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  1. Someone tell me there was nothing shifty going on. How do you lose a game where you require 17 runs in 3 overs with 8 wickets in hand?
  2. Kohli being properly tested for the first time. Losing patience with fielders (understandably) Taking desperate reviews. It seems he likes to go with a gut feel rather than logic with the reviews generally. But now the desperation is showing
  3. Why the * would you review that after the umpire has given it not out? Virat getting flustered and desperate.
  4. Will require a historic performance. It will require 2 herculean performances as the team won't do it with small contributions from all
  5. It felt like one of those India performances vs Moeen. Feel like O'Keefe will hurt them all series. Also Lyon who was unlucky to not have more wickets to his name
  6. Mukund destroying his test career without even batting
  7. To give spinners a rest
  8. Starc shielding Hazelwood better than most top order batsmen would be able to farm the strike
  9. Great shot to get to 50. Starc is hurting India big time here.
  10. How the hell has he managed to get into the danger area with no follow through?
  11. What did the umpire signal after the 5th ball? Was Jayant warned?
  12. Why don't you just say what you want him to do to satisfy you
  13. Indian cricket would benefit from putting our own players in leadership roles. The experienced gained from it would be useful going forward playing for India
  14. Stokes has made it. He has peaked