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  1. Neither. Both the northie teams look good this time.
  2. "source in the know" sounds like someone from ICF
  3. Ishant is not that bad when compared to Umesh, Kaul, and all those. BTW, Saini in that first wicket does a Cottrell celebration, lol
  4. flamy

    IPL 2019- potential no.4 for the WC tracker

    Agree. The first two have to show up really big, like an orange cap. Pandey has ton in Aus
  5. Kohli has never been a good captain, but I respect him to know his limits and consulting with Dhoni and Rohit on field. Unfortunately, we have Pappu and Umesh in RCB for consultation.
  6. flamy

    KKR add KC Cariappa as an injury replacement

    What does he do?
  7. flamy

    Indian All Rounders IPL Watch thread

    Sundar hasn't really done as much as the hype around him two years ago
  8. flamy

    OFFICIAL 2019 RCB Thread - E Saal Cup Namade!

    Thikka squad once again
  9. flamy

    Pre Tournament Impressions

    DC actually look good on paper: Dhawan, Shaw, Iyer, Pant, Rabada, Boult, Lamichhane
  10. flamy

    Captain Clueless

    He shouldn't even do that, or at least discuss beforehand what is to be done. 3rd and 4th ODI toss decision, and biggest of all telling a team who traditionally cannot chase at all, let alone it being a ICC final to bat first after winning toss
  11. flamy

    Positives of the series loss

    They have players coming into form, and their fast bowling has always been good, and now they seem to have their spin bowling covered also - Zampa outbowled Kuldeep this series. Yes, peaking.
  12. flamy

    Positives of the series loss

    Aus peaking at the right time

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