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  1. Rahul Shaw / Rohit Pujara Kohli Rahane Ashwin / Jaddu, if Ash is not 100% fit. Pant Bhuvi Ishant Shami / Umesh if Shami isn't 100% fit Bumrah Drop Vijay, keep Rohit but make him open. Add Bhuvi as the 4th seamer. Attack this weak-ass Aus batting and rip them for below 200 in both innings. This XI takes on a small risk of letting Aus back into the series if our batting fails, but * it, that risk exists regardless.
  2. He still looked a bit scratchy at times in Adelaide. Especially against Lyon. But barring Sydney, the rest of the tracks are not going to be anywhere near as helpful to Lyon. And I saw enough in Rahane's batting to get this gut feeling. I think he's going to end up as the top scorer for the series.
  3. propaganda. Starc is nowhere near his best. He's carrying an injury, unclear how serious. My gut tells me he's going to aggravate it if he plays at perth, especially if India manage to bat a good 70+ overs in the 1st innings...
  4. sandeep

    BCCI seeks 15 cr legal fee from PCB

    Whether they get the reimbursement or not, this is the right move. Elephants have long memories, and bleating goats should remember that.
  5. sandeep

    Bharat Arun

    I'm not sure he gets much credit. Ishant has publicly credited Jason Gillespie and his county stint for his transfomration into a more consistently threatening bowler. Bumrah is just a goddam natural born bowling savant. I don't see any changes, major or minor in his bowling that can be credited to Arun. Shami is still the same 'raw' talent that blows hot and cold. Ash is still ash. What exactly should Arun get credit for? That Bumrah's arrival into the test team made the bowling unit a complete package and they are starting to get results? That's bass-ackwards thinking.
  6. that's baseless speculation. Got anything to back it up?
  7. sandeep

    Let's talk Perth

    Case for Vihari weakens with 5 bowlers, and FWIW, Hitman does have what it takes to handle pace & bounce. Might as well gamble on him, and have him take on the risk of opening. Bit unfair to throw Vihari into the cauldron IMO. Hardik Pandya the test cricketer has his flaws, but this game is almost tailormade for a player like him. We could have swapped him in for Brohit.
  8. Let's agree to disagree. Fair expectation - I think he'll meet that.
  9. sandeep

    Let's talk Perth

    Don't think negative. Its time to go for the kill. Attack the weak, under pressure aus batting with full strength bowling. Anyway, Replacing a Vijay with Bhuvi isn't giving up too much on the batting front.
  10. Seriously? Looks like fat uncle just wants to hit the ball and have 'declared' runs. We used to have that in gully cricket and terrace cricket - hit it past the bowler and its '1d', hit the wall on the midwicket along the ground and its '2d', hit it flush and it was '4d' and so on.
  11. If you are comparing Rahane to Jaffer, then you are exposing yourself as a scorecard analyst. There is simply no comparison there.
  12. I feel like the pace and bounce in Aus really play into his strengths as a batsman. He is really comfortable at hitting good balls for 4 off the back-foot. If he gets past 25 at Perth, he's going to set the game up with a nice 100, like Pujara set up Adelaide. I can't wait.
  13. sandeep

    Let's talk Perth

    Shaw probably isn't going to be fit. I say push Rohit to open in place of Vijay, add Bhuvi in at 8. Ash/Jaddu based on fitness.
  14. sandeep

    Sachin vs Kohli

    Of all the old-timers around, you are one of my favorites.
  15. Don't need all of them to click together, 2 will do. Key is the bowlers. If this unit stays together, stays fit for 3-4 years, we could have a proper reign at #1.
  16. sandeep

    VIVO IPL 2019 Player Auction

    His agent understands the IPL market. He's a domestic player who can bowl at the death, left-arm to boot. Make a list of guys who can do that. Its a short one.
  17. sandeep

    M Vijay, Rahane and KL Rahul

    Vijay goes if Shaw is close to 100% fit. Which I don't think he is. That's too bad, I think India could have used his exuberance and ability to punish the bad ball. I actually wouldn't mind opening with Rohit for this game, just to squeeze in that 4th pacer and keep one spinner in.
  18. Calm yo tits. Will you post a similar rant if the bowler then misses the line by a few milimeters? The line is there. Whether the final line is a few ticks this way or that shouldn't make a difference. A mistake is a mistake.
  19. sandeep

    Pant's sledging behind the stumps

    No, that was about Aussie crybaby victim mentality.
  20. sandeep

    Pant's sledging behind the stumps

    I think there's a longstanding unwritten rule about this already. Keepers and fielders aren't supposed to be talking once the bowler starts his run-up. You want umpires to start turning around and looking whether the bowler is about to start? time them for 5 seconds before to decide whether the 'chirping' is within the rules or not? That's just silly.
  21. sandeep

    Pant's sledging behind the stumps

    Well he dropped a catch down the legside off of Shami also - and he was trying to take it with the wrong hand, and made it harder to reach by doing that...
  22. Hilarious to see a pathetic greenbro whose team can't even buy a draw in Aus after 20 years. They just keep getting bitchslapped consistently, to the point where Australians are seriously considering not inviting them again - a la Bangladesh.
  23. Umesh ahead of Ishant? After watching this test? You are a special child aren't you. One that apparently plays club cricket.
  24. sandeep

    Why are India so bad at knocking over the tail ?

    what kind of low iQ tard tries to troll when your rivals have actually beaten Aus in Aus.

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