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  1. He may have been a dissappointment in recent time becuase it felt like he underachieves. He may never fulfill his true potential. He will fail again. But when was the last time an Indian Pacer picked up a 10-fer when India played 3 front line spinners. Who was the last pacer to pick up even 5 wickets with this combination? Heck other pacer only bowled 10 balls in the entire match. This thread is not to say Umesh will fulfill his potential but to simply highlight his wonderful performance in this match.
  2. Laaloo

    Gossip Thread 2.0

    Looks like I started it
  3. The signs were there. Ashwin was abysmal in the field and bowling against SL and pretty much the whole tournament. Chalo if you think Umesh was crap that's fine. But then why didnt shami get a game?
  4. What are the venues? MCG, Perth, Sydney and ?
  5. That's true but windies have a better batting than some teams we faced in Asia Cup. You just know they will embarrassing in t20s. Odis though are a different story.
  6. Why just this thread? Why not get out of this forum as well?
  7. Laaloo

    Rishabh Pant performance watch thread

    How was his keeping this inning?
  8. With no practice, he's going to get embarrassed in this series. Let's see if he does better than 54(118) knock against the same team he played few years back
  9. Laaloo

    Time to blood in Prithvi Shaw

    Yeah gossip thread. That's a great source
  10. Cheating? What's that? Sorry I don't support the yellow **** stained team so I'm not aware of the cheating genes you losers inherit.
  11. Definitely I would like to give him full series until the end of the year but the question is will the selectors give him the chance?
  12. Rahul has been a dissappointment. You can't make excuses for him no more. He's had plenty of chances now in tests to prove himself. Alas its going to be a huge waste of talent ;((
  13. So why are we not adversed to making changes in Tests when our team looks more settled but we cant make changes to our LOIs and our middle order that constantly rewinds back clock to 1970s?
  14. Laaloo

    Time to blood in Prithvi Shaw

    Check out bcci.tv
  15. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.... Some of us can watch the pant Rahul 5th day partnership over watching IPl crapfest or recent Asia crapfest with our crappy ass hasbeen middle overs crapfest any day of the week...
  16. Laaloo

    Ajink in the armour: Rahane’s fading aura

    This guy sucks donkey balls.
  17. Laaloo

    Who picked Thakur for the test team ???

    Agarkar was a better bowler than Wasim Akram. Good job Sachin
  18. Laaloo

    Who picked Thakur for the test team ???

    He picked him but never backed him. Remember that interview by kambli 5-6 years back that Sachin never backed him
  19. Let's do the math 30 + 40 + 50 = 120 runs Opposition purposely score 100 runs less because they know dhoni and his minions are occupying the middle order. We also end up 100 runs short because we pick players who make dhoni look good. So if you add all that up, thalaivas tally comes up to - 120. That's a big net negative. And not to forget our young players have to constantly come up with ways to praise thalaiva so it also affects their performance.
  20. No im saying his food changed after he joined the banned losers.
  21. Yeah you did. How will I ever move forward in life now?
  22. The food changed to idli sambhar and dosa

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