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  1. Sachinism

    This makes me happy

    I wish this is used in the WC.
  2. Sachinism

    Which girls are hotter? British Indians or American Indians?

    How many bollywood actresses graduated drama school? Most of them are models who've transitioned into acting. Or part of a Bollywood dynasty.
  3. Sachinism

    Which girls are hotter? British Indians or American Indians?

    Plenty of #niceguy responses in the thread lol
  4. Sachinism

    New Kits for the Wc teams

    England have a great kit. A nod to '92
  5. Sachinism

    India WC Match Thread OP Allocation

    I vote to let the person willing to create proper match threads with relevant information the role of designated thread maker
  6. Know of him from Rush, then watched a documentary on him and was amazed at how well the movie was done. RIP
  7. ^^ TBF Sussex aren't claiming him as theirs. But mocking RR. Anyway I don't think it was anything outlandish from RR. He is part of their team, so they would view him as one of their own. It's not like they're claiming they discovered and produced him
  8. India has a 2-time world cup winner, greatest finisher the game has been. England have the current flavour of the month
  9. The absurdity of ODIs in England. We're probably going to see the highest scoring match of the series today.
  10. Dude. What are you on about. Shaw called him a finisher and that is what I'm discussing.
  11. It looks great when the game is sealed off. (And I guess we should expect it to be). But we all know that isn't the case. Teams can still lose. Therefore, as a finisher, you should close out that game. On that basis someone could claim Jayasuriya is a finisher, because he killed the chase by smashing the opposition in the first few overs and effectively killed the game
  12. Sachinism

    Who is a Liberal ?

    Just because someone has a liberal outlook on life, there is no guarantee they'll agree with other liberals. As far as I'm aware there isn't a set of liberal laws/rules anywhere
  13. Please see thread title

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