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  1. sandeep

    Which girls are hotter? British Indians or American Indians?

    That's nonsense. Ever heard of Sasha Grey? There have been many others. Sandra Bullock did softcore before getting her big break. Movie history is littered with examples. But you do you, keep festering that inferiority complex.
  2. sandeep

    England gloating thread

    I think you guys are reading a bit too much into it. All cricket fans know that England haven't been good at ODI cricket for donkeys years. This World Cup is a major opportunity for Cricket to market itself to the England public and make a proper push to expand the fan base. Add to that, they have a team that's been really good at ODI cricket, for some time now. They cannot afford to mess this chance up. They have to be desperate and feeling the pressure to 'sell' cricket at home. Add to that, the sheer dumb-ass-ery of their board and their 'hundred' project. I feel pity for the England commies, not anger. Besides pomposity comes natural to the pommies. Let's be understanding, its a bit of a genetic defect
  3. sandeep

    England gloating thread

    I have bad PTSD from that game, and have managed to block out a lot of the finer details - but I think its harsh to put it that way. Horror start yes, but game wasn't lost then. It was lost after the 32nd over or so, when Srinath and co. kept bowling predictable pace and length on an absolute batting beauty of a track. Those front foot pull shots out of the ground. I want them erased from my brain.
  4. sandeep

    England gloating thread

    yes, the bowlers did well in 2011. But its undeniable that India's formidable batting strength acted as a force multiplier for the bowlers. Don't remember whether it was Sangakarra or Mahela who said it, but they said something along the lines that facing India meant that you needed extra 15-20 runs on top of the 'par' score to feel competitive. That sort of pressure makes a decent bowling unit, more threatening. England can expect a similar effect on their bowling. In fact, that impact is why a guy like Liam Plunkett has decent ODI stats over the last couple of years. Even Moeen Ali. Just like Yuvraj Singh ended up being a bowling trump-card for us in 2011, an unheralded 'just decent' bowler, can come through for England - as long as the batting keeps delivering. Often, just the pressure of that batting threat, will make teams change their plans.
  5. sandeep

    Leila (new Netflix show)

    Have you considered the possiblity that an "outrage" will provide them with publicity - and it is said, there's no such thing as bad publicity? Its possible that the show simply isn't good - not all new productions can be sacred games, or TVF pitchers. Maybe this show will be crap and die off - unless a media shitstorm of "outrage" makes more people curious about it.
  6. sandeep

    Leila (new Netflix show)

    Looking at issues through an "us vs them" filter - is the textbook definition of being narrow-minded. Dystopian hypothetical fiction is usually around a scenario about mainstream culture. To be honest, a show about ISIS style oppressive culture would be boring, because the whole damn world knows it already. It wouldn't be "fresh". Entertainment requires that 'newness', and a bit of shock value. That's what sells. Captures the audience. Its fiction. This type of alterate history is supposed to be subversive. Compare it to books or tv series about a world where Nazis won WW2, or the American civil war had a different outcome etc. Now if somebody turned around and said that this is what Hinduism is, or what India "is", then it would be fair to criticize them as biased, having agendas etc. Frankly speaking I really find the whole chowkidar-based internet bullying tactics used by the vociferous "defenders of the faith" online to be highly distasteful. And actually counter-productive, really hurtful to our society and faith. Just like I am disgusted by Trump and his self-serving pandering to bigotry in the US. When the national conversation "normalizes" soft bigotry, and hateful behavior and speech in the name of being "nationalist", its a slippery slope that can lead to terrible outcomes a few years down the line, if left unchecked. Let's not succumb to the tribal reflexive mindset of perceiving everything even mildly critical or offensive as agenda driven. Let's be bit more objective and smarter than that.
  7. sandeep

    Which girls are hotter? British Indians or American Indians?

    In what, weight? Body hair? Paindoo-ness? Education (lack of)? Levels of inbredness?
  8. sandeep

    3 changes in Pak world cup squad.

    Pak players and their egos. What did this guy deliver in the England ODIs? It was up to him to grab the chance.
  9. sandeep

    3 changes in Pak world cup squad.

