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  1. Oh damn CSK have lucked out there loll
  2. How did Tahir bully Dhoni into going for a review? lol
  3. Yeh, I got a call from Srini who informed how the game will pan out. Dude its a call I'm making. A good chance I'll be wrong, but whatever
  4. What a chutiya innings from ABD. How do you get out playing the same shot after getting a life the previous delivery
  5. Gonna be one dull game. CSK to stroll home.
  6. Sachinism

    Today, 3 years ago

    I know you are all excited about IPL, but let us not forget this special day 3 years ago.
  7. MSD looking pretty fit in his sleeveless top
  8. Sachinism

    PewDiePie vs T-Series !!!

    But he does seem like your type of leader. Memes galore. Get licking them boots
  9. Dude, why do you keep tagging me in posts. I have no idea why I should care about this topic. A line never uttered by anyone ever
  10. Sachinism

    PM Narendra Modi - Official Trailer- Vivek Oberoi

    Does it cover the time he committed genocide?
  11. Sachinism

    PewDiePie vs T-Series !!!

    I feel the same way. Who is pewdiepie and what does he actually do?
  12. The Legend is back. Umar "better than Kohli" Akmal
  13. Sachinism

    List of commentators for IPL 2019

    Doull is brilliant.
  14. It's cricket, we'll watch to pass time. Troll fans who are too involved

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