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  1. Why is test cricket so effin good? More matches need more bowling friendly wickets. Let's slowly move to 4 day tests
  2. Sachinism

    Free will in religion - is it an illusion?

    If you're religious and believe in free will you are getting doubly-shafted. When it's convenient god did it, when you mess up you have free will, it was your own doing. Win-win for God
  3. Sachinism

    A question for British folks in ICF!

    Sadly Channel 4 have blocked access to the video in UK I presume you're watching some comedy show where things are exaggerated for entertainment purposes. You get a mix of people everywhere. I wouldn't really say we're socially awkward, more like people like to do their own thing. But then that's probably a more London generalisation as people are more friendly to strangers in other parts of the country (as long as they're not foreign looking)
  4. Sachinism

    Is Kashmir Worth Fighting For?

    It seems like Kashmir will remain up for dispute, it's a great political tool
  5. Sachinism

    Is this govt serious!

    LOLLL @ the idea that ICC will run a tournament without Indian participation It would be pi$$ing money down a drain
  6. Gayle was on 12 runs after 15 overs And people complain about Rohit Sharma being slow
  7. Sachinism

    PM Imran Khan Address | Pulwama Attack

    I've not watched the whole speech, but other than saying India should provide proof/evidence of Pakistani hand in the attack, did he ever suggest they have proof they had no hand in this? Did he condemn the group as a whole and provide any plans to eradicate them?
  8. Sachinism

    I bow to the Universe Boss

    Was amazing for a few years. Over-rated otherwise, thinks too highly of himself. Doesn't deserve a place over guys who've been there for WI cricket
  9. wow wow wow Quite possibly the greatest test knock ever 4th innings chase 300+ score Came in team 3 down for not much. Lower order collapse with 70+ runs to go Mega last wicket partnership SA at home SL generally poor The way he finished it off smashing Steyn and Rabada Genuine contender
  10. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-india-47249133
  11. Sachinism

    WI vs Eng - 3rd test match

    People claim everything. It's all about keeping perspective. Nah for real well done to England to come back after being bullied in the first 2 matches.
  12. Sachinism

    WI vs Eng - 3rd test match

    England showing who's boss... in this dead rubber
  13. What a useless bunch of cretins
  14. Well it is kinda nonsense as you have shorter innings and play extra aggressively, especially if you're preparing for longer format matches.
  15. What a day. Rayudu, Jadhav and Shankar win India a game. Armchair fans shave their heads

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