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  1. sandeep

    Runs expectations in Aus (BorGav Trophy)

    I hear you, but I expect the pitches to be more bouncy and less benign than last time around. The usual Aussie roads will be too much in India's favor. CA have already started trialing the Dukes ball for FC cricket. I highly doubt they will switch to that just yet for int'l cricket. But I definitely expect the tracks to have more bounce.
  2. sandeep

    Runs expectations in Aus (BorGav Trophy)

    Best series I have ever watched. Started as underdogs, ended with a drawn series that felt like it should have been a win. If DRS had existed, it well would have been. There were close to a dozen leg-before shouts that weren't given, against the likes of Langer, Hayden and Ponting - especially Langer and Ponting, who tended to fall over a LOT early in his innings. Veeru's blistering 195 at MCG has made me put being at the MCG for a boxing day India-Aus test match, right at the top of my bucket list. I've posted about the experience before - the stream for that 1st session of that test had a technical issue, so the only audio coming through was stump-mics. On the heels of a rain-affected draw, in a series where all of Aus expected India to just show up and roll over, the MCG test was supposed to be a 'back to business' test - where on a fast bouncy track, Brett Lee and co were going to rip apart the Indian batting. The first hour was filled with bouncers hitting helmets - both Chopra and Veeru copped a few. And then... :) One of my fondest cricket memories.
  3. sandeep

    Runs expectations in Aus (BorGav Trophy)

    Nostalgia aside, I expect its going to be a quality contest. I'm leaning towards expecting the Aus tracks to not be concrete run-filled roads for this series. Just like SA and England amped up their home advantage, I expect Aus to double down on the one thing that is alien to Indian batsmen, and relative familiar to Aussie ones - Bounce. If you give neutral conditions to this Indian team, they will beat your arse. SA managed to squeak out a test series thanks to poor Indian planning, and a failure to press home the advantage in the 1st test, when Bhuvi had them 3 down for nothing. Similarly, if India had managed to score 20-odd more runs in the 1st test of the England series, I suspect that the final scoreline would have been radically different. The only thing that saved SA and England, were that the native bowler friendly conditions were super-amped up an extent that the home players familiarity with it managed to end up being the deciding factor. Australia can go 2 ways - the usual concrete roads, or super bouncy tracks. The former is less likely given that they will be missing 2 of their biggest home track bullies against us, and the fact that we are equally or more capable than their team of piling on runs and having a bowling unit that can be effective in such conditions, especially on the spin side. I think they will be putting their bets on bounce.
  4. sandeep

    Runs expectations in Aus (BorGav Trophy)

    This thread has reminded me of something similar I wrote - 15 years ago before an unprecedented successful Indian tour down under. It was one of the first series I watched online, willow.tv was new back then, and the stream quality was excellent with zero ads.
  5. sandeep

    Rameez Raja on Indian players vs Management

    For that, the team needs to put him in a position to succeed. And that's in the top 3 batting slots. Given the track record of how this team is being run, it aint happening.
  6. sandeep

