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  1. 12 minutes ago, mishra said:

    Agree with most of your comment with exception that Modi supporters are not “bhakts”.  Because its far to rich from anti modi camp. Modi supporter criticise / support Modi policy with objectivity. Most of his support base is educated middle class. They do regularly criticise even Modis cabinet.

    But for example, say A chandrababu Naidu supporter, who has allways opposed Mamata Didi till one month back, now finds himself in NO dilemma when Chandrababu Naidu attempts to form a coalition with Mamata Didi. And that is Bhakt.


    BTW, some IT cell Is sharing 200 blunder list of Modi. My only, response to such people is, they found no fault “in the view of Indian enmass shitting on roadside or railway line every morning”, but all of sudden their nationalism and thinking hat is on. Once again, Think, Modi has to run campaign with a India and Indians who were shitting shamelessly in public. 

    This is such a shitty melange of strawmen that I don't even know where to begin.  


    "Modi Saar" saving us from Indians shitting in public.  "Modi Saar" invented Shulabh Shauchalay didn't he? They frikking came up with those 25 years ago, when I was still in India. Difference is that 25 years later, India is rich enough, and Modi was slick enough, to tack on a "Swacch Bharat Cess" and drumbeat about it.  Still, fair credit to him for prioritizing the issue and all that.  But in one breath, you say Modi supporters are not "bhakts" and then go on to act like one. 

  2. 4 hours ago, ravishingravi said:

    This team doesn’t look like it will even reach semi finals. All this IPL nautanki and not one set of 11 players who can seriously challenge for World Cup. And we don’t even know who those 11 players will be. 






    Magar pyar bana rahey 

    Given that the other ODI teams are pretty crap, we will fall ass backward into semi-finals.  But that should not be considered an achievement when there are hardly 3 decent ODI teams in cricket.  

  3. 19 hours ago, Global.Baba said:

    That is ironic on so many levels :laugh:


    Curran’s role as a bowler is as clear as daylight when compared to what Pandya’s role is. Relatively speaking

    Nope.  Is he considered the 2nd or 3rd best bowler available to England for test cricket?  I don't think so.  He makes it into the team because of the package value he offers with his batting. 

  4. 12 hours ago, velu said:

    i like dubmash mirnalini ravi .. she is cute ( and doable :Giggity: 

    i told her that i stay near koramangla ( she works in whitefield though :p: ) and i can be her videographer if she wants .. she blocked me ( i think all her pages are handled by her mom or sister ) 


    Despo tharki saale.  :laugh:

  5. 1 hour ago, Clarke said:

    Fauj is said to do these things. They likely did that with a main stream journalist as well some years back.




    oh the brave Phauj does it all the time.  To many journalists and even bloggers.  They give themselves medals and land grants for slapping around bloggers and and anti-national twitter accounts.   

  6. Brought this up in another thread, but this deserves its own discussion.  A senior Police officer was kidnapped in Islamabad and murdered.  He apparently had vocally supported the PTM which is being hounded and persecuted by the Pak phaujis  like the Chinese Communist party is hounding the Uighur muslims and Falun Gong.  


    If a serving police officer can get brutally kidnapped and murdered in Islamabad, its only one of 2 possibilities - either the famous namaloom afraad -  an euphemism for security agencies - were involved, OR murderous terrorists are freely and effectively operating in Islamabad and the NWFP region.  Neither of these possibilities reflects kindly on Pakistan.  


    WTF is going on?  





  7. On 11/13/2018 at 12:30 PM, KeyboardWarrior said:

    looks like some Gems of Gospel Truth .. 

    The fingerpointing to "foreign hands" has started.  Question is how is a relatively weak country like Afghanistan able to carry out such alleged action under the nose of the almighty PHAUJ  in the heart of the Capital Islamabad?  :((




  8. 47 minutes ago, mishra said:

    Sandeep Bhai, It is. Soft Power allways comes into equation when it comes to voting in UN or bilateral relations. Not going into Hindu Mythology but India sells itself as a land of Budha,Gandhi,Yoga.


    Despite so much noise by our neighbours (including vested interest of China), No one believes them. Indian Soft Power is unmatcheable.

    NSG, NPT, CTBT, Maintaining relation to Iran, Relation with African and Black Community in rest of World (Martin Luther King Mandela, all are equated to Gandhi).


