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  1. One thing I haven noticed with dhoni the past 4 years is that when he comes to the crease, he’s very proactive and starts off very well. Usually he’s 8(9), 7(7), 9(10) etc. and hen out of nowhere he start tuk tuking for no reason and he ends up always playing catch up with his strike rate. His fast running is not enough to offset the lack of boundaries.
  2. Yeah your eyes must be filled with joy seeing thalaiva deadbatting Adam zampa in the 44th over
  3. 2 sixes that’s it. And for a guy that can’t rotate strike, he needs to hit more boundaries which he can’t do anymore. That’s a big issue if we have to chase 280+ with msd consolidating at one end.
  4. The hate stems from the fact that he shows more commitment when playing for mama than he does for india. You will see him diving around and even jumping if the ball is 10 feet over his head in IPL. But look at the first odi, the guy didn’t even try. And don’t get me started on the intent. We have seen so many innings of dhoni in the last 4 years where we could have easily won if he had shown more intent.
  5. Lol @ dhoni can thump in flat pitches. Bro in the last 4 years of batting, what match gave you that confidence? Did you see today? He can’t hit straight balls. He can barely put full tosses and wide balls away. He’s done. Finito
  6. Jai maharashtra thank you Sachin you are great
  7. Laaloo

    Krunal vs Jadeja

    CT 2017 should have been the end of jadeja LOI career. I’m not a huge fan of Krunal either but we need to see what we have with him. He showed he deserves more chances. We already know jadeja disbelief a better fielder than he is a bowler than he is a batter.
  8. If we need to rely on jadeja batting to win, then we may as well stop playing cricket.
  9. In 10 years, how many times has jadeja actually gotten us quick 25 runs when we needed?
  10. Laaloo

    Krunal vs Jadeja

    Are you really basing this off one game and that too being his debut? Do you remember that t20 in 2009 or 2012 where Australia hit 6 sixes in 6 balls off of jadeja? What about Krunal’s batting in the 2nd t20? He looked more convincing that jadeja ever did in 10 years. The guy has won us one match while batting in 10 years. He’s a hack.
  11. Don’t forget that dhoni promoted himself in the 2011 final to shield yuvi and raina from the wrath of murali.
  12. Why was a better bowler than wasim Karan. Have some respect. But I forgot you’re shameless like thalaiva as well.
  13. Laaloo

    Dhoni at #4

    A total of 230 on this pitch against these ATG bowlers is like 350 on a flat pitch

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