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  1. Seems like a good idea. Though with so many people requiring access to a private jet, it will be over-used and probably abused by many members
  2. What is 'YO YO' Test in Cricket?

    It's also known as a bleep test. You have a recorded CD playing bleeps, you have to run between two points, back and forth. If you don't make it before the bleep, you're out at that stage (though actually, you have one round to catch up). And you're graded according to that.
  3. Loving this. Finally a challenge for India this tour
  4. Indians in County Championship 2017

    Imagine that. Signing and international bowler and not bowling him the whole innings. I guess seamers took care of business
  5. Twitter messages

  6. Where's the rain? Don't know if its worth betting on Bangla. Aus still have to bat last
  7. Evin Lewis !!!

    Pollard is a piece of s***
  8. India need better opposition

    Well not directly in the area of cricket, but it possibly secures a vote with BCCI in ICC meetings. And let's wait till we play and win outside of the subcontinent
  9. I think MSD is back !!!

    I don't get all the MSD hate. He's had an excellent ODI series in SL. People blaming Dhoni for India not scoring 400+ yesterday are quite dim.
  10. I don't neccessarily agree with retiring the number and I get 10 is usually reserved for the star player. But we also believe nobody is bigger than the team, so saying someone is deserving or not isn't really a debate that should be taking place after the guy has won a cap
  11. 4th ODI : SL v IND |31st Aug 2:30 PM IST | Colombo

    Unlucky or poor shot?
  12. 4th ODI : SL v IND |31st Aug 2:30 PM IST | Colombo

    LMAO people not satisfied with 375 Just ignore the mini-collapse that occured
  13. 4th ODI : SL v IND |31st Aug 2:30 PM IST | Colombo

    Dropped short and deposited deep. India looking to put on the first 300+ score of the series

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