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  1. Sachinism

    Is time running out for KL Rahul fast?

    Agree, time is running out for him. He'll need to get to the back of the line and let others get a chance. He's been provided with plenty and has failed to cement his place. Such a shame after the early promise.
  2. Sachinism


    Incredible batsman. Going from strength to strength
  3. Sachinism

    Ganguly & Ravi Shastri.. rift out in the open

    What rift? Just seems like Ganguly is calling out the poor decision making of others
  4. Sachinism

    Rise of the right wing politics

    Sadly, the majority tend to feel like victims when they don't receive preferential treatments and stepping stones
  5. Going to need to if India are to stand a chance of winning today
  6. Misleading stats. List match-winning, or big-impact innings of his
  7. BC tie. Unfortunate for WI, but they really should've sealed this earlier
  8. Come on Shai. Don't screw this up lad
  9. What a fantastic partnership this has been. Some lovely strokeplay
  10. Umpire screwing India. How did he give that not out in the first instance?
  11. Sachinism

    Rayudu turned out to be a batting monster !!!

    Averages 113 vs spin Must average 12 vs pace
  12. Sachinism

    Vijay hazare trophy 2018

    Going down to the wire

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