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  1. If Pant, Krunal etc cannot step up and deliver, then replacements like Ishan, Nitish Rana would need to be auditioned. Not trying to improve is not an option. Tired of you repeating the same 4 lines over and over, without understanding the opposing perspective, or even trying to.
  2. bura laga?? Dil pe liya?? Its ok beta. Time heals all wounds.
  3. when you post opinions on a forum, be prepared for other perspectives. Grow a thicker skin kiddo. I see a dumb-ass opinion, I'm going to call a spade a spade.
  4. England dont have a copyright on batting the right way in LOI cricket. Its not about the method, its about the outcome. India need to figure out a way to get more consistently successful in putting up par+ totals when batting first. This will require a change in tactics, maybe even in personnel. And it will take time and multiple attempts to figure out the method that works best for them. But not trying is not the answer.
  5. This is right up there in terms of the dumbest things you've said. Ever. Bangladesh's strength is slow finger spin. So they should "stick to their strength" in test cricket, instead of working on developing wrist-spinners and pace bowlers. How does that work for them? It is the demand of the T20 format, that you build a team capable of scoring 200 regularly, build a batting line-up that can consistently score at a high run-rate, even in the face of losing a couple of wickets. Of course 160 is better than 130. But that excuse doesn't mean that you justify a glaring weakness, and instead of working on fixing it, talk foolishly of "sticking to our strengths". Unless your primary desire is to see more consistent big scores from only the top order batsmen, and lower priority on team outcomes. I mean if that's what baba without the dot wants, then fine.
  6. We set 180 in a WC semi-final and got outgunned by a dot-ball machine that sluggegd away to glory. Batting first in T20 demands more. If this set of players can't figure out a way to execute successfully, than change is required. Reverting back to 'safe mode' batting is not reflective of a top team. And will guarantee lack of top results.
  7. You should sink your head in shame and give up the right to talk about cricket if you are going to get this worked up about a bad outing in a T20 game. Learn to understand the game better. Its possible if you try.
  8. yes, why they not winning every game, and scoring 200 every time. How dare they try to attempt batting with a higher risk tactic, and fail in doing it? I will only be a fan if they are successful. When they fail, I will hurl abuse and feel good about my smartness.
  9. Yep. And you'll have scorecard readers who will pass dumbarsery judgements on Pant, Kohli, Shastri, Pandya etc. Whatever suits their pre-determined confirmation biases.
  10. Maybe. I wouldn't have minded seeing Pant walk in ahead of Kohli to be honest. But then you've got the 'conventional' thinking of let your "best" t20 batsmen bat maximum overs etc etc. For 'old folk' Dhawan showed admirable flexibility in responding to the ask of batting with more intent. Its your boy who failed miserably, for the nth time, against a pace bowler who moved the ball a bit. ;) And you shouldn't jump to conclusions about Virat or Rohit getting out cheaply in ONE game where new tactics were tried out. Its ONE game. **** happens. In hindsight, for me, the game was really lost in the 6 to 12 over mark. That pair allowed the negative momentum to balloon. 4 overs 18 runs on this track is not good enough. But it happens. 3 wickets down, new to the crease, you're caught in that no mans land of trying to bat positively, but not look silly. Before you know it, 3 4 overs have gone by at 4 RPO. But that's where top-class batsmen should be able to either nip such a period in the bud, or get out trying. Especially with a deeper batting line-up. Again, its a one-off t20 game, one should not draw strong conclusions based on the outcome. Focus on the approach, and try to get that right.
  11. Even with a slow pitch, par is well north of 140. Probably about 165 at least. India attempted to target a par+ total batting first, instead of par - that is a big change in methodology. Didn't work, but they need to stick to that plan.
  12. I mean, as far as I'm concerned, the game result doesn't matter. How SA go against a 140 is on them. I wanted to see India bat pro-actively and cross 200. They adopted the right tactics at the start, but failed horrifically in executing it. This is why I have been moaning on and on about trying to practice such batting methods for almost 3 4 years now. Its not a switch you can flip - it takes a lot of mental strength to commit to those tactics and successfully execute them. I don't think that the Indian batsmen lack in ability and skillset to accomplish that. But its like anything, if you don't practice it, you can't just show up and execute it in a match. Same exact thing happened in the NZ ODI series if you remember. Before the WC...
  13. Anything below 170 only needs one decent partnership to chase. Even average teams can get there.
  14. They started off that way, but with 3 down, and 2 guys trying to cement their places in national team, tried to be 'smart', 'judicious' with their shot selection, and shat the bed. It happens.
  15. Started that way, different story once 3 down and under-pressure rookies Pant and Iyer shat the bed. Momentum in T20, especially negative momentum, is very, very difficult to break. India's sub-par total was pretty much a done deal when the 12th over was complete.
  16. He never had it. And that's why he's a bad LOI bat, but a decent test one. He's a block,block,bash guy. Works ok in test if you fine-tune shot selection, can't work in LOI.
  17. Approach doesn't always guarantee outcome. They tried and failed miserably today. But some folks can't see beyond the scorecard and mathematical calculated run-rate. Its ok. I'm the one without "battery". Whatever floats your ignorant boat.
  18. Batting with that sort of intent, and a higher 'default' scoring rate, takes a lot of practice. You can't suddenly show up one day and 'decide' to do it, and be successful. England practiced their method for 3+ years and eventually it became second nature. And they still have horror collapses every 10 games or so. Par for the course with that approach. But its clear that, at least in T20, the 'safe' method is self-defeating. And leaves the team open to be out-gunned by line-ups who are better at executing at higher cruising rates.
  19. This game doesn't matter - its good that they are trying to bat positively. Sure, they f**ked it up today, but let's hope they don't revert to the 'safe' method after this.
  20. Krunal had a chance to stake a claim, and missed.
  21. India choosing to bat first, stack the batting deep, and actually attempting to bat the way a T20 team should, when batting first - all these things make today's game a bit more worthwhile than your vanilla bilateral.
  22. there's no way I'm giving ESPN my money - anybody plugged in?
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