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  1. Good on whomever switched up the order. Shaw and Gill are known to quality players, others need a chance and a challenge to showcase their skills. To be ready for the day when the top order is knocked over cheaply
  2. I agree, running yourself out twice in a test match is absolutely unforgivable. Like WTF
  3. Oh god, all this time with Rohit is affecting his personality.
  4. yawn. Not worthy of any attention
  5. Dhoni is cool on another level. I remember his interviews during the 2007 WC. Same cool, chilled out dude
  6. He's not wrong in the sense that we let ourselves down. We can all fault the selection, but there is no guarantee whoever played would've made a result changing impact. The fact is, all the guys are capable and they didn't show up. There were soft dismissals, dropped catches, and constant releasing of pressure. Virat himself should also be criticised for his failings in this match
  7. Every captain will have their preference for types of players. As long as they are able to justify the selections, it's something you're going to have to accept.
  8. The right lessons to take from this series

    So, do the basics right.
  9. What a debut for Ngidi. Will he be another Rabada for SA? Fearsome bowling attack
  10. Once the team has appealed the umpires then follow the laws of the game which dictated he was to be given out.
  11. Nothing wrong with what happened last tournament. What happened today was pathetic. The ball had stopped and they still chose to appeal.
  12. Mate, if you wanna talk about Pappu and courage, you just need to look at his debut series, smashing Brett Lee in his peak all around the ground
  13. Do these batsmen think they can just bat out the overs and not gonna a few wicket taking deliveries? Don't know if this going into a shell tactic is going to be beneficial in any way
  14. Who knows. People said Rahul would've won us the last test. People are always superstars when they're not playing in the actual match
  15. Was being sarcastic. Pappu is the most experienced played in the side

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