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  1. Yep, Pommies chest-beating after losing is always entertaining. And gotta love Unkil Bob's rants! But I want Aussie batting to fail also - wipe off the arrogant smirks off the one-eyed aussie commies, and see how they react.
  2. Banjo your reading comprehension problem is still showing no signs of improvement. I'm rooting for neither team - I'm rooting for chaos and strife to break loose for both teams. Symptomized by early and frequent failures of old dogs and new pups alike.
  3. Don't read too much into this innings - check out how Rahane, Kohli, Pujara, Vijay did, the last time they toured SA. We should be OK on the batting front - not great, but OK. This January is going to be India's best chance so far to win a series in South Africa. I think its 55-45 India.
  4. Prithvi Shaw

    How are you handling the benching of Fat Renshaw? I'll tag your butt-buddies as well - @Lala2790 @Davie Warner
  5. The chinks are starting to get more and more visible. The India series took a bit of a toll on him. I totally agree that he has an unhealthy amount of influence on selection, and is making some bad calls on that front. With all the mujra and twitching he does before every delivery, if does fall into a bit of a slump, it could get ugly fast. That's always the risk and the problem for batsmen with "unconventional" techniques, it may work fine for the 1.0 version, but when things start going pear-shaped due to age/reflexes, or form etc, it can get very difficult to bounce back quickly.
  6. A former colleague of mine - old school dude who grew up in Philly, ex-military - big NFL fan - and I remember him responding to such a question about a game that involved 2 other rivals - and he didn't miss a beat before responding - "You root for injuries". Sounds quite harsh, but it was funny AF. Especially because he was dead serious. I never want to see cricketers get hurt, but I do want to see some strife break loose. Already, I'm enjoying the selection chaos that the Kangaroos are churning up. 3-4 failures by Alistair at the top of the order, followed by pommie collapses, with guest appearances by the typical Root Cameos of 30s and 40s will do nicely, to get some chaos going on the Pommie side. If the new kid Bancroft fails to kick on in the first couple of tests, and their "new" 'keeper lays a few ducks, nothing like it. Let Warner and Smith get their share of runs, let the rest flail and flounder. Let both batting units stink up the joint, and let the pace bowlers reign supreme.
  7. I don't like either team so hard to "root" for either. Usually I'd want the underdog to do well, especially against Oz, but I can't stomach rooting for the likes of Anderson, Broad, Cook, etc I hope they all suffer - they can take 2 pills of "in these conditions" and see how it feels in the morning.
  8. I'm actually bit disappointed that he's not picked - expected him to be exposed for the big fake hype that he is. Fat Renshaw gets graded on a curve because of his age - he actually didn't do that great in the India series. From his dismissal in the 2nd innings at Bangalore, I was never worried about his wicket while watching the rest of the series. Sure he managed a decent-ish innings on the dead track at Ranchi after that, but got sorted out by our Pacers pretty handily. Renshaw and Cook doing badly this Ashes were my 2 big predictions months ahead of the ashes. Now one's out already, lets see how old 'Chef' does.
  9. Very Poor man's Veeru - i.e. David Warner, is considered a top 5 test bat right now. That just says it all. Veeru was a trailblazer. A genuine freak. His scoring rate and efficacy in test cricket is Bradmanesque-ally higher than his peers, and all those who came before him. And that too as an opener.
  10. Does ICF need a members only forum? How to make it work?

    Excellent suggestion. Love this idea.
  11. And regardless of losing the toss, the weather, the juicy conditions, and the poor shot selections by some of the top order - I believe this Indian team should still beat the Lankans. If we get 3 full days of play from here. I love this track, and the cricket we've seen so far. Every ball matters. Makes for some very interesting viewing. As a bonus, some very obvious but ignored home truths about test cricket are getting reinforced - Look how SL is struggling because they don't have pacer quality beyond their new ball bowlers. Look how the likes of Dhawan got exposed for their poor batting "method" on such a bowler friendly pitch. And I'm glad Jinxy and Cheeku got a bit of a wake-up call to tighten things up with their shot selection.
  12. The Ashes 2017/18 | 23rd Nov onwards.

    Renshaw the great fat hope dropped. And deservingly so. But some silly selections in Marsh and Paine. Its almost as if the Aussies want to play fair since the Pommies don't have Stokes and have some injury issues, so they are responding by picking some "experienced" kachra. Poor Maxwell. Gets told that his FC numbers need to be better, and then gets replaced by Marsh who's averaging less than him.
  13. I think all the realists on ICF expected the BS that happened, to happen.
  14. I want to see Vijay and Rahul open, but I suspect Dhawan and Rahul might. Hope not though.
  15. Hardik pandya "Confident" interview

    Hilarious, but honest.

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