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  1. flamy

    Should this be legal?

    Should directly be drafted to IPL. Don't see an issue with it, but also don't see it having long-term impact. Ajanthaaaaaaaa
  2. For disappointment, there needs to be expectation.
  3. flamy

    Lower order hitting solution

    I'd like to see Kroonal in the team
  4. flamy

    Shardul Thakur..ur thoughts?

  5. Sad to see Dhoni doing what he does nowadays.
  6. @Alam_dar Bhai, maybe the book Sex at Dawn will be interesting to you.
  7. Jadhav should just hit out as he can't run.
  8. It'd be nice if he gets more chances in games other than dead rubbers.
  9. so you are absolving yourself of all responsibility for this? on-field dhoni, and off-field shastri, then what are you for, I say!?
  10. I'll say that I love Afghanistan. They field a great team for a country with the troubles they have had.
  11. They were the better team in the CT final. But, they are not consistent. 1/10 chance of them winning, which would be rightly referred to as an upset. Another way of saying fluke win, I guess, but I wouldn't call it a fluke, they have the talent and are expected to cause an upset.
  12. ^ He does not handle pressure well.

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