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  1. You are the dark horse because everyone else and their mothers are the favorites.
  2. I'm worried about late hitting and the openers. They looked on and off in the IPL. Hopefully the cant get rid of their rust in the warm up matches.
  3. I back our bowling to win it for us again this time as well.
  4. lol then you should have said it earlier. You said LOI, not LOIs.
  5. Because she lives in India. I dont think she has gone to Pakistan lol
  6. Yuvraj scored more than Dhoni in that LOI series for the record. Jadhav was top scorer Then Yuvi, then Kohli, and then Dhoni;type=series
  7. England lost a wicket and yet are scoring at a good rate. 36/1 in 5.4 overs