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  1. Still lonely at the top
  2. Srini Mama is definitely Kans
  3. I made the last match thread and it was a straight up ass whooping. lol so didnt make more match threads. Tell Zak to make the next match thread,
  4. Pune won today despite Tony trying his best to screw Pune. Commiserations to the chamchas. you guys must be confused whether to support or not
  5. If he had scored like the 20 other innings apart from last match or the last match last year, then no.
  6. Knew getting Tony out early made the difference. oh well hope we learn next time.
  7. Great move. Pune should do the same. Promote Chahar or Thakur or Unadkat or Tahir or Sundar or Christian before Tony. Am sure they wont do worse
  8. cheetah (rohit) was faster it seems