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  1. People with symptoms aren't being tested. The government is failing massively. Constant lies about what's being done. Missed opportunities and plenty of sitting on hands
  2. US are now doing 100K tests a day. In the UK we did 7,000 yesterday
  3. Sachinism

    Fcuk China

    Considering the 'Chinese virus' has only been known since late last year, I'd say yes the failures to act and the misinformation Trump spread lies with Trump. Strange how you people have moved away from 'Democratic hoax', what happened there? Maybe 'Chinese virus' is a distraction from what he originally called it. If you want to discuss Chinese power in the world, that is a separate topic I absolutely agree, F*** China with a massive dildo, but while you ignore Trump is another dictator-wannabe and ignore his failures I'll call you stooges out. US cases of Coronavirus are now the fastest rising in the world.
  4. Sachinism

    Fcuk China

    If your head wasn't all the way up in his colon you'd notice the failures and lack of leadership Sadly you're too comfortable up there to face reality
  5. Sachinism

    I pledge

    Do you believe countries don't wish to be self-sufficient? It's not how it works. It will always come down to cost and you're going to struggle to beat the chinese on cost, they've already started setting up manufacturing in countries outside of China where they can get cheaper labour. Let's hear your plan on how countries will take back manufacturing from China? In a world where you have massive wealth inequality there is no chance more than 0.1% of the people will pay extra to avoid sending money to China.
  6. Sachinism

    I pledge

    loll good luck with that Boycotts rarely work, especially with a manufacturing giant like China. The funny thing is this braveheart is using many Chinese compenents to make this thread
  7. Sachinism

    Fcuk China

    Please do the same for USA. You'll see how quickly they go quiet. Can't be calling out Daddy Trump Let's add to the list of Trump embarassments in dealing with this situation. Just straight up lies
  8. I can see you've put great thought into these enlighting 'discussions'. All those books read, years of research so you could put up fantastic counterpoints such as 'jihadi', 'butthurt jihadi, 'MC jihadi' 'jihadi lover'. I presume such knowledge could only be attained by a urine soaked brain, I might have to follow your diet
  9. You couldn't make it up. "Snowflake shocked when someone returns a racist jibe"
  10. Gambhir Dhoni You are correct. What a day!
  11. haha sad little sanghis can't respond to the criticism of god emprorer so they validate each other while knocking back a fresh pint of cow piss
  12. Continue proving you have no valid points to stand on. Rely on the moronic chamcas to laugh, 'like' and validate each other. Keep deflecting so you don't have to address the failures of dear leader. Pretty sure my government is one you love more than I do.
  13. Grasping at straws. Who cares what 'some democrats' said? Follow the medical advice. It is really that difficult to grasp? Do you not understand he is spouting nonsense which someone has to then go and correct? But people like lalloo and co. who are servitude to dear leader won't get the actual advice and will follow the idiot's advice? Do you get how irresponsible that is on his part? Do you think in a pandemic the leader of the nation calling it 'a democratic hoax' is beneficial to anyone?
  14. This is like playing chess with a pigeon. The point has been made. Keep being distracted from the epic failures of your dear leader
  15. LMAO there you go. This is the only reason they support Trump, he enables their racism. When they can't defend his actions, their true reason for support is the only thing left "Yeh, I hate people because I can't put together a logical thought and it's easier to blame others than to actually disect an issue" Sure you're not. Going to great lengths to challenge the behaviour of a journalist (who's literal job is to challenge those in power) but not much to say about the snowflake in chief
  16. What's your point? Yes, of course, that is the conclusion someone without brain damage would draw from that post Does it take effort to be this retarded or is just something that comes naturally to you?
  17. The fact is it's being called Coronavirus. Calling it the Chinese virus is this administration's push to label it as such. Funny, how till the tangerine tyrant didn't mention it nobody (you brave supporters) gave it any thought. Another distraction for his base from seeing his epic failure at handling this crisis
  18. LOL dude you are beyond pathetic. Your whole shtick is 'Muslims are evil'. Learn to think beyond the hate ingrained in you. He gave him the softest of softballs and the oaf couldn't even take the opportunity to provide assurance to the American people. It's funny how you're offended by some name-calling, but ignore the fact this idiot is costing lives. Let's see today's failure. https://twitter.com/i/events/1241436542792433664 Dr. Fauci had to hold a presser to correct the nonsense the orangatun was spouting. Go on... show us how deep you're willing to take it by defending this.
  19. Gotta love it when the bootlickers (more like boot deepthroaters in your case) willingly put their hands up so we can identify them. Fragile supporters for a fragile president
  20. At least this guy is in charge Another day, another embarassment. Do his fanbois have any shame left?
  21. Great USA will go to war with coronavirus now. With the Iran war falling through need to find another way to get money to defence contractors
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