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  1. Did anyone catch Bhuvi trolling Finch by bowling from way behind the crease? That was cool, and totally upset Finch's concentration, got wicket soon after.
  2. Yes, that was surprising. But, I must truly for his hard running between the wickets. EVen Langer was saying, at 37, if he can do that, and keep, in 40 degrees heat, that is the level of fitness the whole world should aspire to. With cooler conditions in England, I'm hoping this part of his game at least won't be an issue. Kohli seems adamant to play him at 5.
  3. I'm counting on NZ to be a wake-up call, let's see. BTW, will they play Rahul if Dhawan loses form? I'm not sure about that. Plus, I think Dhawan will find his form. He might have more fun in NZ.
  4. Jadhav can be fragile, get injured, so good to have backup, although Gill doesn't offer balling. For that matter, I dunno why they can't play Rahul at 4.
  5. We know this from two years now. No pace backup, no power hitters, placeholder middle order, overdependence on Kohli
  6. flamy

    Team for World Cup 2019

    Yep, alternate with KulCha with Bhuvi/Shami out.
  7. flamy

    Team for World Cup 2019

    Pant may very well make it to WC squad.
  8. Still mentoring the middle order by creating the perfect situation for them to show their value He is the perfect foil. Jadhav, Karthik. Gill eager to learn also.
  9. I saw that. Disappointing Bhutia you are.
  10. flamy

    Dhoni at #4

    Kohli will learn calm in his partnerships
  11. bloody well, not jolly well. have some respect.

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