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  1. Just send them to their 72 hoors. Don’t waste valuable resources on them.
  2. Laaloo

    Why didn’t Tendulkar retire after WC2011?

    Dude he was never going to play the 2015 World Cup. Come on now. He was already playing for 20 years. There was no way he would have played 2015 even if India didn’t win the 2011 WC.
  3. Laaloo

    Why didn’t Tendulkar retire after WC2011?

    Good thing thala has been playing for the Indian team in t20s since 2007. Look at all those amazing innings
  4. Laaloo

    goodbye guys

    One less thala fan
  5. Laaloo

    I'd hate to be Australia.

    Oh yeah they must be devastated. It’s not like they have won 5 world cups or something.
  6. Laaloo

    Dhoni all set to join politics

    He’s been playing politics in the team since 2006
  7. Laaloo

    Why didn’t Tendulkar retire after WC2011?

    Sachin hardly played Odis before the World Cup and as others have said he only played 11 out of the 29 Odis from the WC final until his retirement. So india had plenty of time to groom his retirement. And here you have the leech thala. Our most capped t20 player who has played 3 good innings in 12 years not even letting newcomers keep.
  8. Laaloo

    Best world cup strike rates

    I’m surprised not to see Dhoni in that list
  9. Should have bowled Ferguson

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