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  1. Laaloo

    Sans Virat Kohli, where is India's backbone?

    How can we expect to win when the rest of the top order are not doing anything?
  2. Laaloo

    Happy Independence Day

    Happy Independence day to all Indians everywhere around the world.
  3. Laaloo

    MS Dhoni Videos

  4. Laaloo

    Virat Kohli first ever Interview

    You observed? Your PR uncle didn't tell you all that?
  5. Laaloo

    Can Ind still draw or win this series?

    I think Karthik and Vijay has him beat. But yeah they're all deadweights.
  6. Laaloo

    Can Ind still draw or win this series?

    I think it's because English batting is rubbish and having bumrah back will be a huge boost. I still have faith though. But just need to remove the deadweights and Rahul and rahane need to start performing.
  7. Laaloo

    Grievances thread

    Hey you're telling me to trollvote. Done.
  8. Laaloo

    Grievances thread

    Its internet. I really have no reason to get emotional. But yes I will troll vote when needed as in this case.
  9. Laaloo

    Grievances thread

    Bach gaya mein
  10. Laaloo

    Your cricket bucket list

    Watch a cricket match live
  11. Laaloo

    Grievances thread

  12. Haan. Team mein see Vijay, pujara aur Karthik ko nikalo. Icf see posters ko nahin.
  13. Laaloo

    Indian batting average in test cricket this year

    Pitiful. Cant win when the rest of the batsmen are so inept. Give Rahul a few more chances. But time to remove deadweights in pujara, Vijay and Karthik. And rahane next.

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