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  1. Mega choke. I guess they need more big game practice
  2. Kaur has been absolutely brutal in this partnership. Must be going at 200+ SR
  3. Maybe it's time for India to move away from the current style of filming shows.
  4. In what sense? I thought there already was a huge fan base in India. Have they ever held events in India?
  5. tbf most young players drafted into the main squads are just as benchwarmers. Nothing unusual here
  6. Astonishing result Good on the Zimboks
  7. Weirdly, the 2nd highest bid was less than half. That's quite suspect to me
  8. Most people looking to become actors go to acting school. In Bollywood, guys need to hit the gym and girls join pageants. Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise may have started without the training behind them, but they worked their way up. Instead of looking good, have a lead role, we'll put your face all around the country, do an item song, we'll have a hit
  9. Amazing how such a huge industry survives on looks. Who gives a * none of these people have ever taken an acting class. Oh they look good, put them in front of the camera. Thanks for reminding why I don't watch that filth
  10. More likely scenario, both have some company managing their social media presence
  11. What a dull performance by WI. What's the point of this approach?
  12. Will be nice to see Kuldeep. But ODI matches in WI are dull. Only exciting time is if the match gets close at the end