    Rameez Raja on Indian players vs Management

    They are trying to get in the huge market that is Indian cricket. Saqlain, Rameez - they all know how lucrative even one gig as a commentator can be when India is involved.
  7. I didn't bother reading OP's post beyond the title, because its a real dumbarse question. Answer: Because he's not good enough as a batsman. QED.
  8. They say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. And by that logic, BCCI and its selectors should feel very flattered. Let's take a look at recent decisions made by the PCB over the past few years. After watching MS Dhoni beat them in bilaterals, the inaugural T20 WC, and the ODI WC, the PCB fast-track Sarfraz Ahmed to the captaincy - a wicket-keeper with a limited glove-work skills but supposedly one who can score handy runs with unorthodox batting technique. I.e. Poor Man's Dhoni. Unfortunately for the PCB, sasta Dhoni comes up hopelessly short of coming anywhere close to Dhoni's accomplishments - either as an individual player, or as captain. Even the current version of MS - a past-it, much-maligned liability LOI bat, is still yards ahead of Sarfraz "can't clear the infield, never hit a six to save his life" Ahmed. A one trick pony with the bat whose only answer to any type of bowling is 'sweep'. The less said about temperament with the bat or as captain, the better. Dhoni is respected across the game for his reliability behind the stumps, and a decade of finishing games with the bat - Cometh the hour, Sarfraz can solidly be relied on shyaite the pitch and offer up his wicket with a rash shot or a silly run-out. Ravi Jadeja plays an instrumental role in India winning the 2013 Champions Trophy. Cue the PCB selection of gareebon ka Jadeja - urf Imad Wasim. Unfortunately for PCB, after a few predictable games of success against minnows and teams that don't play spin well, Imad is exposed as a limited player who is even worse that Jadeja in ODIs. Lets not even talk about test cricket, because to compare these 2 in that format is a slap on the face to one of the top test bowlers in cricket. After Hardik Pandya emerges from the crucible of domestic Indian T20 and IPL, PCB trot out their own local brand - Faheem Ashraf. He even comes with similarly terrible choice of hairstyles. Sadly for the PCB and greenbro fans, the gulf in talent between Pandya and Faheem is such that it can only be compared to the gulf in quality between the IPL and PSL. One is a multi-billion dollar league which is essentially the center of the cricket universe. The other one is where most matches are played in the empty stadiums of the UAE for a relative pittance. Ravi Ashwin is, arguably, well on his way to a Hall of Fame career, with an enviable test record as an off-spinner. And he can bat. Enter the PCB's latest selection - Bilal Asif. Leave aside the questions about his action and whether you believe that the ICC was wrong to force him to undergo testing. It would be unfair to expect Bilal to come anywhere near Ashwin's level of performances - he is a rookie after all. I'm not even going to delve any further into the PCB attempts at fashioning a Kohli out of the likes of Umar Akmal, Ahmed Shahzad or the latest entry into the duplicate market - Babar "too slow" Azam. It is quite possible that the striking pattern of copy-cat selection is just a co-incidence. But you can't deny that the pattern exists. Unfortunately for the greenbros and the PCB - Trying to duplicate an AXACT just by looking enviously at Infosys, TCS etc is no recipe for success. As England's ODI team has shown after decades of consistent stinkery, the key to bringing your team up from the dungeon of mediocrity is to put in the hard yards, groom quality players and deploy them as a unit with pioneering tactics and strategy. Just because the phamous pathans of Peshawar can make a knock-off Ak-47, doesn't mean that it will be just as effective.
  9. sandeep

    Same Team for 2nd Test vs WestIndies

    I guess you'd have to ask him. But he has followed it since he was given temporary ODI captaincy for a useless tour to Zimbabwe. Asked about it back then, he publicly said that if the 1st choice players are fit and available for selection, they have earned the right to play ahead of upcoming rookies. And that he doesn't believe in rotation for the sake of it. Like it or not, agree with it or not - and I very strongly don't - that's his publicly stated consistent policy.
  10. You've clearly drank the kool-aid when it comes from Arthur apologists. None of what you said addresses the fact that Arthur lost Pakistan a home test series against 8th ranked SL. And he has made Pakistan's batting problems worse instead of improving them.
  11. sandeep

    Same Team for 2nd Test vs WestIndies

    Not giving Siraj a test debut in his hone ground, where he has gobbled up so many FC wickets, is an inexcusable selection blunder.
  12. sandeep

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Let's all laugh at the padosis :)

    That's what happens when your spin "attack" consists of a legspinner whose googly is the one that goes straight on, and a 33 year old debutant who's gotta worry constantly about being called for suspect action. Doesn't help if your lead pacer bowls at about Sanjay Bangar/Sourav Ganguly pace either.
  13. sandeep

