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  1. Needs a boundary off the last ball for a ton.
  2. Pakistan are gonna struggle. If they lose 2 up top, it's all over as the spinners will tie the middle order up
  3. Afghans need 245 to allow them to put enough pressure on Pakistan
  4. To be fair, no point being content with 2 sixes this deep into the innings
  5. Shahidi needs to get moving. Can't be striking a 50 at 65 S/R - They have other hitters who can take over if he can't
  6. Afghans are very consistent with their approach to ODIs. Let's see if they can capitalise on this position. Asghar seems to have decided it's time
  7. Sachinism

    Vijay hazare trophy 2018

    What a downfall Unmukt has had. From what I recall he's been rubbish for about 2 years now. Surprised he still gets picked in Dehli's first team
  8. Afg spinners on these wickets could tie up one of the big teams quite easily
  9. Last 3 wickets all fall on the first ball of the overs. Wasted 35 balls
  10. Commentators reaction says it all. What the hell are Pakistan doing?
  11. This clown needs to get a bloody job. Hate reading the feel sorry for the dude articles for this useless guy

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