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  1. Kevin pietersen calls it a day

    Great great player. Loved watching him bat except against us.
  2. Bangladesh create history.

    Congrats to @cricketjoshila. Your country played very well.
  3. What kind of vegetarian are you ?

    Used to eat non veg (chicken/fish/shrimp/crabs/lobsters) Stopped eating chicken about 7 years ago. Was tough. Still crave it sometimes but gotta stay disciplined. Shrimp was also tough to stop eating. After marriage, I've even stopped eating eggs. I do probably eat eggs in cakes and stuff but can't remember the last time I bought eggs home. So i guess i am a 1 and 3?
  4. Rohit Sharma - Berserk mode ON !!!

    Phateechar expert
  5. Rohit Sharma - Berserk mode ON !!!

    Is he still judging Kohlis test and odi captaincy based on his captaincy for rcb?
  6. @maniac please insert that Rohit WWE belt pic here.
  7. Hope he opens with lungi for csk
  8. Cat was always there playing ehh for Pune and the opposition.
  9. Dhoni has played innings like this majority of his t20 career. Heck even worse.
  10. Rubel hossain. The same guy that that chick with funny name accuse him of rape right?
  11. He has a fan on icf. @PSB_Zone but then this guy is a fan of dhoni so I guess loving trundlers comes naturally.
  12. We already know what we have in dhawan and Rohit. Can they drop down the order and give chances to pant or Vijay and others?
  13. That's why it's important to relieve him of captaincy in t20s at least. That's what happened to Dhoni as well. He started off as a very good captain in all forms and then workload just got to him.
  14. Smriti Mandhana Fan Club !!!

    Effortless power lol
  15. DK>Dhoni

    Exactly. Bar is set low with MSD in t20s, than just about anyone is considered an improvement. Heck even pappu would have fared better than dhoni had he been given this much rope.

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