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  1. PR staff doing night duties these days
  2. Anyone but Ishant Sharma
  3. Yep I have stopped watching even some of these series. Can't stomach losses
  4. PR staff is busy against Kohli so don't even need to bring up dhoni these days
  5. Poyz can't even compete on a Friday let alone a win
  6. Dil toh baccha hai ji Limdo thoda kaccha hai ji
  7. Rehne de Bhai. Kuch bimari aisi hoti hai ki uska ilaj nahi ho sakta
  8. He's not yet but if he plays more innings like the one at centurion, then he will be.
  9. Seeing as you are so fond of IPl and hold it with high regards, I have no problem with having a lower acumen
  10. You are judging his captaincy based on IPL. I am not. I don't usually judge anything in IPL. As I said before, he is a pretty good test captain on the field. He can't get the damn basics playing xi right. That's the unfortunate part. Odis- sorry can't judge him until dhoni is out of the picture as you can't really tell who is making the decisions.

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