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  1. 23 minutes ago, gattaca said:

    In India it is not racist to call someone black or monkey, I have seen many call their friends like that. We don’t have concept of oppression based on race/color because we are one race. 

    There's a huge difference in an Indian calling another Indian fat because he's obese, or kaala because he's dark skinned.  Still rude, but not racist.  But it IS very racist to call a black person kaala.  How do you not understand the difference?

  2. 14 minutes ago, gattaca said:

    @sandeep This is bad but is callling someone black racism ? N word yes but black ? I don’t know.


    7 minutes ago, goose said:

    Tricky. Like @gattaca says is using the word 'kaale' racist? bit like you or I calling an Aussie 'gora'

    Maybe you guys are not fluent in hindi/urdu.  Its the prefix "abey" that very clearly signifies the derogatory intent.  Like others have explained, the phrase doesn't translate simply to 'black'.  its more like 'Hey Blackie'.


  3. 1 minute ago, cric_fan said:


    Show me where I have defended Sarfaraz? I was responding to@Maniac who was tarring a whole nation based on actions of a few.

    What Sarfaraz did today is indefensible


    He's referring to the team there I think, and to be fair, your bunch has a pattern of saying and doing some unfortunate things.  Just cop it and move on, the more you argue, the more mud gets slinged IMHO.  There is no need, or no point in going into your tribal "must defend flag and nation" mode.  I also indulge in a lot of Ind-Pak banter and all, but let's face it, we are all Indus brothers.  On this issue, just cop it and move on.

  4. 2 minutes ago, cric_fan said:


    Again, one idiot who was ‘preaching’.

    I’ve experienced racism on this very forum. Don’t pretend that Indian’s are angels.


    How many indian cricketers on this forum?  Internet aggro is not representative of people.  And to be fair, what sarfraz said is not limited to Pakistan, millions of desis - either blue or green are likely to say such garbage.  But Sarfraz is leading his national team.  Stop trying to defend the indefensible.   You are not a bad guy, and I agree that you have been the target of some below the belt stuff on the forum.  But in this case, you are just inviting more crap by this.

  5. Just now, VT87 said:

    Why is he dragging  his mother?

    uneducated superstition.  That part of our world puts a lot of stock in jadu tona, taweez, etc.  He's saying that Andile's mom got some weird black magic spell read out on his behalf that's why he's so lucky.   


    Its all kinds of ignorant and terribly racist.  And unfortunately for him, it was recorded and broadcast loud and clear.

  6. 37 minutes ago, Adi BB said:

    Let's see how the wicket plays ,nowadays Durban is pretty flat 

    Flat won't help Pak, if its quick and has decent bounce.  The 1st ODI track was completely Dhus, the ball lost way too much pace after hitting the deck.  That's what ended up being the difference in the end.  And even then, another 10 runs would have meant greenbro gotey-mooh-mein big time.

  7. 1 hour ago, mishra said:

    Not really. He is always considered not fit for limited over Cricket. Like Dravid

    By whom?  He has worked hard to keep his dotball % really low, and embraced his role as the anchor for that free-hitting team.  His numbers are right up there, and have been for quite some time.  T20 is where he isn't that effective.  

  8. I think SA is a flawed team, but still think they are a sure bet to win the series, with an outside chance of 4-1.  


    Their mistake was assuming that their bowlers would terrorize the Pak batsmen with any score north of 260.  The track was too slow for the bounce to nullify the Pak batsmen, and it still came down to the wire.  If they had 20 more runs, they would have won this game easy, and greenbros would be busy chest-beating and infighting blaming Imam for batting too slow, Babar for an Akmal-esque brainfart, and Hafeez for choking.  Plenty of time left in the series for all that to happen.

  9. 14 minutes ago, Trichromatic said:

    What's the basis of saying that they aren't professional and not applying common sense?

    The purpose for the scrutiny is assessing potential security risk.  The guy is a cricketer coming on a scheduled tour, it is unlikely he's going to have time or opportunity to go on solo missions to abet terrorism.  



  10. 5 minutes ago, Khota said:

    He was born in England. This is unnecessary scrutiny. Silly.

    Its not "unnecessary scrutiny".  Daoud Gillani a.k.a. David Headley was born in the US (American Mother).  He used his US passport and American alias to get easy visa access to India, and participated in one of the deadliest terrorist attack in history.  


    So the scrutiny is necessary, but the implementation needs to be professional and apply common sense.  Expecting Indian government services to be professional and efficient is always going to be a big ask.

  11. This thread is a classic example of how a popular prospect is seen as a must-select exciting new player, but in a space of a few games and months can become more stale than the newspaper piece used to serve bhelpuri.  


    Doesn't take long for yesterday's Siraj to become today's Khaleel.   Such are the fickle fans afflicted with the disease of wanting new fashionable names - Kuch Nayaa Lao syndrome.  



  12. 2 hours ago, putrevus said:

    I know Pandya tonked that left armer in first match against Pakistan  and in finals if they had a proper fast bowler India would have been chasing 260 plus total instead of 330.

    Do yourself a favor, go check the bowling scorecard for that game.  Pandya was the one bowler who the greenbros couldn't get away.  But why let facts get in the way of your hate for gujju lukdya.

  13. 2 hours ago, JourneyMan said:

    Narrowly beating the Australian B team does not turn you into the invincibles. 


    Then again, if you prefer to have the likes of Rayudu representing India in the World Cup then don't cry when they get eliminated in the first round. 

    Rayudu batting, Vijay Shankar "bowling" bunch of overs of pies.  This team can afford to bench Hardik Pandya like it can afford a hole in the head.

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