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  1. flamy

    What is working for Kuldeep?

    I don't get this whole strategic resting of good players. He's good enough to evolve.
  2. flamy

    Our seam bowling reserves

    I admit I mostly just watch highlights nowadays except for real crikey (IPL), but I just see him bowl short all the time.
  3. flamy

    Kuldeep Yadav Fan Club - A Match Winner

    I like the competition between them. Chahal is behind now, ha. But, overall, Kuldeep is the better one anyway. He has the uniqueness going for him, along with his skill. His temperament, I want to see tested as in the T20.
  4. flamy

    Kuldeep Yadav Fan Club - A Match Winner

    Epic stuff. Was awesome to see him clapped by the crowd. Good stuff.
  5. flamy

    Project Raina never dies

    Krunal, for sure. But, the dude Raina has gotten fitter, but his fielding's dropped a little. He needs to show up with a big 70 to really make his case. I'd go for Krunal, though. That feller's got the game to win tight situations, I just trust him more.
  6. flamy

    Our seam bowling reserves

    Without Bhuvi and Bumrah, on these flat tracks, I'm looking forward to seeing how our bench performs. Can Yadav and Hardik step up? Yadav gets wickets, we can bet on that, and he will be expensive, we can count on that. Hardik, just needs to show some work ethic, and add some variety to his bowling. That will separate him from being a cool cricketer (can't bring myself to give him a more flattering moniker) vs a jackass. Kaul, I have a hard time placing. His work ethic, and knack for picking wickets makes me forgiving of his nascent probing into the India Blues. But if he wants to leave more than a scratch at the door, he has to make an impact quick. And, needs to get a better headband. I'll say I'm wary about our pace bowling.
  7. flamy

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Ingerland ohh ingerland Root was saying football was more on his mind than crikey
  8. This is going to really test our bench strength, this ODI series. Thakur is just a FAIL selection. No Bumrah, no Bhuvi, Yadav gonna get carted for SURE. Flat roads. Tough series ahead.

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