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  1. Put away the blade and pull down your sleeves
  2. Always said Ashwin should be captain after Dhoni. If Rahane is the VC, then he must be captain in Kohlis absence
  3. Well it seems like that's the next step that needs to be taken. Push for at least the government footing a percentage of the cost, otherwise yes, this will end up being counter-productive
  4. Can anyone confirm whether like other countries, the organisations get subsidised by the government for maternity pay
  5. I live in London, but wasn't in town at the time of the attack. But what a *ing over-reaction we've had in response to the attack
  6. Rashid Khan has been lethal. But something else I picked up on in the second T20. This stumping by Shehzad, he's a known fan on MSD. This stumping is as good as MSD
  7. hahaha the way Smith dropped on the floor to take the ball away from Saha
  8. Rahane: OK let me bring on Vijay
  9. Can't say Rahane didn't try something different. Though people should understand different isn't always good
  10. This is the kind of pitch where winning the toss makes a huge difference. Nothing in it for the bowlers on day 1, only around day 3 it will start misbehaving and quickly deteriorate.