservatism has to be laid firmly on the shoulders of the captain. After Kumble's ouster, its extremely clear who calls the shots in the Indian team management. And Virat has consistently shown a very strong preference to back "seniors" for years now. Go back to the very first time he was Captain - a LOI series against Zimbabwe - pretty much a glorified practice tour. Parvez Rasool was much hyped then and made the squad. Didn't get a single game while VK played Jadeja every match. Questioned on it, he said that if a 'regular' player is fit and available, I'm always going to give him the game first. He didn't care about giving new players opportunities. Loyalty - Its Virat's guiding principle in leading Team India. He has backed the guys he believes in - for better or worse. In some cases, this faith has paid dividends. Even the most ardent of Dhoni fans has to admit that Umesh Yadav has blossomed into a more consistent bowler under VK than he ever was under MS. But in the cases of Mr. Thigh Five and Natural Tailunt - Virat's loyalty has arguably hurt the team. Quite a bit. For the forseeable future, the Indian team is not going to make any major change, unless it is forced upon them. Even the induction of ChaaKu was forced upon them due to the incumbent finger spinners' severely sub-par performances in the CT. Dhoni will have to probably lose a limb before he's jettisoned from the LOI setup.

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