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  1. Where's the professor who called Pandya a "hammock for bowlers"? The hammock just took a fifer to set up a crucial away test win for India.
  2. sandeep

    First 5-fer for Pandya

    And crucially, he doesn't have to necessarily be a world class allrounder - this Indian team is strong enough to carry him through if he can just be a decent one. Even that will make the team unit stronger than the sum of its parts. Just imagine - with Ashwin injured, if we didn't have Pandya to bowl, England could have easily re-built with a partnership and the game would be completely different. The old conventional "4 bowlers are enough" simply doesn't work with just 1 spinner in the team, and zero part-timers.
  3. I want Pandya to target Clouderson's throat.
  4. A 5-fer for Pandya here would be hard to swallow for some of 'gurus' of fast bowling on here. I forgot the guy's user-id, else I would tag him so he can complain to the mods again about having to handle sarcasm.
  5. There are folks here who claim that Sanjay Bangar is better than Pandya FFS.
  6. Nothing is working, time to toss the ball to our savior, Pandya.
  7. 2 edged boundaries off of Pandya, and scorecard fans will cluelessly post a few hours later about Pandya 'leaking' runs.
  8. Awww mommy, he used sarcasm against me. It hurts!
  9. sandeep

    India currently has best bowling line up in world

    Let's not get ahead of the actual results. Quite cringy otherwise.
  10. Root plays Ashwin relatively well. Debutant batsman at the crease who hasn't faced him, or a decent chinaman bowler in his life. Kuldeep was in the team as a gamble to attack the England batters. He's there. Use him. A lot of VK's captaincy moves are questionable, and at times, obviously wrong. This one wasn't.
  11. Keep calm and watch Pandya bowl - well.
  12. Even Ashwin has been dropped randomly. Nobody's place is settled in the the team. And it shows. This is not the way top class teams are built and managed.
  13. Keep the faith paandus. This test is not yet over. We still have a chance to win the damn series.

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