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  1. Sachinism

    Srini mama back on track

    I think he's disqualified for not having a single uncorrupted bone in his body
  2. Sachinism

    Dhoni uses the Word CH***ye......Rare moments

    Wow! People are offended by this? Snowflake culture is real
  3. Sachinism

    We need to talk about SENA

    No way are they held to the same standard though. Like he mentions in the article when was the last time someone put together a list of batsmen who average over 40 in sub-con and WI?
  4. They've been getting the runs required, Chill yaar
  5. Never seen Dhoni this drained. I guess the pushing of 2s and 3s taking its toll
  6. When did Robbie become a commentator? Does he not play anymore? I swear he's the same age as Dhawan
  7. Why was Maxwell thanking Virat for Rayudu's wicket?
  8. Kohli loves a challenge. Has Rayudu and Dhoni come in and sap all the momentum, for him to then up his game to full on beast mode
  9. Unfortunately it's a public forum and when you're going to express juvenile views expect to get called out. So to sum up, you had a bad experience with a woman therefore you hate feminists. Got it. The hilarious thing is, just like all the right-wingers popping up, it's people who have got used to the status-quo, being able to discriminate and treat others differently, that when the playing field is slightly leveled they can't cope, they fear they will have to change their inherit ways because they no longer have the privilege of race, or in this case, gender.
  10. You sound like a "Nice Guy". Species? lol Men don't unite? Have men not united and controlled the world forever? Keeping women down using religion and tradition? You have no understanding of feminism and seem to have selected the few rabid feminists you see and defined every women the same. You probably have no idea what the world was like for women before feminism for you to be this rabidly against feminism. I hope you realise most of these organisations that have taken action i.e. BCCI, Gillette are mostly run by men. The newspapers, tv channels are run by men. They push the outrage narrative because it sells, not because of feminism.

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