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  1. Sir aggy was a better odi bowler than wasim Akram. Do I need to bump the thread again?
  2. With the situation we are in, we will see guru transit early today
  3. I only respond with abuse when I get called. Now regarding deleted posts, stop accusing me of. You wanna call me a dhoni hater. Go ahead. You wanna call be biased. Go ahead. If you have issues with moderation, take it up with admins and stop accusing me. If have abused anyone then report the posts.
  4. Nope. I didn't delete anything. Take it up with the admins.
  5. You are nothing in front of trichromatic. We are nothing in front of joy Bangla Sunny ji
  6. Don't worry all is well. Rayadu will accelerate in big games.
  7. Would have been a close shout for run out had kuldeep gathered that.
  8. Ok clearly it wasn't dhoni. It was all that idiot sharma. Why did he bring in a part timer against a set pair?
  9. Laaloo

    Predict Pak's 1st innings total

    Our middle order already thinks the score is
  10. Our gutless middle order just booked its place for the world cup ;((
  11. Our middle order upon seeing potential chase targets. Had to get the age rights.

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