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  1. Agreed, but the VVS fan in me can't help but imagine what could have been if VVS was given the chance to bat #3 or higher, I think it was quite possible he could have done Hashim Amla managed to do in his prime.
  2. Gangu's SR was abysmal, and he hid behind his captaincy and opening spot to camouflage it. Dravid didn't have that luxury. And as bad as Gangu's SR was, Dravid was definitely worse. I remember doing some number crunching back in the day, and in that time-frame - late 90s, maybe even including early 2000s, Dravid's SR was in the 57-62 range. Also, do keep in mind that Gangu of the late 90s scored a lot of hundreds at the top of the order, and his SR problems didn't become obvious until 2003 or so. Dravid was dropped from the ODI team, and deservingly so, in the late 90s. To his credit, he really improved his ODI Batting a lot, and became a great mainstay for India. But to claim that he was that already before the 'keeping stint - is a lie.
  3. Utter nonsense. David's average was never the problem. His 60 strike rate was. Which improved significantly after he took on the keeping job. Dinesh Mongia etc were preferred ahead of VVS, which was a mistake. But Dravid was no ODI star before becoming keeper. Far from it.
  4. Relax u negative nellie. It was a good toss to win for Losstralia, but its still a 50-50 game.
  5. That dive. Rahul's shoulder is made of glass anyway. Wouldn't be a good idea to get him hurt..
  6. yeah, because India is a rich switzerland with a big problem with "illegal immigrants".
  7. With 2 outfielders a predictable length is asking to be smacked. Plus why wouldn't you want to use the new ball swing to target the edge instead of going with a high risk full length. An occasional yorker is still handy though.
  8. Not everything is about you or your country. Maybe he's got family who went through hell during the genocide of 1971. Maybe he's personally scarred from the NZ shooting incident. You don't know. But all you folks care about is your precious Pakistan and its "image". Selfcentered thinking. Utterly incapable of appreciating the other person's perspective. Pathetic.
  9. The guy just put up 2 back to back clutch innings. Today's game his contribution was vital in a must-win game. And you are ready for his funeral already. Fandom is so fickle. For T20s, KL should open ahead of him. But for ODIs, he's still gun.
  10. I mean, I don't need to know what gets his monkey spanked.
  11. I think he did that because he feels the pressure to stack up big 100s to justify himself as ODI Opener. Dhawan and Rohit do that regularly, while Rahane failed to do it when he was given a run as opener. KL is much better suited to opening than later in the order - he is very, VERY tentative against spin early in his innings.
  12. That signature is starting to get annoying.
  13. Check the replay again - it wasn't the turn that deceived Smith, it was the speed - Kuldeep bowled that one slower 73 kph. That's why Smith played on instead of slapping it away. He read and accounted for the turn just fine.
  14. You want to defend the right to act "too hindu", yet criticize assertive expressions of religious identity by "others". Hypocrisy is well represented in Bhakt land.
  15. There are 2 major world religions that believe that male genital mutilation makes their God happy. Is that a scientific belief? Tomorrow if an isolated tribal from the Amazon or Andaman, sees somebody do a silly dance and flip a light switch, he may believe that the silly dance has the power to turn night into day. Doesn't make it science. Random hocus pocus with a sprinkling of math and calculation doesn't make bullshit into science.
  16. Fidget Smither choked against him in the end there, and Kuldeep's figures flatter to deceive. For 8+ overs, he was impotent and unable to control the scoring or threaten to take wickets. Thats just a plain fact.
  17. opinions can disagree, what's with the unnecessary abuse. Control yourself little baby, you need to be spanked and taught some manners.
  18. why are you tagging me onthis? I'm a Bombay gujju - we're a different tribe.
  19. Everybody's getting excited and I get it. But people have forgotten how much of a poor starter KL is against decent spin. That's why he's much better suited as ODI opener as opposed to #4.
  20. On an Indian wicket. Jadeja is still a liability in ODI cricket with the 4 outfielder rule. Zampa is not a great bowler by any stretch. Benching Chahal for Kuldeep may end up costing us this game. I hope not though.
  21. Vedic astronomy was seriously advanced, and yes co-mingled with astrology. In fact, it was the desire for accurate data to drive more accurate "predictions" that served as the driving force and motivation behind the significant discoveries and calculations made in Ancient India.
  22. Probably related to the mythological 7 seas of water, milk, honey etc that surround the homeland...
  23. How about Ketu? Maybe he's on a Keto diet? And you ought to know there's no space for no Rahu in my domain. Contrary to strawmen accusations I do not support Pappu!
  24. "Someone" might want to scroll up and read what was written before said strawman, instead of choosing to sit with fellow frogs in their own echo chambers slaying imaginary "liberals"....
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