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Everything posted by Laaloo

  1. Sri Lanka trying not to loseb
  2. Damn you bumrah I wanted to see a competitive chase.
  3. Pontingesque from Paine lol
  4. Bhuvi has regressed since he got engaged
  5. Wait how do they pick players like Christian and Moses and leave stonis out?
  6. These are disgraceful t20 players on both sides and the pitch is crap
  7. Allah ke naam pe koi acchi streaming link bhej do
  8. Our most attacking batsman will most probably bat at number 7
  9. He knows we can't set a proper target batting first lol
  10. Keshav Maharaj

    This guy is impressive. It's not like he's a novelty and the batters are failing to read him. Very good FC record too and South African attack looks deadly even without Steyn. With Steyn, SAF are almost unbeatable.
  11. agreed. My wife is lucky as well ;)
  12. Sharma reaches fifth position among ODI batsmen

    We're playing lanka again so he might be number 1 soon.
  13. Part timers bowling now. Lanka can score easy runs here.
  14. Father time has already caught up with Dhoni. Hopefully his days are numbered. Good days ahead for world cricket after his retirement.
  15. Will Mohammad Amir be dropped in 2nd test?

    This guy boosted his stats playing on seaming and swinging pitches. He is an awful bowler away on pattas.
  16. Test 2 : South Africa vs Toygers

    I think toygers should just forfeit
  17. 400 might be too much but these two are batting well. I think Pakistani will collapse again.
  18. These two are playing well. Maybe they can get to around 300 today with 5 wickets down or something. Chandimal is playing nicely. He starts off slow and gets in and then plays really well with the tail.
  19. What pisses you off?

    Food is not wasted but the intent is wrong. Just because they had food leftover, after every guest leaves, they call the poor folks over and then they can finish the rest. Now if they purposely made extra with the intent to give leftovers, then its different. You need to be there to believe it.
  20. Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    what team is he playing for?

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