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  1. Chottey log, Chotti Soch. Let them be happy over the CT Fluke. Its not like they're winning anything major anytime soon.
  2. Its bigtime cowardice, coupled with ineptitude. The ECB chairman is running the board like a fiefdom. And all the other board officials are intimidated by him to follow his diktats. Those who don't go along are "resigning". In such an environment, the leftover babus are under pressure to come up with "cutting edge" plans to take cricket forward to "new audiences". You need to have balls to speak up in a meeting and say that a proposed idea is stupid.
  3. This is what happens when a bunch of old farts get in a room, don't have a clue, and are under pressure to come up with "exciting" changes. Each oldie is afraid to say no to new ideas, afraid that he's going to be seen as the one who's out of touch and not gutsy enough. Road to $hitty decisions is paved with cowardice.
  4. Your top 3 architectural monuments in India

    Kailash temple @ Ellora outclasses Ajanta from an architectural perspective IMHO.
  5. You are contradicting your own argument. If the T20 innings are done in 85 minutes each, then why make the silly cut to 16.4 to fit under 3 hours? And lost in all this chaos is the fact that if you keep the existing T20 tournament, and add this circus, where's the room on the calendar for FC cricket - 4 day or 50 overs? Maybe the ECB thinks that its team can't compete in the existing 3 formats of the game, and decided to invent a new one where they can declare the winning team "world champions", American style.
  6. And I had a friend working for a gujjuew who screwed her over a paycheck too. Cheap desi mentality is common across national origin. I know a lot of these Pakistanis are brainwashed into hostility, but not all of them are. Anyway, let's leave this and move on.
  7. BB Sran is back into recokning ?

    Ummeed pe duniya qaayum hai bhai.
  8. Surely, pursuing a "new" audience shouldn't be the be-all end-all of it. You do want to take along the existing audience as well. Such shitty perversion of the sport, just to suit broadcasting demands is quite foolish. If you wanted to shorten the game, there is no reason why you couldn't fit 40 overs of cricket in about 3 hours. This move smacks heavily of a desperate desire to differentiate themselves from other leagues that have left England in the dust. In spite of England being one of the so-called early adopters of T20.
  9. IMHO England needs a viable T20 league - whether its the existing one or the new one is a separate question. The problem with the existing one is that they have too many teams. I actually think they should have created a play-off style tournament on top of the existing one. You need a smaller tournament, because you need to create a league where you can pay your top 100 players a decent chunk of money - with 18 teams it would be too expensive to do so. And unless the ECB have their own league that offers players outside of the squad of the 15-20 national players top drawer compensation, they are going to start losing their players. But this silliness of T16.4 is just beyond dumb.
  10. BB Sran is back into recokning ?

    There's no reason why Barinder can't hope to emulate what Unadkat did last year. He's got the left-arm angle, he can be quicker than Unadkat. Just needs to keep improving his execution and his slower variations. Ashwin's a pretty decent captain. I think KXIP are a safe bet to make the IPL final. Only problem is that Ash is over-rating his own batting and playing himself at #7. The best XI for that team doesn't have him batting higher than 8.
  11. Joe le taxi - Vanessa Paradis

    You might like this one too. It was used in one of the Rush Hour movies as a caberet number.
  12. Leave YCCC alone. So what if he's an old school old fart ? His steadfast love for our sport - although limited to test and county cricket - is worthy of respect and affection. And he's honest enough to recognize and call out the ECB's buffoonery early and often!
  13. There's a difference between hating the policies of a mafia-military run country, and its people. Don't confuse the two. At the end of the day, the greenbros are our brothers. Don't be a hater.
  14. Dude it happens all over the place. I actually feel a bit sympathy for such guys. Imagine having to hide behind the identity of the "enemy". How annoying.
  15. Why are they so desperate to "differentiate" themselves from the other leagues. This is pathetic. For better or worse, T20 has emerged as a new standardized format of the game. The ECB is probably pissed that "they" were the first board to hold a T20 game, and have been left way behind by other cricket boards. @YCCC @Stumped How do you guys feel about this "exciting" innovation?

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