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  1. Yeah. It was a Patta pitch and we were in the game until pant went berserk and took the game out of reach. And we have always had issues facing Delhi in Mumbai. Nothing new. Just need to get Kushan back in and drop the useless pollard and drop sky as well. kishan de kock rohit pandya youre wasting cutting at number 8 anyways
  2. Laaloo

    Dhoni gets emotional while talking about CSK's ban

    This is on the same level as the being human with bhaijaan nonsense to improve his image...:
  3. Laaloo

    Dhoni gets emotional while talking about CSK's ban

    Thala and his undying love to defend srini mama and meyeppan Love story made in heaven
  4. Laaloo

    Pakistan fast bowling factory

    Can't even bowl in their rented home now
  5. Laaloo

    Lovely at the bottom

    She’s a Patel after all
  6. Laaloo

    Lovely at the bottom

    The chuski finally came out of the closet. But we all knew the reality all along
  7. At the end of the day, unhappy with the result but at least pant scored and it was a great game. Unlike the crapfest yesterday where like always the integrity of the game takes a backseat when the greatest cheaters in history the Susu Kings take the field. Today's match should have been the opener. But alas....
  8. Wait till you face your baap
  9. Nothing new always have had issues against Delhi especially in Mumbai I think
  10. Your chuskis have been screwing India since 2007
  11. Even at this age yuvi is a better player than thala
  12. Unfortunately we are not blessed to have two cricketing giants in srini mama and cricket enthusiast meyeppan like your team
  13. Don't forget the hot wife
  14. The only players that are capable of chasing down this total are thala with jaddu at the other end...
  15. Hope that is the end of Pollard's IPL career but I said that last year as well
  16. Need to get the batting combination right which we haven't gotten right since 2008
  17. We need a falukner to neutralize sir ishant Sharma
  18. Tuk tuk started at the first ball of the innings
  19. After 18 overs 18 overs Mumbai are 100-0 20 overs Mumbai are 172-0
  20. Why on God's green earth is kishan not playing?

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