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  1. 1 hour ago, Trichromatic said:

    Pretty much this. In past we had deleted posts, but reading those threads is pain now. So, we decided not bulk delete all posts of the user anymore. Moreover most of the mods and admins don't even access to bulk delete feature. 


    But @maniac, why do you want to go. What happened?

    You know exactly what happened. Check the grievnaces thread. Maniac made a few funny posts and Malcom merlyn deleted them. There was nothing wrong with them. Maniac was joking around and the admin got serious for no reason. 

  2. 14 hours ago, Cricket_Fan said:

    He had done few A team tours and failed to score runs in all of them except against Afghans.Also look at the way he batted in international games he got.Was batting like a deer infront of headlights.Even the much maligned VijayShankar did better than him.

    Can you enlighten us on how Vijay shankar did better than him? Did Vijay shankar did a solo performance just for your eyes only that we missed out on?

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