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  1. wow wow wow Quite possibly the greatest test knock ever 4th innings chase 300+ score Came in team 3 down for not much. Lower order collapse with 70+ runs to go Mega last wicket partnership SA at home SL generally poor The way he finished it off smashing Steyn and Rabada Genuine contender
  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-india-47249133
  3. Sachinism

    WI vs Eng - 3rd test match

    People claim everything. It's all about keeping perspective. Nah for real well done to England to come back after being bullied in the first 2 matches.
  4. Sachinism

    WI vs Eng - 3rd test match

    England showing who's boss... in this dead rubber
  5. What a useless bunch of cretins
  6. Well it is kinda nonsense as you have shorter innings and play extra aggressively, especially if you're preparing for longer format matches.
  7. What a day. Rayudu, Jadhav and Shankar win India a game. Armchair fans shave their heads
  8. Sachinism

    Joe Root

    I was wrong. Joe is over-rated
  9. Gotta love England. Everyone already forgot about the shitshow India put up early today 55/4
  10. Man Joe Root has really gone into hiding one Smith gone banned.
  11. Do India need to mess around with the order a few games before the world cup? Or do others need to step up in pressure games where we've lost early wickets, because there's no reason for us to be bowled out for 80 odd
  12. Sachinism

    Jonty Rayudu's fielding history

    This is where you're wrong. They are fleecing the countries for their personal benefit. Some people have estimated Putin's wealth at $200bn. You think that is in the best interest of the country? Let's not even start on the human rights violations. Unreal that people think dictatorships are cool. What is Trump's business? What has he achieved in 2 years presidency? The guy just destroyed people's lives so he could get funding for part of a wall, and failed at that too. And you think he's doing a great job. The guy's an absolute charlatan, a conman and a puppet to Russia. Such low bars as to what people look up to.
  13. Sachinism

    Jonty Rayudu's fielding history

    Go on, I'll bite, what do you like about them?
  14. Sachinism

    Jonty Rayudu's fielding history

    Seeing as we're gonna make assumptions. I presume you vote to 'stick it to the libs'
  15. Sachinism

    Jonty Rayudu's fielding history

    You must not be right in the head
  16. Sachinism

    Jonty Rayudu's fielding history

    Exactly, could be done with any player
  17. Poor selection. Injuries at the wrong time. Players didn't step up to kill the game.
  18. Sachinism

    Tendulkar cover drive -24 years.

    Great stuff. Will watch at night when nobodies around
  19. Yup. Gonna have to rely on tail as usual. But huge pressure now. WI in with a great chance of taking a nice healthy lead
  20. Sachinism

    Worst batsmen to play for India

    haha what has Rayudu done today? All threads attacking him
  21. Sachinism

    Using 50 words or less in our posts

    Yaar what is this English writing class? To be honest I feel we should encourage longer posts; in-depth discussions and debates.
  22. LOL I was going to bring this up. CI didn't name the player but the act, this site named the player, not the act. 2+2

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