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  1. sandeep

    Zimbabwe Suspended by ICC

    Zim board has been leeching ICC money for decades. Can't just blame the ICC blindly.
  2. sandeep

    Top Gun Maverick 2020 Trailer

    Never seen the original - worth a watch or dated now?
  3. Dedicated Bus corridors are the most cost efficient way to implement public transport in most urban areas. And it would be easy to convert them to electric power too. Indian govt should be looking at implementing this solution all across the country, especially in tier 2, tier 3 cities, even smaller ones. It would be an investment that would pay for itself many times over, and increase quality of life for people.
  4. That is way optimistic. Big issue with logistics needs to be addressed. The railway freight corridor project is going to have a massive impact when it is finally finished. It will replace literally millions of trucks polluting and clogging up Indian roads. Its going to be great.
  5. Don't disturb him, he's busy with his 2 fulltime jobs - first one is to spam the internet for ISPR, and the 2nd is to beat off fantasizing about MIRV.
  6. This is from the daughter of a minister in the selected government of Pakistan. I know its difficult for greenbros, especially "forum tufff guys" to accept reality, especially when it involves accepting defeat against evil India. But any sane person with a decent level of education, would be able to grasp the basics here - that the ICJ was never going to rule to get Jadhav released. That's not in their jurisdiction. The only question before them, was whether Pakistan violated due process and HRC. Which they unequivocally said that Pakistan is in breach. To spin this into a "victory" for Pakistan is no different than saying that Pakistan hasn't lost any wars against India - when it has essentially lost 4. Bottomline from the ICJ case and verdict? Pakistan's hands are tied now - they are not going to be able to execute Jadhav - pretty much ever. And they are bound by international law to provide him with a new trial, with full consular access to India. Which is pretty much the most that India could hoped to get from the ICJ. The ICJ cannot, in any situation, rule on the merits of the question whether Jadhav is guilty as accused or not. That's not how the law works, in any proper court. The law is about strict interpretation of the facts presented and the specific narrow questions at hand. Unlike greenbros' delusional beliefs, the ICJ is not like your feudal zamindar or some raja, who is entitled to pass judgement on all aspects of a dispute brought in front of it. They are bound by jurisdiction and international law. And the explicit and written assumption, being that the countries that are party to it, have their own functioning legal systems. Which is a bit of a stretch when it comes to Military-Mafia land, but the maximum that the ICJ can do is ask the country in question to "review and reconsider" its process and judgement. Which is exactly what it has done. Ultimately, ISPR and PakMil Mafia don't care that nobody outside of Pakistan believe their "narrative". Enough number of desperate delusional greenbros believe it - that is their sole objective. Once this is accomplished, the rest is all noise. Any negative aspects can be blamed on the usual suspects - "corrupt politicians", "incompetent lawyers" take your pick. As long as the PakMil Mafia gets away with any major share of the blame, rest is immaterial. They can continue to leech away at what's left of the dying corpse of the Pakistani economy. Passing on the blame and the bill to others. They are busy any way, where's the next "defence housing society" going to be built now?
  7. Gotta love the pathetic attempt at creating propaganda "infographics". What even is RSIL? Seen bunch of greenbro trolls circulating this trash all over the place as if it were a page from the holy book. Its like a high-school kid's attempt at making a legal sounding powerpoint. I bet ISPR is going to give a few of those trolls medals for coming up with such garbage that's so incredibly effective at reassuring the awaam that "Endia didn't win".
  8. Gujarat and Kochi would be most likely - outside chance for Kochi to be replaced by a Tata team in the hinterland.
  9. sandeep

    Steve Waugh hits the nail on it's head.

    Steve Waugh is a hypocrite who tried to extend his own career when he was well past it. Thats the point. Aussies have won a lot over the late 90s and early 2000s. And credit to them for that. But this guy is over-hyped and deifyed - he was a white boi Robin Singh for a whole bunch of years in the 1st half of his career - and then later on he was able to kick on as a batsman. All credit to him for a successful career and captaincy. But he was a big fat huge hypocrite who typified the syndrome of one "line" for me, and another for thee.
  10. If you wanted to "join hands", and we are "brothers and neighbors", why the riots and partition then? Bullshit. We are already ruling cricket. All we need is "peace" to be maintained from across the border.
  11. sandeep

    Steve Waugh hits the nail on it's head.

    The over-glorification of Aussies continues. Same Steve Waugh ran an absolutely shameless PR campaign when he was dropped for the 2003 World Cup.
  12. That's why he pushed for early selection and long rope for a Virat Kohli - due to Mumbai lobby huh?
  13. Not surprising. The expectation was that they will make the finals. If really needed BCCI can afford a private jet to take the players to the Caribbean or India - no big deal.
  14. sandeep

    "Contradiction" is what knocked us out

    Fair point - Both of them got 'in' and then got out. If only.
  15. sandeep

    "Contradiction" is what knocked us out

    Or maybe, the thinking was that by holding Dhoni back, you push the kiwis into saving some overs of their best bowlers instead of going all out attack, thereby creating a window of opportunity for the younger players to bat earlier in the game, with less pressure than the end. All we needed was one of Karthik/Pant/Pandya to bat well. Unfortunately for Team India, we went 0 for 3 in this. If one of those guys had "pulled a Jadeja" or even half of that, they would have broken the game open quite early, and it would have turned into a downhill chase. Karthik's shot selection was horrible after his 0(20). He had no business hitting the ball in the air like that. Pant and Pandya fell attempting the big shot against the spinner - bit of risk there, but both of them have good degrees of success doing just that. Its small margins. It just wasn't meant to be.
  16. sandeep

    Jadeja will play the 2023 WC Chahal may not!

    MaTcH kA MuJrIm - Chahal!!! I'm picturing you saying this crap in JingoNath style, only you mean it, instead of it being a parody of idiocy.
  17. sandeep

    Your ODI squad for WI tour?

    Is Eoin Morgan any less of a hack? Buttler? You don't need Gavaskar level technique to bat at #4 or 5 in white ball cricket. But you need to have an effective and consistent batting method built around your technique. I'm not claiming Iyer is the answer. But let's give guys like him a fair shot, instead of recycling the Dinesh Karthiks of the world - only reason he got chances was because MSK Prasad wanted to give 2nd and 3rd 'comback' chances to 2nd tier players - probably saw himself in them. He was discarded in the late 90s after a handful of chances, and probably believes it was unfair, instead of recognizing that he simply wasn't good enough.
  18. To greenbros, everything is all about them. India "needs" to play Pakistan just as badly as it needs to play Nepal or Namibia.
  19. How is this "India"? This is some shitty youtube channel that piggy backed on Star Sports' original campaign last year. We don't think that all Pakistanis are Masood Azhar do we?
  20. Yeh Bhikhaari phir se aa gaya Only tips Pakistan can give is how to let a handful of military jernails and kernails loot the country in the name of patriotism. Nobody needs that. Go kiss some hairy Ghafoora arse, your "trolling" attempts are pathetic.
  21. sandeep

    Relax India

    "Frank" will be hiding behind his big footy for the next few months. Especially during the Ashes, when the moving dukes ball is going to de-pants the convicts even more than this embarrassment of a semi-final did!
  22. In what way is he "behind" Neesham?

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