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  1. Like Shastri he does nothing but always find himself in the right moment
  2. Australia must be cursing pandya came in at 4 instead of Dhoni
  3. Kedhar Jadhav :player without X factor

    Jadhav missing out on some easy opportunities with others knocking on the door..
  4. Pandya is such an awesome talent and a true difference maker.
  5. Pandya Kudos to management for promoting him and it looks like pandey also played aggressive as a result
  6. Huh? That ball was too close to cut. Playing your natural game doesn't mean you take all the risk.
  7. Iyer has been scoring a lot as well. And if they decide to just blood Pant, then we'll they can say goodbye lol.
  8. Should have taken the single off the misfields
  9. He's replaceable if he doesn't bowl and get wickets.

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