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  1. sandeep

    Rohit Sharma's SR in LOIs

    I'd celebrate like a madman for anything above -60 - i.e. average across a meaningful sample of games. [Edit: And I actually agree with your logic about +1 RR in the power-play, I was just referring to the lower benchmark as part of making a stronger argument. ] Seriously, Indian batting talent and skill is undeniably the best in the world. How are these quality batsmen being out-scored by England's hacks? Answer - they are both playing completely different games. India's top order chases centuries. England's openers are primarily tasked with targeting 70+ in the 1st 10. That's what enables them consistently go past 350 on a regular basis. Side by side, its like looking at a BMW and a Fiat - and seeing the Fiat out-run the BMW day in day out.
  2. http://chng.it/CbvcswTZHr I created an online petition for getting the Indian parliament to enact a punitive tax law. Feels a bit silly tbh, but I felt strongly enough about it to do something.
  3. I think Pintu Parcha should be groomed. Other teams won't know what hit them.
  4. Jaish brainwashed this kid into murdering himself and others. Masood Azhar, Zak Lakhvir are straight up killers. Instead of imprisoning or extraditing your lot is protecting them. You know it very well. Stop bullshitting.
  5. Even if you think that the evidence for this attack isn't clear yet, Pakistan govt knows the murderers who were involved in the Bombay 2008 attacks. And has been protecting them. "Normal" countries prosecute or extradite murderers - they don't provide them security. And to be blunt, its pretty clear that majority of Pakistani public opinion is happy with such actions by their "government". This needs to change. And India needs to deploy all the leverage it can, to get Pakistan to "do their job" as a normal country. 30 years of this nonsense. Its not just one attack. There have been hundreds. A mountain of evidence. Your government doesn't even deny that they used "non-state actors" in the past.
  6. sandeep

    Rohit Sharma's SR in LOIs

    Middle order is asked to "accelerate" as soon as they get to the crease, with one extra boundary fielder. While the top order gets the luxury of getting their "eye in", wasting the scoring opportunity of a 3 outfielder 10 over chunk. That's 20% of the innings. They should be asked to score 20% of what is considered a par total in the conditions - Actually more than par, given the advantage of field restrictions. If we consider 320 par for a quality batting side like India, on normal "flat" conditions, that would translate to 64 runs. Our team averages around 45. This is a glaring problem for our team. A solvable one. But one that requires sacrifice and team-first mentality. I am not holding my breath.
  7. I suggest not banning free speech. Let him contribute. Challenge his nonsense. Don't ban it. Delete hate-speech, but don't censor opinions.
  8. Not even that. There were muslim CRPF personnel who died in this attack too. Its all justified by seeing everything through "green team, blue team" hate-tinted glasses.
  9. If you have a morbid curiosity to see what feces is being flung by the wild monkeys on the other side, lurk. Don't participate.
  10. sandeep

