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  1. Trolls on ICF: Moderators please read!

    Thanks for the appreciation
  2. We definitely do need the extra batsman in. Most of the times the 5th bowler doesnt even bowl so go in with an extra batsman.
  3. It wasn't 60 overs. It was around 40 overs. With the over rate and being winter, they were never going to get even 50 overs in.
  4. 30 minutes before we declared until now What fun!! Thank You Shami, Kohli and Bhuvi and Dickwella and Nigel Long
  5. Welcome back Feed. You are way better than Fineleg.
  6. Aap bhi shaadi mein ja rahe ho?
  7. A half century of centuries for VK

    To be frank, we should have won one more test in England if it wasnt for defensive captaincy and one more in NZ in 2009 if kaptaan cool didnt wait for 600 runs lead. And we came awfully close to winning both series in South Africa in 2006 and 2010. 2006 we would have won had Sachin and Dravid showed more urgency in the 3rd innings. And 2010, we could have won had Dhoni not stopped Sreesanth for no reason. And we were also robbed in Sydney in 2007. We could have won the series.
  8. Rate Kohli's Captaincy !!!

    In 2006, we lost cause of Sachin and Dravid partnerships. In 2010, we didn't win because of Dhoni and Kallis. Also, both of these series, our 3rd seamer let us down. They just were not able to sustain any pressure at all.
  9. Exactly. If we had batted one hour after 45 minutes after 200 lead, then yeah you can blame the declaration. But 3.4 overs? Those damn lankas would have faked more injuries. After the 7th wicket fell, and the batsman reached the pavilion, only then Herath got up and started coming to the crease.
  10. A half century of centuries for VK

    He can but he may have to give up T20 captaincy. Sooner or later captaincy burden will take its toll and it will affect his batting.
  11. Umesh Yadav has regressed under Kohli

    Only because Umesh never offered free biryani or promised to jump off the 24th floor for Mahi Bhai.
  12. But after reaching a lead of 200 runs, we only played 2.4 overs. Don't think that would have made any difference to be honest.
  13. MS Dhoni mega discussion thread

    what posts have been deleted?
  14. A part time keeper is on for t20s

    We already have a part time keeper playing for us and he is our most capped player in T20s.
  15. ehh dont know if 15 minutes would have made a difference. Lankas would have found ways to waste more time. You just know they would.

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