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  1. That's a piss poor first over from Umesh. Let's hope he settles in.
  2. Simon Doull rightfully calling this jabroni out like I'm calling jabroni @Cricketics out while he's typing essays to defend his dignity.
  3. He's walking away and then turns back and reviews? WTF
  4. I dont need brownie points. Man up and accept you were wrong and move on.
  5. Which catch? Dhawan dropped a catch off of Umeshs' bowling.
  6. I know what I argued about. I told you Shami was our best bowler and you kept refuting it. Believe in any conspiracy as you want.
  7. It's an eyesore seeing Ashwin in the field
  8. Yeah you. I've been saying he is by far our best bowler and you've been refuting it. Glad you accepted the truth.
  9. @fineleg you still crying like a little bitch?
  10. We've been telling you all this time....
  11. This is the Shami I remember
  12. I love umpires call..... when it favors us

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