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  1. Just 4 runs to go
  2. Just need to get through hazleweood and Cummins. Okeefe and Lyon should not trouble us on this pitch.
  3. Yeah captain hindsight.
  4. Big big day Let's bat all day and all day tomorrow as well.
  5. What happened to anti jinx smiley?
  6. Sorry I don't believe in jinxes. And I seriously think you don't either.
  7. Huh? Who is celebrating? I've seen you so many times over the past few series where you have declared an Indian loss beforehand and they come back and win the match
  8. Time to get mature @Prince_
  9. Give it a rest already
  10. Oh yes absolutely this should have been done a couple of series earlier at least but man Ashwin and Jadeja were looking ineffective. Australia would have posted 450+ in the first innings.
  11. Seriously selecting Kuldeep in such a crucial match took some guts. I dont know who was behind it whether it was Kohli or Kumble or Rahane but man oh man, we would still be fielding if it wasn't for him. Before the match, if kohli was out, we knew it was going to be Iyer to replace him. There was talk of Mukund replacing the injured Vijay. And if Shami was deemed fit, he would have replaced Ishant. But Kuldeep selection was gutsy. It paid off brilliantly so far. I was a bit skeptical because playing 5 bowlers has come back to haunt us but Kuldeep has paid more dividends than maybe what Iyer could have offered. Let's go and put up 450 on the board guys.
  12. Smith's bowling average would be on par with Babar Azam.
  13. I hope he tries to
  14. It's day 2. We don't have to get a lead. I don't mind even if we are 260-275 for 4 down. There's like 4 says left. Bat like we did in Bangalore.