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  1. 3 minutes ago, rahulrulezz said:

    I condemn killings of Sikhs in 1984, but do you condemn killings of thousand time more Hindus in Punjab before and after 1984. Hindu lives don’t matter in Punjab.


    All I am saying both people died, but Hindus have moved on and they don’t spew hatered about Sikhs to next generation.


    My whole town was based on Hindus Who ran for their life from Sikhs but now all these hindu kids go to gurudwaras.


    But you look at Sikhs in Canada, and they don’t want to move on, and spill hate against India and Hindus for coming generations.


    Not cool brah not cool

    Its only a handful of confused simpletons who are having trouble with their "identity" and resort to the extreme identification with their ethnicity and delusions of grandeur.  See his reply about how he doesn't want a separate Khalistan in Canada, but wants one separate from "India".  Don't get too upset about the opinions of fat neckbeards in their mom's basements...

  2. 8 hours ago, Under_Score said:

    It's the typical generalization you are making about all Sikhs in Canada. Some Khalistani supporters here probably want to have a separate state in India since there is injustice happening to Sikhs in Punjab, not sure if they would want a separate state here where it's the real democracy....no riots, no corruption and no political goons to harm minorities...very simple.

    I know I'm feeding a troll, but did the fair and just Canadian democracy punish all the perpetrators of the plane bombing carried out by Khalistani terrorists? 

  3. 29 minutes ago, Khota said:

    Absolutely not. See what they do to us and then comment.

    Will you bite a dog that bites you?  


    Don't lower this forum's standard and justify it by citing the misbehavior and gutter nonsense of other sites.  

  4. 18 minutes ago, Lala said:

    How fair donkeys and racehorses came to cricket at same age and not mentioning each. :cantstop: racehorses are chasing behind personal records and making fans donkeys :cantstop: on the other hand donkeys hard working to bring their team to victory. :cantstop:

    Racehorses top score in world cups and lead their teams to victory.  Donkeys can only stare angrily at their team-mates and throw their wickets away in typical donkey fashion after hitting an odd boundary.  


    Even Afridi himself would be ashamed to put himself in the same sentence as Tendulkar - forget about the level of player.  


    I can understand that the blunt words might be provocative to you, a clear fanboi for "Lala".  But comparing Afridi to Tendulkar is even worse than comparing an Ajit Agarkar to a Wasim Akram.  At least Agarkar won a match with the ball for India in Australia, and has scored a century at Lords.  

  5. 17 hours ago, Gollum said:

    Kahaan se looks la lete ho yaar tum log? Guy has bucket loads of talent, swag and represents the most popular sporting team in India. Based on his initial sparks of brilliance he is going to become at least a good AR one day, no need for so much negativity. He's a 24 year old....how many 24 year olds achieve what he has done? Hope he has fun with these girls, parties and what not......sacrifice and hard work has rewarded him this luxury. Yet there are children of industrialists and movie stars with zero talent, no concept of hard work and truckloads of misplaced arrogance...yet whole country swoons over them because apparently they look good and have style. Rather have this dude date hot chicks than a Yash Birla or Harman Baweja. 

    Well said.  So what if he likes fugly haircuts and fuglier clothes and has a face that looks like a hungry street dog.  The guy is a value-add member for the Indian team.  That's all that matters.

  6. 21 hours ago, UrmiSinhaRay said:



    He is a gully level player.
    Doesn't even deserve to play Ranji.

    I infact feel that he is just warming the seat till Arjun Tendulkar becomes ready
    Then Master Blaster will kick him off just like he got him in.

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    Are you salty because of 144WWW? 

  7. 9 hours ago, Ankit_sharma03 said:

    both pathan bros became lazy so didnt rise above . Look at their poor fitness over the years

    That's harsh and IMHO inaccurate.  Injuries != poor fitness.  Irfan was guilty of choosing to follow the wrong advice, and decided to try and get quicker.  Went about it the wrong way, and lost his swing, which made him a total trundler.  


    And yes, in the 2nd half of his career, there was a distinct lower priority in his mind for Ranji and FC cricket, he was clearly attempting to extend his IPL career and earnings - not exactly a crime.  


    Irfan didn't live up to the initial hype and expectations created by his excellent early int'l start.  But you simply can't accuse Yusuf of being lazy.  The guy is an extremely limited player who made the most of his abilities to have the career he did.  


