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  1. Don't worry the finisher thalaiva is back in form.
  2. Laaloo

    Grievances thread

  3. Laaloo

    Remember the date 2018-June-18?

    Seems like this day is a day for flukes. I think the other padosis also beat Australia on this day.
  4. That's a baseless statement. Pant looked better than Vijay shankar did. Dude this guy couldn't even touch mustafizurs deliveries and that's when he was trying to slog
  5. I'll call it as how I see it. Why don't you respond to the rest of the post? Tell us how Vijay shankar looked awesome in that final against the might bangladeshis.
  6. Laaloo

    India A Tri-Series in England, 2018

    And pant can't get a game here Looks like someone behind the scenes purposely trying his best to sabotage his career.
  7. Really? Did you watch the final before Karthik came to the crease? This guy wasn't even good enough to nick even one of mustafizurs deliveries. Seems like you're a clueless hack.
  8. Can you enlighten us on how Vijay shankar did better than him? Did Vijay shankar did a solo performance just for your eyes only that we missed out on?
  9. Thank you CSK for pissing away WC 2019. 2 years ban was a disgrace. Should have been a lifetime ban. At least we wouldn't have selected hasbeens in the team then.
  10. Laaloo

    Grievances thread

    Someone who became Uber sensitive mentioned before that icf is like YouTube comments section. Surely that person has never came across Indo Pakistani fights. Icf is like child's play compared to that
  11. He's a specialist keeper. He will make up for his lack of scores with his brilliant keeping.
  12. How many catches will Karthik drop tomorrow? 5? >5?
  13. 2026 WC final 20 minutes away from my place
  14. He got 4 games in the national level. One of then he only played 3 balls. And other games were not even consistent chances he got. If it's hard to take IPL seriously, then we should get rid of the hasbeen dhoni as well right going by your logic? We have lots of options for wk after dhoni. But we won't know that because we keep giving chances to tried and tested failures so thalaiva can keep sucking up the momentum.
  15. Laaloo

    Eng Vs Aus 1st ODI - 13 June

    Such a pathetic lineup by aus.

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