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  1. India's matches will be
  2. Sharma scoring 188, the 2nd highest score in Women's Internationals
  3. Both class acts. Will be missed
  4. I mean Saha opened the batting on both occasions, so there's that
  5. Met with Lukewarm responses from the players tells you all you need to know. With the amounts Ben Stokes has bagged, I'm sure Smith and Warner know their worth
  6. CSA shooting themselves in the foot. Preventing players from earning a pay day will just drain the pool further
  7. Manohar to remain in position until June 2018. The alternative would've been Giles Clarke. I somehow feel Manohar is the better option currently
  8. I'd like to see past extensions and tours the teams had scheduled. Whether there is a huge difference in how soon before a tour players left previously and now.
  9. And it was refused. I don't know how the writer is jumping to such a conclusion when the most obvious reason is they have other commitments which were conveyed to the BCCI prior to the tournament.
  10. Reminds me of Dinda. I just see him choking and serving up length balls
  11. Clickbait Fixed Headline: South Africans leave IPL on agreed date.
  12. You should take up arms and start removing some of these Western leaders who endorse the killing of innocents for oil $$$
  13. There seems to be case of a captain playing his favourites within the Indian team. What is the point of selectors if Virat will just keep backing his mates? Like his predecessor did
  14. Calling for the "uncertainty" over India's participation in the 2017 Champions Trophy to end, the committee of administrators (COA) has directed the BCCI to select the squad with immediate effect. India were the only country to miss the April 25 deadline, by when all eight participating countries had to submit their Champions Trophy squads to the ICC. The BCCI had said the delay was because of "operational" reasons. "There has been more than enough negativity surrounding Team India's participation in the ICC Champions Trophy and the sooner the same is put to rest the better," the COA told BCCI acting secretary Amitabh Choudhary in an email sent on Thursday. "You are aware that the squad representing India at the ICC Champions Trophy 2017 was to be submitted by 25th April 2017 but the squad has not even been selected as yet. Please convene a meeting of the selection committee for selecting the squad immediately. The squad can then be submitted to the ICC without prejudice to BCCI's legal rights." The BCCI has called for a special general meeting (SGM) on May 7 to discuss the outcomes of the ICC Board meetings last week, when a new constitution, governance changes and financial model - in which the BCCI's share of revenue was greatly reduced - was passed by an overwhelming majority. A segment of the BCCI, unhappy with the cut in its revenue from the ICC, wants to revoke the Members Participation Agreement (MPA), which would mean India missing every ICC tournament in the current rights cycle starting form the 2017 Champions Trophy to the 2023 World Cup. More to follow ...