    Rohit Sharma's SR in LOIs

    That's what I mean by domino effect - also results in fielding captain having to use up more of his "good" bowler overs, make them shift to defensive fields etc. In test cricket, openers job is to "see off" the new ball, making it easier for the middle order to come in and capitalize. In today's ODI cricket, openers job is to set the tone, and ATTACK the bowling, setting the platform for the maximum possible TEAM total. In that context a 28 ball 45 is equally, if not more valuable, than a 75 ball 60. But it means that top 3 have to bat unselfish and suffer a dip in their batting averages, and pass up the chances to rack up more centuries, 50s etc. Why should Indian team do that, when the top order batsmen who notch those landmarks, are the ones who are raking in literally millions of dollars in add-on income from endorsements? They are right up there anyway in terms of winning %. I had high hopes for this batting tactical switch when VK took over captaincy, I thought MS was the reason behind the conservative batting method. But now I'm cynical.
  11. Of course. Until then, companies like Pepsi etc can pay a nice big fat chunk of their revenue to the Indian government. 20% sounds good, but I'm no expert. Either companies cough up the money, or they shut down and join the boycott of a terrorist-sponsoring government.
  12. Indian government needs to pass an Economic sanctions law ASAP - any company that does business in Pakistan, should have a an additional flat tax applied to any revenue they generate in India. Announce that the proceeds will be used to fund security and facilities for victims of terror attacks. The law stays in effect until the Indian parliament is able to certify that Pakistan government has stopped hosting and coddling murderers and extradites the criminals - starting with the known perpetrators of 26/11 - Zak Lakhvi & Co, whose "case" is in Pakistan courts for 10 years. This will create massive pressure on Pakistan in 2 ways, one - companies that still want to do business in Pakistan, will in turn pressure their govt to clean up their act. Or, they will stop doing business in Pakistan. Indian market is massive in the global economy. Time to weaponize it and use it against shameless countries that use "non state actors". Of course, I am in favor of removing sanctions once the Pakistan people are able to free themselves from the military mafia that rules over them, and disinfects their country from the current sewer of murderous terrorists that it is. In today's day and age, war is not the answer - if a dog bites you, don't try to bite the dog. Get the animal control to step in, and either chop its balls off, or euthanize it. Global Corporations have a lot of power. This is the way to go.
  13. sandeep

    Rohit Sharma's SR in LOIs

    Been posting about India's Powerplay wastage and Rohit's ganguly-esque strike rate since 2016. Rohit is a GOAT ODI opener, when he clicks. Rest of the time he's a liability who's been shielded by Dhawan's quick-fire starts. In early 2018, I was advocating for KL Rahul or Rishabh to open, i.e. treat top 3 slots as openers, and all 3 should bat with more attacking intent, move Virat to #4, but he's still a "#3" practically speaking. I was ridiculed for unnecessarily "messing" with the "best ODI batsman"' and his batting position. India averages 45 runs in the 1st 10 overs, England usually manages 65+ - Those 20 runs also have a domino effect and end up adding another 15-25 runs through the middle overs as well. This is the one thing that stands between our ODI team and legendary greatness. Our team has it all - top-shelf bowling, both pace and spin - legit all-world top order batting, and a couple of handy all-round options in the middle order. But the team is under-achieving with the bat, relative to their capabilities. England are setting the standard on ODI batting, and no disrespect to them, but I sincerely believe that from a batting skill and quality perspective - they are punching above their weight, because they are batting selflessly, adopting a team-first aggressive approach. Whereas our boys are still following the age-old theory of "get your eye in, go big and make it count". Too late to make such a radical shift in batting tactics a few games before the WC. You need 20+ games for the batsmen to practice and embrace the mindset and batting methodology of batting with more urgency all the time.
  14. sandeep

    Pakistani reaction to Pulwama attack

    +1. I can understand the morbid curiosity to see what the "other side" is thinking. But hits from Indian lurkers and posters are paying for unemployed moderators who are sitting on the dole. If more Indian participants of such forums acted with a spine, things would change in a heartbeat. But Indians are forgiving people, nothing stands in the way of seeking out entertainment.
  15. sandeep

    Pakistani reaction to Pulwama attack

    Its a self-selected cesspit of racists where blatant lies are repeated, but anybody who questions it or posts counter responses gets censored and banned. I don't waste my time or breath interacting with morons. Its really pointless. Most Indian posters go through that cycle and realize eventually.
  16. I do not expect Rayudu or DK to have to bat in all 9 games. At least 5 of them will be dominated by our top order. We need those guys for situations where we lose 2 or more of the top 3 cheap and early. And for them to deliver when those situations arise, they need to play a bunch of games so that they get the opportunity to bat frequently in less pressure situations, and build up some semblance of form, confidence and batting rhythm. Its one of the toughest jobs in LOI cricket to ask a middle-order batsman to solidify and reverse the pressure and momentum in a collapse. If you are asking guys to do that job with some level of reliability, its unrealistic to expect them to do that when you keep benching them, dumping them from the squad, etc. Batsmen get better with more runs and game time under the belt. Whoever is designated for the 2 middle-order slots for the WC, should get maximum number of games from here forward. It looks like the selectors have decided to give Rayudu that extended run, but aren't sure about Karthik.
  17. sandeep

