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  1. Bro you're more annoying than those rasam sipping chuskis and that's saying something
  2. For rcb yes For the champions :mi:. We have lost what 6 games to start and then win the IPL? We still have a buffer of 2 games we can donate to need teams like chuskis.
  3. 9 overs left. Hope the useless pandya comes good today.
  4. Tough luck for pant. That was hit like a tracer bullet.
  5. Nope. I just need to rewatch the last IPL final :) Try harder next time
  6. Chuskis are still butthurt over this match
  7. Because everyone comes to piss on the chuskis in the chuski threads.
  8. Love the aggressiveness of these kkr side. Even when wickets fall, they keep taking risks. That's the way to play in T20s. consolidators

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