    Arm-chair experts are entitled to their opinions and even biases.  But let's try and be at least a little grounded in reality. 

  8. I want the mods to take a slightly more pro-active stance on anti-muslim posts. As many have said, its great that ICF has a hands-off policy and people are free to say what they want, including strong criticism of players.  There's a lot said about players that I disagree with.  But there are people who are taking advantage of the low-intensity moderation and regularly spewing hate speech.  


    This thread is a very good idea to "name and shame" the offenders, publicly.  And then the mods can take action if somebody's a repeat offender.  


    Lets all chip in a bit to do a bit of self-policing so that the forum doesn't spiral down in quality.  We can disagree and fight all we want about players and teams, but lets not tolerate hateful crap about religions and ethnicities.  


    My posts make it clear that I have no "love" for our greenbros.  But I still want our forum to be a space where Pakistanis should not be insulted just because of their origin.  Banter is fine, even strongly worded, but doesn't need to stoop to gutter level.


    Just my 2 cents.

  9. 5 minutes ago, Ankit_sharma03 said:

    That was a lot due to wet conditions 

    He came in to bat at 60/5 and more then that his batting looks so good 


    I've posted earlier on this - Jadeja's biggest problem in batting is shot selection.  He's begun to put together a batting method in test cricket - and the results are starting to show.  

  10. Bhuvi, Ishant, Shami, Bumrah/Umesh. 


    I suspect Shami's going to be very motivated to get his cricket career going again, and may do well, at least until he gets injured again.  


    Ash/Jaddu ahead of Pandya, unless the wicket is a complete green-top and the weather is also in favor of seam.  

  11. 21 minutes ago, Trichromatic said:

    They play 10-12 tests, 30+ ODIs and 45 days of IPL. That's 150 days of cricket max. Most of the time it's 110-120 days of cricket in a year.


    They can easily add 50 days of cricket and people will still watch. Maybe they don't want longer IPL. In that case they can go for international cricket if it is still profitable. 


    I can't find it now, but earlier I had seen an image on cricinfo showing number of contracted players from all countries. All countries has 50-150 contracted players. BCCI has 400+ cricketers. Less than 50 cricketers got chance in international cricket last 2 years. 


    Other teams had similar number of players out of smaller pool.


    We see our players complaining about hectic schedule. Why can't we give chances to more players by organizing more matches? 


    For the burden issue, BCCI can try to fix a cap, say 100 days a year, on number of days of cricket for players. 


    For scheduling part, if BCCI organizes 50 days of extra cricket, they can split it with other boards who may still make profit with Indian side. Not sure if BCCI can manage to make profits with home series with all teams. 


    But if there is a way to earn more, then there is no reason why they shouldn't try it. 




    You're on to something.   'A' tours are not as marketable, but tours to legit countries with an 'A' type squad - to Zim, Ire, BD, SL, etc would work well.  


    USA is the next big market that's being eyed by everyone - ICC, WICB, everyone.  BCCI should schedule a tri-series in the US in Aug/Sept in Florida with a rotating set of opponents.  WI, SL, NZ, Afg etc.  Partner up with the USA Board eventually.  Make it a regularly scheduled event.  Ideally, schedule it during the same weeks as the ECB's T16.4 kachra.

  12. 13 hours ago, Khota said:

    not because their bowling is better or batting is better. It is because they are such a crappy team no one takes them seriously and ends up paying a heavy price. They play for respect as they don't even get a full series. India on the other hand have a bullseye on their back because they are no 1 team and they get everyone's best shot. Everyone brings their A+ game when playing India and just regular game playing pakistan. I guess that is the price of success and no 1 ranking that India has to pay.

    There's no doubt that England took Pakistan lightly in T1, especially after watching the Pack barely scrape past the Irish, who are middling at best.  


    All credit to Pakistan team, they played admirably well in T1, but I'm a bit disappointed that some of the low-hanging fruit for us has been plucked.  There are glaring chinks in England's batting unit.  I didn't want them to be so badly exposed already.  Stoneman's already out, Malan will be soon as well.  Not too worried, because I don't think Jennings is that much of an upgrade as opener, but still.  


    England are being absolutely foolish with this Root at #3 silliness.  I hope they keep him there for the India series.

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