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  1. Nah sorry can't agree with that. We had incompetent selections, incompetent catching, piss poor running, piss poor batting with piss poor shots and we dropped our best bowler for a TTD. We are good enough if we select the right team and play to our potential.
  2. "Shastri Hai Hai"

    Seems like Manjrekar was promoted up the order kind of like how we promote our worst t20 player up the order these days to get quick runs.
  3. "Shastri Hai Hai"

    My dad keeps telling me every other day that Shastri has batted at every position from 10 to 1.
  4. "Shastri Hai Hai"

    It's like Ganguly and Sachin partnerships lol
  5. Pandya did the same in the dharamshala odi. Came down the crease and attempted a ramp shot I think or he came down the crease and tried to get the bat out of the way the last moment
  6. But he started the thread with 'pains me to say this'
  7. Team for 3rd test

    Woh bhi nahi hai. Yengster beauty ready for prime time Dinesh Karthik is back.
  8. Team for 3rd test

    Saha is done for the series
  9. How is the issue not selection of players? How do players like Sharma Ishant and dhawan got to play over Rahul rahane and Bhuvi? And how come we keep on selecting a retread like pappu and now Karthik? These are brainless selections.
  10. I'm just telling like it is. Why do I even need to create fights?
  11. Looks like you mellowed down after being called out like a JABRONI. And that's all I've got to say about that.
  12. Now only if he can get the team right. We had a really good chance in this series had we gotten the combinations right from the first test but alas. Another opportunity missed
  13. Yeah it was confusing. I thought we dropped our best bowler to make way for our spearhead. If it's between Shami and Bhuvi then that's no good.
  14. Hope he doesn't quit IPL . Love beating his **** stained team while he's doing whistle podu.
  15. How not to play when trying to save a match

    So many poor dismissals this series. Pathetic
  16. The right lessons to take from this series

    Get the basics right Select the right players and give them a run Don't drop your best bowler for a TTD. Don't drop catches
  17. How vital was the toss to the fortunes of India ?

    Not selecting your best playing xi was a bigger factor than losing the toss.
  18. And that includes a daddy hundred from Kohli. Pathetic

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