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  1. Kamlesh singh nagarkoti bowling video on england tour

    Hasan Ali also does the same right?
  2. Great we have a player consolidating at number 6 in a 20 overs game
  3. They are practice matches for him so please excuse his performances overseas!!!!
  4. BP 11 squad for warm up game against NZ

    Where is Deepak Chahal these days? I remember he got banana swing a couple years back and dismantled the other team in Ranji. I think he had injuries.
  5. Is this selection committee best India had?

    But our test team is pretty much stable so they actually pick themselves. Ashwin and Jadeja have been very good albeit in SC but most of the players pretty much pick themselves. Only Kuldeep was the main pick but I guess even that was warranted. Their real test now is with Rohit Sharma healthy and how much 'leeway' he gets in test cricket where he has been largely underwhelming.
  6. IND v AUS T20Is: Predictions thread

    shanivaar ko. Itna lamba gap for no reason at all
  7. IND v AUS T20Is: Predictions thread

    3-0 Australia
  8. Yeh yo yo Kya Hain, yeh yo yo!

    Sorry @velu I couldnt resist merging the thread
  9. Talent watch

    We can only hope
  10. I guess I'll have to wait
  11. That's why I will not judge his LOI captaincy until Dhoni is completely out of the picture. You just dont know who is calling all the shots.
  12. Talent watch

    What's the point of all this? Those numbnuts will select the likes of Nehra, Unadkat, Dhawal anyways.
  13. They want to ensure that karthik makes Dhoni look good so he can play as long as he wants.
  14. Keshav Maharaj

    @sourab10forever you've been merged
  15. Well Kohli is a fitness freak. I actually dont mind these. Cant have fatasses walking around on a cricket field.
  16. Raina's belly v Mishra's belly

    Mishra ji must be dragging the buffet cart
  17. We are blessed

  18. India squad for NZ Series

    when does this series start? and how many games?

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