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  1. It was short and wide. How do you expect to get a single? O wise one.
  2. Please Umesh take a single against Lyon
  3. Ishant wtf was that you idiot
  4. Yeah he looked out. It wasn't clear but there was no evidence that the ball bounced and the fingers did look like they were under the ball.
  5. Slog. Try to somehow get 40 more runs.
  6. The better question is why is shami in before Umesh and ishant?
  7. We need to score at least 40 more runs
  8. Damn that is close. I hope he gives it not out.
  9. Pant needs to see out Lyon here No false shot.
  10. Great knock Kohli Champion cricketer
  11. Danda get a grip. We should make 300+.
  12. Laaloo

    Is 400 on the cards?

    Oh forgive me whineleg I'm not a pessimistic loser like you....
  13. Laaloo

    Match is over

    Anyone would be an improvement over KL rahul
  14. Laaloo

    Is 400 on the cards?

    326 alll out My commiserations to you @fineleg whineleg
  15. Laaloo

    Match is over

    Even KL Rahul is a walking wicket.
  16. Laaloo

    Match is over

    Stop watching then.
  17. 9 down Good catch by pant Dhoni would have directed that to first slip
  18. Laaloo

    Is 400 on the cards?

    600 is on the cards whiney
  19. Just 2 more wickets whiney. Geez. Bhootnike. Can you for one time in your miserable life be a bit optomistic? Wait till we bat.
  20. Laaloo

    Match is over

    We shall see. Aussies are still a rubbish team. And we have 7 Batsmen. We should bat well. Just have to make sure aus don't get more than 310 now.

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