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  1. PANdya gets hafeez lol we’re screwing up their NRR as well
  2. Because it’s freaking bollywood. Keep that **** separate.
  3. They need to keep all this crap during IPL only.
  4. 326 looks like MSDs batting today has affected you badly
  5. He got a few freebies on the legside last match. Didn’t connect on one ball on offside.
  6. @The Hound wonderful strike rate by dhoni today to bring us back in the game after slow start by the openers!!!
  7. Don’t forget the 2007 T20 final or the CT final 2 years back. Come to think of he it, he rarely fires in big events apart from 2007 T20 SF and 2011 WC Final
  8. Laaloo

    What is a good total ?

    Not while chasing
  9. Laaloo

    What is a good total ?

  10. We are blessed to have a finisher like dhoni taking the game away from Pakistani after a slow start 6(10) in 2007 T20 final 25(42) in 2011 SF 5(18) 2017 CT Final
  11. Rahul wasting that full toss impose hindi on these bastards
  12. This inning sort of proves that rohit can play this way in the PP but when you have dhawan at the other end, he plays within himself ;) @Stuge
  13. Laaloo

    Looks like I lost interest in cricket !!!

    Thanks for letting us know

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