    Bottom line is, Most Countries (specially its people) will accept our narrative on any issue vis a vis to China or Pakistan. See the case of Doklam.


    Even in case of Aksai Chin, Tibet, Despite Chines money and muscel and UN permanent seat, Chinese know, danger from India comes in terms of its soft power.

    I was referring to the latter part of the quote.  


    Indian Government has done plenty wrong since 1947.  

  9. 1 hour ago, SK_IH said:

    Don't think Ind can afford to nurture a no 6 by playing him intl cricket on potential, especially when his bowling is also not up to the mark. 

    In ODIs he comes in straightaway because there is a clear cut role but he is too much bits n pieces in tests at the moment.



    1 hour ago, SK_IH said:

    I was also dimissive of his performance and thought he will not score in sub continent but there is solid technique there to defend and attack.And his role is clear in the side.

    Not so sure that his role is 'clear'.  Is he in the team as a bowler first?  I don't think he's good enough for that - especially in sub-continent.  

  10. 2 hours ago, Global.Baba said:

    Oh ok. Never mind. Sanjiv Sanyal is actually an economist currently working for the government. However he has written a lot of history books. I read one recently where a lot of the things you mentioned are stated like the saraswati river which is not actually mythical but probably a river that dried up over the years.  


    Also the Deva and Asura and how it is reversed in Zorasstrianism for who the good guy and bad guy is etc.


    thats why I asked

    Like I said above, my interest in history, and IVC goes back a long time.  If any book can be credited for it, its the Frawley-kak one.  I went to Lothal almost 20 years ago, my relatives in gujarat had to arrange a rented car etc and it was a 4 hr drive each way in the boonies.  They mocked me for years for "wasting my time" looking at 'old useless rocks and stuff'.    

  11. 1 minute ago, KeyboardWarrior said:

    i was reffering to the muglughonto post.

    now saying this wont have same impact as the "word" using by Mugloghoncho. 

    you can say your PoV in decent manner. whether someones agree or not. like you did in this post. 


    Mulo is a verbose poster who likes to use bombastic words for added impact.  


    Insults and bad choice of words, his underlying point that Pakistan is a fabrication built on denial of history and truth isn't entirely wrong. 


    But see, rightly or wrongly, no matter whether the 2 nation "theory" was justified, or a crock of ****.  It doesn't really matter in the 21st century.  More than 2 or 3 generations of Pakistanis and Indians have been born since then, and they think of themselves as separate countries.  It is what it is.  


    But if more people on either side of the border realize that we are the same goddamn people, maybe the hostility cycle could someday stop.  Prerequisite for that is to rein in the military mafia in Pakistan though.  Those guys have too much benefits at stake from continuing the  Quami Dushmani


    Never mind the fact we are the same damn "qaum".  

  12. 1 hour ago, KeyboardWarrior said:

    what do u mean by pakistani ? do you mean all pakistanis are BASTARD ? 

    wtf is your obsession with that word?  Do you get off on it or something?


    All Pakistanis are children of the sub-continent, just like Indians.  Religion doesn't matter.  That's what I meant.  We have a shared civilizational background if you are educated enough to understand that.  Fine, for whatever reasons political and others, the modern nation-state of India was partitioned.  And Pakistan exists.  But that doesn't change our shared history and origin.  That's what I meant.  


    But if you want to twist that into some kind of insult to Pakistanis, so that you can continue to lie to yourself, that's fine too.

  13. 17 minutes ago, Global.Baba said:

    That is because England doesn’t have to “force” a guy to play in the team as an allrounder just for the sake of it. They have Stokes,Woakes and Ali.


    In fact they have a totally opposite  problem. Too many allrounders than specialists.

    Woakes is poor mans' Bhuvi who gets to play bulk of his cricket in helpful conditions.  I'd rather have either of Ash or Jaddu over Ali anyday.  


    Stokes & Pandya? :)  That reminds me our little "meet cute" here on ICF.  

  14. 13 minutes ago, KeyboardWarrior said:

    very nice of you. but you should say ALL MUSLIMS IN INDIAN SUB-CONT are BASTARD. becoz thre were no Muslims before some 1400 years ago in indian sub-cont. 

    Tell yourself whatever you want, to make yourself buy into the "Not-Indian" concept.  


    Pakistanis are Indians who decided that they want to call themselves a made-up name.  Rest is all noise.  

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