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  1. Laaloo

    Dhoni in chases since 2015

    Just turrible
  2. Laaloo

    Strike rates of batsmen at 5&6 since 2015

    Dhoni saves it for real cricket which is IPL. He takes karbon kamaal catches, hits DLF maximum sixes, etc...
  3. I reckon we were a little more than 25-30 runs short. I would say we were 3 times more than that short. How about we were 75-90 runs short.
  4. Laaloo

    Strike rates of batsmen at 5&6 since 2015

    Those are atrocious numbers for dhoni. Geez. God awful.
  5. Laaloo

    Epic Humiliation

    Thank you CSK.
  6. Bhai apni sanity bacha le. Mat panga le. Kisi kaam ka nahi ayega. Usko khud pata nahi hai woh Kya bol raha hai.
  7. there are 50 others posters who are going after dhoni and tu yaha uski pipudi Baja raha hai. Hum sab frustrated hai? If so than rather be frustrated then being in denial and supporting this crap.
  8. Don't need to justify my agenda. Everyone can see what you post here and can see how you've been in denial regarding dhonis decline.
  9. Someone who defended dhonis innings yesterday and defending dhonis innings today is asking me to understand cricket. Let me go outside the office and laugh......
  10. Dhoniconda took over after Karthik got out and already devouvered Kohli and pandya.
  11. Laaloo

    MSD will score a ton today

    He will get it around an hour after tea tomorrow.
  12. So thats why he purposely adds pressure on the top order batsman and they end up getting out so dhoni can bat with tailenders.

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