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  1. I thought SL were coming over to get some spanky
  2. Greatest fast bowling spell you have seen

    Steyn vs Sachin. Just great cricket overall
  3. Dhoni Chalisa !!!

    Sachin had one first!
  4. Quite disappointed with Pandey. Showed potential in the limited opportunities he got. But since being given a run, he's not delivered at all.
  5. What a sh!tshow this has been
  6. That was a really bad shot from Dhawan. Was he defeated by a slower ball?
  7. Time for Dhoni to come and bring some stability?
  8. Is Herath going to go wicketless in the 4th innings vs Pakistan?
  9. Perera gets the breakthrough.
  10. Axcellent Fightback by Pakistan

    Incoming tweets/articles/posts: "What a great advertisement for test cricket." It really has been a great back and forth match. Hoping for more drama tomorrow
  11. This is gonna all be over tonight
  12. Well it certainly has made things interesting
  13. No headphone jack. No thanks.

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