    I wouldn't think 2 spinners are automatic against the likes of Pak/BD/Afg - these guys are much more comfortable facing spin than pace. Even Hardik Pandya's pace and bounce kept the Pakistani batsmen quiet in the CT. I'd rather go with Bumrah, Bhuvi and Shami against Pak, with Chahal and Jadhav providing the 15 overs of spin or so.
  10. sandeep

    Leila (new Netflix show)

    "secular"? Did you mean to type "not a muslim hater"? Or are those 2 defined as the same in this particular cult? Edit: Just to add, I'm secure enough with my faith, and its innate strength, not to be overly worked up over a work of dystopian fiction. Not everybody who doesn't automatically agree with your opinion on something, is a "commie" or a "leftist". But having such automatic bucketing and filtering does tend to make people narrow-minded.
  11. Can't imagine dealing with a seriously sick child, forget losing one. Such a terrible thing to live through.
  12. sandeep

    3 changes in Pak world cup squad.

    I think they have improved the team. Replacing Faheem with Amir is an upgrade. Wahab is a spare tyre anyway - Amir, Shaheen, Hassan is a decent 3 man attack, backed up with Shadab, Imad and the 2 oldies. That's actually a decent bat-deep as well, since Shadab is handy with the bat and so is Imad. Amir is Bhuvi-like with the bat, and Hassan can smack a few.
  13. Wahab is greenbro Umesh, i.e. a spraygun who bowls the odd good ball or spell. Better off giving Hasnain the experience at that point.
  14. I'd rather have Bumrah over any of these England 'bowlers'. I don't care if he's an automatic zero on the batting scorecard.
  15. Always easier to bowl better when the batting top order is back in the hut. Pakistan will have no hope in this WC with the likes of Faheem, Hasnain - better to bring back old man Amir - his batting is no worse than Faheem anyway. If not for the stupidity and predictability of dumb coach Arthur, Pakistan would be better served with adopting an attack mentality and prioritizing bowling over adding an extra batsman or bits-pieces player. Pick the 5 best bowlers that can get you wickets. Your batsmen are going to get out-gunned in the big scoring games no matter how many of them you pick.
  16. Our top 4 prefer to "consolidate" so that they get "in" before doing their job, i.e. score runs at a 'par' run rate for the conditions. Its a class system - bat maximum number of balls, with minimum responsibility. Its for the lower 'class' i.e. the middle order, to come in, face minimal deliveries, bat at 120 strike rate from the 1st ball, dragging the team score to some semblance of competitiveness. And every 4 or 5 games, one of the "stars" will score a nice century and justify the "strategy".
  17. sandeep

    Cricinfo are pathetic

    You aren't wrong, but habits are hard to break.
  18. sandeep

    Who will be top scorer for India in 2019 WC?

    If Rohit does well, India will do really well. So I want him to get it done.
  19. sandeep

    Should we worry about Pakistan

    Pak has less than 30% chance of making Semi - about the same as SA. As of now, Eng, Ind, NZ and Aus are the ones most likely to make it. NZ can hit bad form or injuries and they lack depth, so they are the ones most vulnerable to missing out.
  20. sandeep

    Will Ind make it to the last 4 in WC19?

    I'll take a 2-1 start to the tournament in the 1st 3, in a heartbeat. Although I expect the opposite. 0-3 is possible but extremely unlikely.
  21. Sri Lanka and Afghanistan will compete for the wooden spoon. They won't have too much competition from the rest. BD is being under-rated by folks here. After India, they are the 2nd best ODI batting unit in Asia. Well ahead of SL/Afg, and ahead of Pak. Their problem is the bowling is weak. BD, Pak, WI will make that next tier from the bottom. SA may join them there if they start poorly. SA is the one team that can really float anywhere from #4 to #8. Hard to get a read on them right now. My gut tells me that India will start the tournament quite poorly. How I dearly hope I'm wrong. But things seem to be really lining up that way.
  22. sandeep

    Should we worry about Pakistan

    Junaid is past it. Hassan is serviceable, but needs a frontline pacer or 2 around him to be effective. Shadab is good, but overuses his googly and doesn't use flight. Pakistan's batting has improved a bit, but is still waaay too dependent on Hackit Zaman - if he goes cheap, you can almost guarantee that they will dawdle along at less than 5 RPO for 15 to 20 overs. And Zaman is not consistent enough, can't be, with his shot selection and limited range.
  23. IPL? We are talking about ODI cricket here. Come on gujju bhai. Very different format. I know we are all keyed in on England scoring 370 every other game, but ODI cricket is still ODI cricket.

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