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  1. Well you cant really blame him if he doesnt play Kuldeep. Both Ashwin and Jadeja have been awesome match winners as far as test matches are concerned. Unless we play 3 spinners, Kuldeep may have to sit out.
  2. Um yeah I dont condone suicide. I have had family members who have committed suicide. But unless you knew the guy personally or what goes through someones minds, it would be good to shut the * up
  3. You dont know what goes through peoples minds. People arent cowards because they commit suicide. Poor post
  4. yeah and dhoni chamchas will defend 104 balls without a boundary as well. It takes two to tango
  5. I am holding my judgement until Dhoni is out of the team. I'm not judging Kohli when I still see Dhoni taking most of the decisions. Kohli needs to stop going to Dhoni or Dhoni needs to tell Kohli to fend for himself or whatever but Kohli needs to man up and make his own decisions. Yeah he can go to Dhoni for some decisions where Dhoni can provide input, but not for every damn thing.
  6. I dont give a rats ass what kohli does in IPL. Pun intended
  7. Because Dhoni takes charge. As long as Dhoni is there, Kohli cant improve. It's the sad reality.
  8. We can definitely replace the wicket keeper
  9. I think this would be a great time to use this: