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  1. England made a mockery of this chase set up by universe boss
  2. Laaloo

    woow..vintage chris

    This is a patta lol. How was this guy struggling when he first started batting on this pitch? England racing away.
  3. Ingram Sammy and Pollard lol lol
  4. We're just celebrating one less Indian company sponsoring terrorist league.
  5. Saath saath not saat saat You southies add a h when not required and don't add when it's required
  6. Let the Americans worry about it. Maybe Pakistani all over should have some shame when they put Indian grocery in their store titles. Can't sell if you put Pakistani groceries eh?
  7. Pakistani should have more shame. Why would they want to work under kaffirs and the people who they hate?
  8. Let's put aside their paid jobs of Dhoni PR on the side. There were no comments published on Pants exclusion from the team. He wasn't even mentioned after the toss saying Jadhav will replace Rishab Pant. What a disgrace.
  9. It's a small step but just unliked Cricinfo on FB. Good riddance.
  10. Great going. But all the points in the OP still stands. Jay Hind.
  11. Laaloo


    Looks good. Can't wait. Jai Hind.
  12. Laaloo

    Pakistani reaction to Pulwama attack

    I fail to see why Indians go to their site. There are still posters on this site who go there. Guys stop going there. Stop funding terrorists.
  13. Laaloo

    PSL 2019 Telecast banned in India

    Wish those buggers at Willow tv would stop the telecast here as well @Cricketics
  14. Look at the way pappu puts his right foot out and is standing. BC bagiche mein ghum ne aaya hai MC
  15. Gujarat samachar headline started with 56 seene ki kayarta
  16. Some of these newspaper headlines are even more shameless BC desh mein itne harami pille rehte hai, dushman dhoondh ne ke liye Bahar jaane ki Kya zaroorat hai? Times of India headline - Govt blames Pak after local youth Rams CRPF convoy with IED-packed SUV in worst terror hit on J&K forces Local youth? Seriously?
  17. Laaloo

    Team for Australia series

    two gujjus opening the attack bumrah and unadkat You know the saying fast bowlers work in tandem

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