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  1. sandeep

    Oye Hoye Trophy!

    This is what happens when sponsors get to decide details.
  2. sandeep

    13 ODIs to WC

    Given that the other ODI teams are pretty crap, we will fall ass backward into semi-finals. But that should not be considered an achievement when there are hardly 3 decent ODI teams in cricket.
  3. sandeep

    Sam Curran what an all rounder

    Nope. Is he considered the 2nd or 3rd best bowler available to England for test cricket? I don't think so. He makes it into the team because of the package value he offers with his batting.
  4. sandeep

    Interesting dubsmash/lipsync

    Despo tharki saale.
  5. oh the brave Phauj does it all the time. To many journalists and even bloggers. They give themselves medals and land grants for slapping around bloggers and and anti-national twitter accounts.
  6. Brought this up in another thread, but this deserves its own discussion. A senior Police officer was kidnapped in Islamabad and murdered. He apparently had vocally supported the PTM which is being hounded and persecuted by the Pak phaujis like the Chinese Communist party is hounding the Uighur muslims and Falun Gong. If a serving police officer can get brutally kidnapped and murdered in Islamabad, its only one of 2 possibilities - either the famous namaloom afraad - an euphemism for security agencies - were involved, OR murderous terrorists are freely and effectively operating in Islamabad and the NWFP region. Neither of these possibilities reflects kindly on Pakistan. WTF is going on?
  7. sandeep

    Pakistani kids hang doll of Asia Bibi

    The fingerpointing to "foreign hands" has started. Question is how is a relatively weak country like Afghanistan able to carry out such alleged action under the nose of the almighty PHAUJ in the heart of the Capital Islamabad?
  8. sandeep

    What is it like to travel in PAKISTAN.. by Mark Wiens

    I was referring to the latter part of the quote. Indian Government has done plenty wrong since 1947.
  9. sandeep

    Sam Curran what an all rounder

    Agreed. Not so sure that his role is 'clear'. Is he in the team as a bowler first? I don't think he's good enough for that - especially in sub-continent.
  10. sandeep

    What is it like to travel in PAKISTAN.. by Mark Wiens

    Like I said above, my interest in history, and IVC goes back a long time. If any book can be credited for it, its the Frawley-kak one. I went to Lothal almost 20 years ago, my relatives in gujarat had to arrange a rented car etc and it was a 4 hr drive each way in the boonies. They mocked me for years for "wasting my time" looking at 'old useless rocks and stuff'.
  11. sandeep

    What is it like to travel in PAKISTAN.. by Mark Wiens

    Mulo is a verbose poster who likes to use bombastic words for added impact. Insults and bad choice of words, his underlying point that Pakistan is a fabrication built on denial of history and truth isn't entirely wrong. But see, rightly or wrongly, no matter whether the 2 nation "theory" was justified, or a crock of ****. It doesn't really matter in the 21st century. More than 2 or 3 generations of Pakistanis and Indians have been born since then, and they think of themselves as separate countries. It is what it is. But if more people on either side of the border realize that we are the same goddamn people, maybe the hostility cycle could someday stop. Prerequisite for that is to rein in the military mafia in Pakistan though. Those guys have too much benefits at stake from continuing the Quami Dushmani. Never mind the fact we are the same damn "qaum".
  12. sandeep

    Sam Curran what an all rounder

    This one's a bit harsh. If your kid played for the New Jersey cricket team and then the US national team, would it be fair to say that he was poached from India?
  13. sandeep

    Sam Curran what an all rounder

    ? don't get the reference...
  14. sandeep

    What is it like to travel in PAKISTAN.. by Mark Wiens

    Sure, there's a river there. But is that the same river as the one mentioned in the vedas? That could potentially be a different river. Lets not refer to plausible or even probable theories as "fact".

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