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  1. Laaloo

    The Never Ending Thread

    Congrats to @Texy and @rkt.india on your 6 years of friendship on FB. You guys are an inspiration. May your friendship be an inspiration for thousand stars years to come.
  2. Laaloo

    How do you picture your fellow ICFers?

    Maybe I forgot his name.
  3. Laaloo

    How do you picture your fellow ICFers?

    That science teacher who makes fun of organic food and teaches science in the US cant recall his name. Hasn’t posted in a while.
  4. What kind of messed up news reporting is this?
  5. Laaloo

    Terror attack in New Zealand

    Awful. Just awful.
  6. https://www.thehindu.com/2004/01/10/stories/2004011004021200.htm
  7. Laaloo

    Islamic Republic of NOTAM

    Oh wow. My parents are going to India and will be coming back in mid May on that AI 191 flight
  8. BS you’re happy as hell. Great chance to pimp up thala after this game.
  9. We still would have a chance if bhuvi and Shami were bowling the last two overs
  10. They did the same with Rahul and Shankar as well. Only your beloved raydud was given consistent chances at one position despite laying eggs after eggs
  11. All we needed was for jadeja to fluke a few boundaries but my god he is as useless as it gets.

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