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  1. Can we be done with this Thakur fellow now?
  2. Why is anyone concerned about Pandey?
  3. Kohli 200 runs in the match.
  4. flamy

    Whom to blame?

    Poor captaincy from Dhoni, really
  5. flamy

    Rahane finished?

    Hahane should just go home. Bring in Shaw.
  6. This. OP seems to think LOI cricket takes no skill, because they seem to value a particular set of skills.
  7. Umesh remains not out. Legend.
  8. He is not used to playing the long game like Bhuvi or Ashwin, I think. Usually he plays with other tailenders, that's why he was looking for second run. Kohli needs to guide him.
  9. Not a bad idea, but won't happen. Disappointed with Rahane
  10. flamy

    Team for test 2

    Pant for Karthik, Pujara for Dhawan

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