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  1. Thaliavali would have came after chahal is the target was over 250...
  2. Retard Bot will self destruct trying to find the meaning of jhaant....
  3. Yeah we clearly don't waive pom poms in the air when thaliava dead bats a full toss in the 48th over when rrr is 14.
  4. Laaloo


    To make dhoni look good....duh
  5. Karthik is the lesser of the 3 evils by a fair margin.....
  6. Yeah the Pakistani dhoni sarfraz cut him
  7. Even rayadus family doesn't watch his matches. What a pathetic inept boring batsman. Guy in an abomination. Even freaking Dinesh mongia was better.
  8. Azam has a higher strike rate than thaliavali in run Chases in the last five years!!!!!!
  9. Rohit needs to shield the tail now from Bangladeshi bowlers...
  10. Laaloo

    Bhuvneshwar Kumar is Overrated in ODIs?

    The guy is dead. Let him rest in peace. Unless you have legitimate proof, stop posting outlandish accusations.
  11. Average booster lol reminds me of someone currently playing....
  12. Laaloo

    Please respect our team!!!

    Woh naamumkin hai. Baap pehle see hi baap that. Baap hai aur hamesh baap rahega.....
  13. Laaloo

    Please respect our team!!!

    So remember beta Baap baap hota hai beta beta...
  14. Hope the openers get out early. Ye phattu middle order ko aur besharminda Karo
  15. Easy peasy chase for Pakistani.
  16. Why is Rashid batting so low? This guy shahidi is batting like our middle order.
  17. We should open with our middle order so we get a competitive game
  18. He is a backup opener and our middle order is stronger than fevicol so Rahul missses out and rightly so....
  19. Looks like the Afghan Pakistani match is much more interesting. The favorites Afghanistan on top.
  20. Lala 100 more runs and Afghans will be favorites. Start making Dua...

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