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  1. Tu saala. Dushman ke Ghar mein ghus kar bhi hum ko panauti kar raha hai
  2. Let's see. We have come back from bigger deficits in the past
  3. Did you reach the kaveri river yet?
  4. You're a chuski fan. Why are you so bothered by the result?
  5. 1-5 is better than 0-6 where we won the IPL final so not that bad...
  6. Lol all the idli flingers are out
  7. I think that was the team that was banned for 2 years. But I think that might be an embarrassment to the country....
  8. Bumrah hits a 4 And pandya refused to take singles lol
  9. That is one of the worst t20 innings I have even seen and I have see a lot of dhonis matches...
  10. Lol hardik Kya ukhaad liya Spinner ke saamne try karta
  11. And you go jump in the kaveri river lol if you can...
  12. Cheating leads to a 2 year ban which is too little so karma comes back and stops you from playing at home
  13. Some great captaincy by Williamson
  14. Seriously pandya lol Kya kar raha hai. Maiden over
  15. Nope I just wanted to remind you of what you go through everyday ;)
  16. Since we came 'close' we will play the same combination next game
  17. Yep just have to bowl full and straight. Crap Bangladeshi
  18. Maybe hardik is waiting for a spinner
  19. Pav bhajji is awesome. Way better than dripping rasam from lungi...
  20. Plumb. Looks like a tough pitch now. And we had that crap Bangladeshi pitching short

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