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  1. The Outsider

    MS Dhoni Videos

    Looking for video of: 1. Rohit Sharma bowling round the wicket with a short thirdman as catching position. 2. Jadeja(?) bowling with slips and Dhoni standing at fast bowler’s position.
  2. Murli played a decent role as an opening batsman for many years. He was instrumental in some wins away from India and many face saving losses. He is done and dusted, and should be replaced. Not every opening batsman can be evaluated by the outlier standards set by Gambhir and Sehwag in their partnership, nor by Gavaskar’s standards. He was a good batsman, and like Chetan Chauhan, Srikkanth, or Gaikwad should be bid goodbye at this point.
  3. The Outsider

    Flashback to Leeds test 16 years ago - This Happened

    Why is there such a contrast? And it wasn’t as if India’s batting wasn’t getting bundled out for atrocious totals back then. It was happening, but the frequency was much less. Even on a pitch with ambient conditions for bowling 175-200 is something that is not out of reach. That still might not be enough to win the test, but it shows basic application and courage to counter tough situations. Even in the 90s, when India failed to register a win, they fought a number of close tests. The ‘91-‘92 Australia tour or the ‘98 South Africa tour could easily have been 2-3 or 1-2. The difference from then to the the current scenario is the absolute demolition of the batting and bowling units to put up a fight. If one goes by skills, Prasad was very ordinary compared with the fast bowlers in the team today. But look up at the number of matches he kept the team in contention with a performance here or there.
  4. The Outsider

    Why no practice?

    There will be an army of local bowlers willing to have a bowl at whoever in the Indian team is interested, whether in London or Nottingham. All they have to do is express interest. There are enough practice pitches and nets available at both venues.
  5. The Outsider

    Time is running out for KL Rahul

    Batsmen fail and have poor series all the time. But if someone, as a top order batsman, is struggling to get to double figures over two consecutive test series which are months apart, it is a serious question mark on their work ethic. Also, batsmen go out of form, and they struggle to convert their 20s and 30s, but whatever I’ve seen of Rahul, he has serious and fundamental issues of technique. Maybe, he’s going through a bad patch, but his back and across movement seems conspicuous by its absence. Plonking the front foot and driving doesn’t work in these conditions. Moreover, once you get out like that a few times, it makes you vulnerable to the leg before dismissal because you’re no longer confident of plonking your front foot, neither do you have the technique to judge the length and go back and across. Pretty pathetic batting, so far. Sure, give him the series, because there aren’t really better options I am aware of, but time to tone down the expectations.
  6. The Outsider

    Why no practice?

    If you’re willing to pay, I can give you a few tutorials on trolling, saste velu. Is this guy a recent member or some changed username?
  7. The Outsider

    Why no practice?

    Could it be because he couldn’t practice against rasgullas before facing Anderson?
  8. I’ve never watched Pant keep beyond some highlights, so won’t comment on that. Unless he is a demonstrably worse keeper than Karthik (who is very mediocre), he should be tried out over the next three matches. There is no point continuing with deadwood like Karthik. Saha should be first choice keeper and a promising young keeper his understudy. Whether that is Pant or someone else, I don’t know.
  9. The Outsider

    Why no practice?

    This is essentially the difference between talent and tailunt. Yeah, some might be naturally more gifted at things than others, but at the top level when we speak of Tendulkar’s talent, it mostly refers to the immense hard work and hours in practice that he put in to achieve what he did. There is simply no substitute to practice. There was an interview of Tendulkar by Hussain I happened to watch a couple of days back, where he spoke about playing on uncovered pitches with dew before his first tour to England. His career is replete with such well known examples like his practice before facing Warne and playing on concrete surfaces before Australian tours asking bowlers to bowl from 18 yards. That’s why all this talk about Anderson being unplayable in these conditions is rubbish. Sure, the odds are heavily in his favor, but if you’ve replicated those scenarios as many times as you could, your chances of success increase. Would Tendulkar or Dravid be knocking off centuries every innings here? Probably not, but with the amount of practice and preparation they did, they would not be folding up like this either. Test cricket is replete with great knocks being played in immensely challenging situations, more difficult conditions for batting than India encountered at Lord’s. Those knocks came about because of intense training and practice, where like all great batsmen have said, the muscle memory takes over because you’ve done those things so many times before in preparation.
  10. Delayed start or rain interruptions are very likely tomorrow. Lord’s is usually a good batting pitch, but the forecast for tomorrow is likely to play in the minds of the captains at the toss.
  11. I’ll confess some level of ignorance here regarding the three players I mentioned because I haven’t watched them in action beyond occasional clips. My larger point is that somewhere along the line this concept of soft debuts crept into Indian cricket. The thinking that promising youngsters should be introduced to international cricket against weaker opponents, or in familiar conditions is counterproductive. Playing against the likes of the lower ranked teams in subcontinental conditions is no better than playing against good FC opposition. In fact, certain away ‘A’ level games are more challenging. Coming to the specific players: 1. Shaw has scored runs at all levels, while International openers are floundering. There can’t be a better time for him to be tested at the next level than in England. He might fail, but that’s not reason enough to not play him. 2. In the case of Pant, I’m more guarded, because I haven’t watched him keep over a FC innings even. But we know Karthik is a poor keeper, he kept poorly at Edgbaston as well. As for his batting an average of 25 or so, says it all. There is no reason Pant shouldn’t be played, if Saha is unavailable, unless his keeping is atrocious. 3. Siraj has picked blocks and chunks of wickets. He is not a finished product from what I’ve seen, but bowls excellent lengths and bowls consistently wicket taking deliveries. Moreover, he is in form and rhythm, which is very important in test cricket.
  12. The Outsider

    ATG Test 11 Pace Bowlers

    Marshall, McGrath, and Akram. Many don't rate Akram because of his slightly inferior numbers compared with other greats, but in addition to the obvious variety he brings as a left armer and a reverse swing specialist, just watching him bowl was stunning. No wonder that all great batsmen who faced him have great things to say about him, and many explicitly say he was the toughest bowler they faced. It’s a bit like Tendulkar and Lara. While their raw numbers are comparable with a few other batsmen of their generation, the best bowlers testify how difficult it was to bowl to them, which sets them up a notch above their contemporary greats.
  13. Shaw should be in the playing 11. He has done remarkably well at all levels, and India’s openers are underperforming. I’ve read of his technical glitches, but it’s time that those glitches be exposed at the highest level, if they have to be. It’s obvious by now that he has enough skills to overcome them at FC level.
  14. Let someone score a hundred in Ranji, Deodhar, Duleep, and Irani Trophy on debut, and be comfortably play the best prevailing fast bowler from India at nets, before rushing to judgements. In the process, top scoring for the best Ranji side in history.
  15. The Outsider

    Please drop Pandya to maintain Test cricket’s sanctity.

    This argument seems done and dusted when Pandya supporters are purporting him with respect to Stuart Binny and Bangar.

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