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  1. PSL

    Well no one is forcing you to do so ...
  2. I went to sleep at 84-3. Then I open Cricbuzz a few hours later and see Aus batting again at 67-3. I was like wtf happened. I just stood there lol.
  3. That was pretty obvious and we already knew who they would be ;)
  4. I dont see the point of him with Ashwin in the team. If Ashwin is injured, then yes he's a suitable replacement.
  5. Well I don't think being a moderator means anything with regards to posting. He/she is just like other posters. With regards to the rest of your comment, I will take it into consideration and do my best to avoid dragging Dhoni into every thread. But if I deem it right then I will criticize him. Dhoni chamchas can downvote my posts or call me a scumbag all they like.
  6. I'm guessing the highlights aren't safe to watch. Don't wanna pull my hair out. :(
  7. Yeah could have been less had we taken the catches. Mukund shouldn't be dropping anything.
  8. Congrats asim Bhai. After a long time, you can smile again.
  9. If you point out Dhoni he will accuse you of being desh drohi and a scumbag. Oh and he will downvote your posts.
  10. Lol your aukaat is all about downvoting posts. Amazing there are people here who have cursed Dhoni, said bad words about his family but you don't have a go at them. I criticize him and I'm the bad guy. I am a front of the jersey fan. Always supported India over milestones. Yet you find ways to defend some of dhonis innings. Oh and I don't troll everywhere. Just look and have a go in other threads.
  11. Lol how does that make me a scumbag? P.S congrats though. It was a while. We haven't lost at home in last 19 matches so you didn't get a chance to pimp your master up. We will finally lose in a couple days. Finally a bright smile on your face. ;) Happy for you bud. See I'm not so bad.
  12. Yes it feels really bad because we haven't lost at home in years. Losing happens. If we lose its just one loss. And Kohli has shown that he can come back real strong after a loss. For example, Sri Lanka 2015. On the bright side, today's collapse has given some joy including some indian fans as well. Some worms are also coming out of their holes. So it's a good day for them after a long time.