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  1. sandeep

    Australia are top favorites for WC19

    SA have zero knock-out games before the semi-final - its a format that suits them quite a bit. Regardless of which team is considered 'favorite', I feel like its pretty much an even 25% chance for the 4 teams once they make the semis. I don't like this aspect of the format. A team should have to win more than 2 knock-out games to win the WC. I do like the fact that all play all though. Wouldn't have minded the "super6" format and squeeze in 2 more teams into the WC either. That would have been reasonably fair.
  2. Rohit indirectly trying to free up room for the Pandya bros in the XI? if you slot in Dhoni at #4, Jadhav/Karthik at #5, Hardik and Krunal at 6 and 7, that team gives you plenty of punch down the order along with a few bowling options.
  3. Keep in mind that Eng Lions will play a bunch of games. Its BCCI's job to spread the opportunity around a bit, especially when hosting such games that don't matter as much. Sometimes a young guy who doesn't necessarily deserve a game at that point plays against quality tourists and has a wake-up call about what he needs to do. And besides, when India "A" goes on tour, or even our national team, host boards often give us warm-up games with really soft club level teams. No need to do Eng a favor by giving them best in class opposition for all the games. Doubt they did that when India "A" toured England.
  4. If you go back to CT, even Bumrah had a bad tournament. One-off bad spell happens. And he hadn't played a lot of cricket recently. Won't be the case come WC. And if he's not in full rhythm, he doesn't make the XI. Simple as. But I expect him to stay fit and be a key contributing member during the WC. Even yesterday Lyon sat on the slower one and was able to connect one and take him deep. But overall, folks who understand the game and bowling, would have seen that overall he bowled with good control and the pace was back to where it needs to be. There should be no gimmes or freebies at this level, not for Dhoni, not for Bhuvi. But objective evaluation is required, not schoolboy stats-bashing.
  5. sandeep

    Resurgence of MSD???

    Are we allowing multiple ids on here now?
  6. Shami is a quality bowler, and bowls a lot of peaches. But he does tend to serve up boundary balls way too often to be your go-to bowler for powerplay and death. He'd be an excellent choice for 3rd pacer at the moment. But would be a double-edged sword for the team if you start counting on him to bowl regularly up front and at the death. But I have no qualms with benching Bhuvi if he doesn't consistently do his job. He's done his job here in these 2 games, would you agree?
  7. I see. You are one of those fans with Kuch Nayaa Lao syndrome. Fplks afflicted with that have a hard time seeing things objectively. No easy cure for that fallacy. I'm done wasting my time then, toodles.
  8. Probably they are local to where the game is being played? Usually BP XI doesn't necessarily have the best players, spreads the opportunity to face touring sides a bit.
  9. sandeep

    Australia are top favorites for WC19

    nailed it. Eng, NZ, SA, Ind, Aus. That's the order of favorites at the moment. If India get their selection and form right, they can jump to the 2nd spot quite easily, but that's easier said than done.
  10. Based on your silly stats, are you saying India would be better off selecting Khaleel ahead of Bhuvi? That's what your numbers point to right? Don't dodge the question now.
  11. Please name bowlers who are "consistent" with death bowling. All bowlers can go for runs at the death. That's the nature of the game. Pound for pound, Bhuvi is the best bet from a probability perspective for India after Bumrah. Provided he's 100% fit and in rhythm. But you can say that for any bowler. Being more penetrative with the new ball, bowling tighter at the death are obviously things that Bhuvi can improve upon. But to zoom in on those areas of improvement, while ignoring the reliable control he provides the team, is missing the proverbial forest for the trees.
  12. sandeep

    Australia are top favorites for WC19

    All I'm saying is that this WC brings the highest probability of Aus missing out on Semis in quite some time.
  13. sandeep

    Australia are top favorites for WC19

    So are you. This Aus team is out of their depth if the England WC tracks turn out to be 330+ par wickets. And parachuting in Warner & Smith at the last minute isn't going to magically solve that problem. Like I said, they are still comfortably 5th in terms of contenders, and it would only take a couple of good games to get into the semi-finals. They have a decent chance to beat SL, Pak, BD, Afg* and WI. They need to win 4 out of those 5 and a couple more out of the other games to get into the semi-finals. Doable with a bit of luck. But you can say that about SL/Pak as well.
  14. You clearly either didn't read what I wrote, or failed to understand. The stats that you post are average driven. Most ODI tracks are 330 par these days. You'd happily take a 10-1-53-1 from one of your bowlers that bowls Powerplay and death overs in that context. Or would you rather have 10-0-76-1 from a Siraj/Shardul/Umesh/Khaleel? Bhuvi provides the team with much-needed control in the powerplay overs. Consistently. Hardly ever gives freebie boundary balls. Bowling attacks hunt in packs, the control and discipline exerted by one bowler often results in wickets at the other end. For example Hardik Pandya - u know the 9th grade fail who you're besotted with? - his ODI bowling numbers benefit majorly from the presence of the likes of Bumrah, Bhuvi, KulCha around him. Because the opposition is forced to take extra risks against him. Just like how Moeen Ali's test numbers in England are really good - because the rest of the bowlers exert so much pressure and he is able to pick up wickets in bunches. Take away that consistent pressure from the rest of the England bowlers, in Indian conditions for eg, and what happens to Moeen? His stats take a nosedive into the underground sewer. A simpleton can draw foolish conclusions from Moeen's test stats at home though. That is why stats have to be understood with context. Not with half-assed agendas without watching and understand the game. Yes, Bhuvi's average isn't that great. But in the context of the high-scoring ODIs, he's doing a really important job quite well for the team. Compare his numbers to his peers in the same time-frame - the pace bowlers for the teams he played against. For the 2nd pacer role, Bhuvi is right up there in quality across the top ODI units. Stats be damned. You can keep regurgitating the same flawed numbers till the cows come home, doesn't make an iota of difference in what the facts are.
  15. sandeep

    Australia are top favorites for WC19

    That team had a Warner and Smith firing on all cylinders, playing in home conditions. With Starc in his pomp. England with their 330+ every game batdeep method didn't exist back then. Neither did the threat of wrist-spin in the middle overs. The ODI game has evolved a bit since 2015. 320 would be a winning score in that WC - These days 345 is breached routinely. Aussies lack the batting class and depth needed to score that big with any kind of consistency. That would be OK if they had a bowling unit that was strong enough and deep enough to defend 310 regularly. But they don't. They consistently carry a 4 bowler unit into ODIs, because they have to shore up the batting. And even the 3rd and 4th bowler can be targeted without too much risk. The fact that we lost a game against such a weak team says more about us than it does about Aus.

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