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  1. hahahah
  2. The timing on that shot!
  3. Sadly he won't be. Though I don't think he's earned it. He had a few opportunities for India which he didn't really grab. The potential was always there, along with Dhawan the selectors had their eyes on him from a young age, but he hasn't delivered to a high enough standard. As good as these IPL performances are, I don't think they translate to International cricket
  4. So happy for Amla. Malinga being annihilated.
  5. Has Dhawan played well this IPL? Saw him one game make a slow 30 odd
  6. Lets see what the hype is about
  7. "Can Sanju Samson be India's Umar Akmal?"
  8. lol Pant you stupid boy. Are you for real? Starting every innings with a six?
  9. Think it was during a century for RR
  10. Awesome to see Rohit fight through a career threatening breakfast. People have suffered life-threatening injuries with hot beverages. Even getting through buttered toast without damaging his mouth or choking on the crusty, buttered toast. His body even fought through the butter trying to clog up his arteries. Mad respect! People like Yuvraj should look to Rohit for inspiration
  11. Annoyed at the lack of sense shown by international cricketers at the other end.
  12. What? A smart man would've picked Tahir up at the initial auction