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  1. MISTAKEN had always been a chewt
  2. Why is Munro playing lol? Total hack
  3. These Afghans are high quality. Good on SRH for having two of them.
  4. Shaw needs bigger sixers to get to Sehwag level
  5. Man, this Nabi is awesome! Look at his classy reaction to that drop catch
  6. flamy

    Our WC Squad form in IPL

    Dhawan is doing decent. Shankar has been disappointing. Shami has done well too. As well as Rahul, who I think might get into the 11 now. Rohit got a couple of 50s, hopefully a good knock in the finals. Kuldeep is the only worry. Where has Chahal done bad?
  7. Man, Shankar has been disappointing whole IPL
  8. Ooooh yeah! Nice shot from Rohit
  9. Having cricket for breakfast, in all meanings of the word

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