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  1. sandeep

    Scandinavian women are the most beautiful

    Them grapes be sour, incel.
  2. sandeep

    Scandinavian women are the most beautiful

    Another desi paindu for whom fair skin = beauty.
  3. Krunal Pandya is a potential solution to that problem..
  4. Don't use Maniac to give Bombayites a bad name.
  5. Man who coined the phrase "mental disintegration" to describe abuse. Man who shamelessly and selfishly advocated to continue his ODI career when it was clear as day that he was simply too old and not good enough to represent his country. Man who used a red rag to smear kangaroo-poo all over cricket's spirit of sportsmanship.
  6. Here's some vintage Waugh for you ol-timer.
  7. sandeep

    Is Kane Williamson the modern day Dravid?

    If there was "no question" about Dravid's place, why was he ever dropped from the ODI team?
  8. sandeep

    Is Kane Williamson the modern day Dravid?

    I have always railed against Dada's slow-poky batting. To the extent that I criticize Rohit sharma for his Ganguly-esque starts - both of them ate a lot of dot balls during the initial powerplay, and relied heavily on boundaries to shore up their scoring rate. The thing is, as bad as Ganguly was, Dravid was worse in the 90s. To Dravid's credit however, he really raised his ODI game from 2003 onwards, and ended up being much better as an ODI bat. Dada couldn't really manage that, but had a far better streak during the 2nd half of the 1990s. That's when Gangu was in his pomp as an ODI bat, and relative to that era, his SR was respectable. And even relative to that era, Dravid's was not.
  9. sandeep

    Is Kane Williamson the modern day Dravid?

    I asked you that because you put together quite an elaborate essay filled with selective stats slicing to present Dravid the ODI bat in the best possible light. Nothing wrong with that, but that doesn't tell the whole story when it comes to his ODI career.
  10. sandeep

    Is Kane Williamson the modern day Dravid?

    Dayum that's quite a write-up. Tell me Gollu bhai, was Dravid dropped ever from the Indian ODI team? If so, when? And for how long?
  11. sandeep

    Is Kane Williamson the modern day Dravid?

    But Dravid saar is the best. He refuses honorary PhDs, shares his coaching bonus, and shits golden turds. He was good at everything he did, even when he wasn't. Btw, I have a lot of love for Dravid. I will forever be able to see the moment that he hit the winning boundary at Adelaide in that away tour to Aus in 2003. Its right up there as one of my fondest memories. And I was privileged to watch him live when he carried his bat at the Kennington Oval, and then came out again to open as India followed on. Love Dravid the cricketer and the person. But lets not turn into blind worshippers and anoint him as a Saint who never put a foot wrong - that's simply not the case.
  12. sandeep

    Is Kane Williamson the modern day Dravid?

    Revisionist history. Dravid sucked as an ODI batsman in the 1998 to 2002 period.
  13. sandeep

    To toss or not to toss? ICC may scrap tradition

    :D Always enjoy your posts YCCC.
  14. Look into India's historical track record in Adelaide test matches. That should be a clue. Taking a "safe" test match at Adelaide and replacing it with a lottery test match, that's 99% likely to have a result due to overly bowler-friendly conditions, and ones where Aussies have more 1st hand experience than our team does. If that's not a meaningful advantage, then I don't know what is.
  15. sandeep

    Is Kane Williamson the modern day Dravid?

    Nobody's underselling Dravid the ODI batsman - Until 2003 he used to have an SR in the 50s and 60s, and had an extremely limited scoring game. He had to keep wickets because that was the only way he was staying in the ODI XI. Ironically, that actually ended up helping his batting quite a bit, and he went to improve a bit as an ODI bat.

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