    Squads announced for Aus series

    For now, Khaleel's utility to the team is best served as a net bowler offering practice for decent left-arm pace. He is raw. But there is enough there to work with. Its up to him whether he fashions himself into a Bumrah or a Umesh yadav as far as white ball cricket is concerned. Siraj is an intriguing prospect for me. He can be the next Shami potentially, but he needs grooming. Indian cricket does not do a good job of developing pace bowlers. Zaheer and Ishant blossomed after county cricket stints and guidance from coaches like Jason Gillespie. Bumrah came through the ranks on his own - he's a freak. I would absolutely love to see BCCI hire Jason Gillespie as a pace bowling coach for India A. Even if it is for short consulting stints, but on a recurring basis.
  18. sandeep

    This will be India's 15 man world cup squad.

    Manish Pandey is bradman of A series. Those runs count, but can't decide based on that.
  19. sandeep

    Squads announced for Aus series

    Short memories. Raina was more reliable than Yusuf Pathan - hence he made the team ahead of Yusuf in the WC playoffs. Similar argument can be made for DK vs Pant - Pant "on his day" can take the game away, but he's a gamble. DK is no Raina, but out of all the candidates, if you had to pick one guy out of this bunch, you would trust more with the bat in a crunch chase needing someone to give you a 25-ball 40, after Hardik, its him. I would actually have wanted to let Rishabh loose at the top of the order - and give him 15 games where it didn't matter if he got out cheaply 5 times. With 3 fielder power-play, he could our QdK.
  20. sandeep

    Pakistani reaction to Pulwama attack

    Hang around in the gutter long enough and the stink becomes part of you.
  21. sandeep

    Squads announced for Aus series

    We have a very strong top 3. And a very good #7. Jadhav and Rayudu may not look impressive but they are solid contributors in their roles. Our middle-order is seriously under-strength in boundary-hitting, apart from Hardik. DK brings a valuable skill-set to the table. ODI is not test cricket, we don't need centuries at #6. Karthik can be a valuable contributor potentially. At this point in time, if we are in a must-win WC game, and need to chase 7 to 8 runs an over for 15 overs, will you trust Dhoni to come through? I love MS, he was and is a legend, but in such a scenario, he will come through for the opposition, unless he gets out without eating too many balls. Pandya will be left with too much to do. We need a boundary hitter with some level of reliability and consistency. Raina was amazing at this. Pant is too raw and inexperienced, he could have been the answer, but his shot selection and range of options are very limited. He should have been given 20+ games to properly develop in int'l white ball cricket. We don't have that time left now. "Aura" is bullshit.
  22. So your argument is that 800 crore corruption thievery is "peanuts" so its OK? What happened to na khaaoonga na khaane dunga. Big difference between delivering and talking like Chanakya wannabe. I am disgusted with Congress's mismanagement of our country since independence, and I had some optimistic expectations from Modi - enough that I overlooked his track record of bigotry and prejudice. But he has failed to deliver good leadership.
  23. 2 spots. I want Rayudu and DK to be given an opportunity to solidify their spots. Its too late for the WC to audition Pant and Shankar. KLR needs to force his way back into the squad by some serious run-scoring.
  24. sandeep

    Squads announced for Aus series

    Unfair to Karthik. He can potentially play a role for this team that Suresh Raina did in the 2011 WC. But he should be backed and given opportunities to build up his confidence. Batting at #6 and delivering with any type of consistency requires a free, relaxed mindset. Hard for a player to be that way, when you keep benching him, not only out of the XI, but also out of the squad! I get the desire to audition Pant, but they should have done that a while back already. Right now, this mess is not doing justice to either Pant or Karthik. Classic case of ham-fisted planning and lack of foresight.

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