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  1. These type of women deserve not 3 but 3000 talaqs
  2. Lol Khud apne ghar Mein nahi bol Sakti aur bahar aake dhamkiya de rahi hai
  3. Well we didn’t name you ICFs badam eating meyeppan for no reason!!!!
  4. Where are our ICF dipshit liberals? Why are they quiet?
  5. https://news.yahoo.com/fbi-investigating-whether-ilhan-omar-174520053.html well she did say once that she found the Middle East safer than America. So time to ship this POS outta here......
  6. Well that’s what happens when abduls are busy producing kids and leaving off the govt dole money
  7. https://www.wisden.com/series-stories/south-africa-v-england/south-africa-docked-points-for-slow-over-rate-in-world-test-championship-first?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf For every over short a team are, players are fined 20 per cent of their match fees and the team lose two WTC points, meaning each of South Africa’s players have been fined 60 per cent of their match fees and South Africa docked six points. 60% of already low match fees. ICC is a big disgrace.
  8. What? They decided to remove most mod of duties. You and one other person were the only ones left. Now you are not a mod anymore. Those ICF admins even rarely visit the site but they have no issues enforcing laws on this site. No one even moderates ICF anymore.
  9. The dumbass admins on this site removed all the mods.
  10. So true but these dimmies are so dumb. Just read an article that some Indians are protesting against CAA in Houston.
  11. Same. I went all the way top to sears tower in Chicago and then very next day we went on a helicopter and we were so above the sears tower. So scary. Never again.
  12. Yes. Woman I just wanted to get your thoughts on NRIs
  13. i would appreciate if you answer my question do you consider NRIs as non patriotic? What are your thoughts about us? ;((
  14. Lol he’s gettting games because we need the chuski trundler quota
  15. Damn she’s hot @Texy I had to watch the whole video just cause she’s cute
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