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  1. 8 minutes ago, nikred said:

    They seem confident enough to think that they already made it to the finals. Talking about how to handle India even before going past the toygers.

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    If tamim wasn't injured, I'd say the odds of toygers getting the greenbros to surrender would be around 75%.  As it stands, toygers are in their own version of self-inflicted chaos, so its anybody's game.  

  2. 6 hours ago, jf1gp_1 said:

    First word uttered by any Indian player (facing heat) when comes out and score a few runs or takes wickets . 


    Jaddu is the latest one to us it. The only thing i want to tell him is buddy give 70+ runs in your quota of 10 overs and score less than 5 for next 3 games and then we will see who needs to prove what to whom. 


    I understand some of our cocky ones using it but now have heard the likes of Rahane and Pujara use it. Someone really needs to fix this. 

    wtf do you want players to say and do?  Stop believing in themselves? Self-flagellate themselves in press conferences?  

  3. I still remember laughing my ass off reading "Charlie Wilson's war" 10-12 years ago, and the author talked about how they put together a complex deal to pump in arms and equipment into Af-Pak involving the Egyptians, Israelis etc - and they started having major logistical issues because the mules that were being sent to Pakistan were dying in huge numbers.  Care to guess why they were dying? 

  4. 3 hours ago, Vilander said:

    is that your come back man..i think you got owned there.

    That's about the best billo rani can muster...


    If both Ishant and Amir play a dozen more tests or so, and Ishant Sharma's going to have a better career test average than Qaidi # Paanch.   That's if the coward doesn't get his way and retire from tests to 'save' himself for T20 leagues.  I'm not going to bother, but Ishant's test numbers over the last 2-3 years, especially away, are going to be yards better than Mohammed '130k' Amir.  

  5. 13 minutes ago, zen said:

    True and when they are not even experts on the subject .... many of them don’t even appreciate good performances by the player. Probably take Pandya doing well as a personal loss :lol: .... And they post desperately as if the team management is listening to us


    We know that Pandya is likely to get the full series and is a promising youngster so why not support him 


    The guy is averaging close to 10 runs higher with the bat and 8 runs lower with the ball than Ben Stokes. But apparently  his performance is unacceptable and terrible. 


    Kuch bhi

  6. 9 minutes ago, zen said:

    For 1-2 bad overs in a 5-days game, if ppl have to post it as if it were criminal, it highlights the desperation :facepalm:


    Be happy that after a long time, Ind has some material to work with to shape in to a good AR and when the player has performed in one way or the other in every series that he has played so far 


    Support promising youngsters 

    It's not about the player or his merits anymore. It's about ego and proving yourself right, even when you aren't. 

  7. 6 minutes ago, shortbread said:

    Those weren't acceptable bowling figures by any stretch of the imagination. Cook's wicket was lucky in an otherwise terrible performance with the ball. He should have bowled more overs than Ashwin, but was too erratic for Kohli to trust.


    He doesn't need to do a lot. Just stick to a consistent line and length. Had absolutely no rythm today.

    Aur ek aa gaya - Scorecard analyst.  His first spell wasn't that bad - did you watch the game or are you just passing judgement on his "bowling figures".  Of course his runs conceded are dismal and unacceptable.  But that happens once in a while, and its affordable for him to 'press' and have such a bad spell when we were on top.  

  8. 3 hours ago, fineleg said:

    ER 6.17 when most bowlers ER 2+ today and IshSharma 1+

    His first spell was OK - picked up 1 for 16 in 6 odd overs.  Went for a few in a couple of overs  later on- I felt he was pressing a bit, trying to make something happen in that middle session where nothing was happening for us.  His  bowling is clearly a work in progress.  Still you'd take that from your 5th bowler - he did chip in with a top order wicket after all.  

  9. 58 minutes ago, sensible-indian said:

    You know how many overs he bowled to English tail? 


    Broad 1 over.... Alnost gone 2 times. 

    Anderson 1 ball.... Curran got out. 


    He picked up Moeen Ali. Got Curran lbw (umpire's call). 


    Was taken off the attack after picking up a wicket.


    Exactly pinpoint the instances in the match where he let it slip away. 

    So true.  Where were all the vultures on this thread when he took out Cook 2 times in a row with *en Jaffas?   Take the conditions into account a bit.  Ball wasn't turning at all today, England wouldn't dare risk a track that will turn from Day 1.  Not against us.  They'd rather keep it green and moist - too bad for them that it's backfiring anyway.


    There's still plenty of time left in this test for him to come back and win it for us in the 2nd dig - provided the batsmen deliver for once and put up a nice 420-450 on the board. 



  10. 1 minute ago, jusarrived said:

    Chinese womens team have been stronger than India , its only recently we have had a edge . They are a good though , so are the japs in finals 

    From what little I have seen so far, China looks like a defensive team with limited individual skills.  A good team should be bossing them here, but India look sloppy.  Very inconsistent play.  

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