    Same Team for 2nd Test vs WestIndies

    "Grievances" thread - I think its stickied...
  14. sandeep

    Same Team for 2nd Test vs WestIndies

    I don't think its cowardice. His pattern of not benching seniors unless injured in order to blood youngsters is remarkably consistent. And goes back more than 5 years. Of course, I totally disagree with his hare-brained selection logic. But to call him a coward is inaccurate, at a minimum.
  15. Arthur is not part of the solution for Pakistan, he's part of the problem. He's playing politics and has doubled down on Sarfraz's 'leadership', because he knows he retains control over that puppet captain. This is a coach who is advocating to make Fakhar Zaman a test batsman, wanted to do the same with Sharjeel. Has failed to get the most out of the limited resources that the greenbros have - A better coach would have found a way to get contributions out of the likes of Ahmed Shehzad, Umar Akmal etc, especially for a batting poor team like Pakistan. But he chose to feed his own ego and the legend of Mickey Arthur the tough guy coach, ahead of what the needs of the team he's coaching. There's a reason Arthur was fired from his previous jobs. He's simply not a very good coach. Just because he's better than the likes of Javed 'balcony dancer' Miandad, or Waqar 'I'd rather be in Australia' Younis, doesn't make him a good coach. Because they went for a dead track since they were afraid of Lyon. There was turn on this track, but if the notoriously collapse-prone Aussies manage to bat out an entire day 5 in Asia, you know that the track was dead. Think back to the Ranchi test in India as well - Non-asian teams have improved enough to bat time on dead slow tracks. Its not 20 years ago anymore.
  16. O rly? Who in your opinion should be captaining Pakistan test team instead? Let's run down the list of candidates - Mohammed 'selfish-chucker-cant-bat-except-against-minnows' Hafeez? Nope Imam 'My uncle believes in my potential' Ul-Haq? Naah, too young and inexperienced Azhar 'my team, mgmt and entire fan base have zero faith in my batting' Ali? Been there, done that. Babar 'overrated-barely-deserves-test-slot' Azam? Nope Haris 'knee-job' Sohail? Not really Asad 'wants to hide at #6 and be the new misbah' Shafiq? Nope again Shoaib 'knows he can't hack it in test cricket' Malik? Too late, retired. Mohammed 'Qaidi #5-too-old-and-not-test-calibre' Amir? Yasir 'dont-ban-me-i-only-took-my-wife's-BP-meds-and-my-googly-is-the-one-that-doesn't-spin' Shah? Maybe. I'm going to stop right there, because let's face it. Its really slim pickings when it comes to legit candidates for greenbro captaincy.
  17. Mickey Arthur is an absolute idiot when it comes to team selection, and pre-game strategy and in-game tactics. He is the person most responsible for Pakistan's humiliating home test series defeating against the hapless Sri Lankans. DumbFat insisted on picking 3 'pace' bowlers and only 1 spinner in UAE, on tracks where Sri Lanka's 3rd or 4th spin option ended up taking a bagful of wickets and winning a test match. And guess what? Arthur doubled down on the same mistake for the crucial next test, and the team lost. Again. Sure, its equally idiotic for a captain to let an ignorant coach who doesn't understand or respect spin bowling, and miserably failed to take the conditions into account. But if you are expecting Sarfraz to be either smart, or a leader who steps up, then you are going to be disappointed on both fronts.
  18. They don't have one. In all seriousness, Manish Pandey would be absolutely worshipped by greenbro fans if he was playing for them. He is a comfortably better cricketer and batsman than Babar 'slow-poke' Azam. Babar can only dream of scoring a match-winning ODI century in a chase in Australia. And if Pandey had the opportunity to fill his boots against the likes of Zim, WI etc his statistics would be way better than Babar's. Manish would make a very competent test batsman as well. Its a different story that he doesn't make the list of top 8 LOI batsmen in India. He's still better than the best that greenbros can hope for. Shami? A fit Shami is a world-class bowler in tests and ODIs. Pakistan can only dream of having a bowler like that who can strike with both old and new ball, even in conditions that don't favor pace. And for all the ridicule that Shardul Thakur gets from Indian fans, ask yourself this - Is Mohammed '120k Ganguly pace' Abbas really a better bowler than him?
  19. Does Shardul have pictures of Bewda? The guy is simply not top-class. At his best, he is serviceable. If we didn't have options that would be different. But there are literally 5 new guys you could legitimately replace him with.
  20. Its quite a weird schizophrenic inferiority complex - one that manifests itself in a singular obsession and a big external tamasha of self-proclaimed "superiority".
  21. The fun is really going to start once "phase 2" of CPEC kicks in. The Chinese have already laid detailed plans to shift maximum amount of value-add business over to their end of the Karaokorum highway. You know how every world cup, some greenbros proudly post pictures of the FIFA soccer ball since some of them are made there? All such businesses are destined to shift to China in the near-term. Just look at what happened to Pakistan's Granite industry over the last few years. And then once the die is firmly cast, the other shoe will finally drop. Allowing Chinese businesses to heavily invest in and dominate agriculture in Pakistan. That's right - the Pakistan "government" has sold off the rights of its farmers, forcing them to compete against the Chinese versions of Kelloggs, Monsanto etc in the coming years. Their only way out will be actual agricultural serfdom to their Chinese overlords.
  22. And due to the "risk" factor China charges these corrupt 'governments' running these countries extremely high interest rates - comparable to what any commercial bank would charge. Normally country-to-country loans are at super-low interest rates, especially those where investment is funneled, and like Chinese projects, the contracts are going to companies from the lender country. But with China, its super high interest rates, plus all the contracts go to Chinese vendors, who mass import their own people for even low-end jobs. its basically economic strip-mining, and the only locals who really benefit are the ones that get bribes to pass the 'approvals'. All the while the Chinese Communist party sings and dances about 'non interference in domestic affairs'.
  23. sandeep

    What India needs is team director

    That's what the BCCI is there for. The Selectors, the team "general Manager". What do all these morons do.

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